Reconnect at the Forest Retreat House


To Be Magnetic started as an offering; it was a blog to share how to live holistically and medicinally. It was a place to share my alternative manifestation practice with a technique that consistently produced results. Since then, its grown to something so much greater than words on a page. Now, To Be Magnetic is about community. It’s about sharing your growth, and connecting with each other to support your challenges, and your transcendence. My heart is so full when I see you gathering with your Unblocked Village or sharing the work with a friend. Together, we are UpLeveling. 

To Be Magnetic is on a mission to help you heal - and with that intention, I created the Forest Retreat House. I wanted to create a physical space where you can disconnect to reconnect, completely immersed in the brand’s lifestyle. As you all know, this house has been pivotal in my own healing.

I’m so excited to announce that the Forest Retreat House booking is officially open! We’ll be booking requests through VRBO on a first come first serve basis - with very limited dates. Whether you are planning a retreat with your Unblocked Village, a weekend escape with friends, a couples exertion, or even a conscious bachelorette party, the house is the perfect place to gather with your friends and community. 

You can learn more about how I manifested and designed the Forest Retreat house by listening to the Forest Retreat House podcast episode

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What to do on your Forest Retreat:

Because the house can accommodate up to 6 guests, the Forest Retreat House is perfect to book with friends, family, or as couples. Whether you want to follow our Self Guided Retreat or move at your own pace, the Forest Retreat is a modern mecca for all things healing.

  • Barefoot hike in the national forest

  • Detox in the infrared sauna before stimulating your lymphatic system in the outdoor shower

  • Bathe in the moonlight in a pair of clawfoot tubs on the forest floor

  • Cook communal meals in our fully stocked kitchen

  • D.I. on your personal biomat; you’ll have full access to The Pathway during your stay!

What’s Included

  • Our organic CSA bag is delivered every Thursday (May-October)

  • National Forest Hikes Out of the door

  • 2 Hot/Cold Outdoor Showers attached to the Infrared Sauna

  • Travel size biomat in each room

  • Bodha Eye Masks in each room

  • Parachute, Couyuchi & Matteo Bedding, Parachute Robes, Parachute towels

  • Sound bowls for a sound bath

  • Donabe, Omega juicer, Vitamix, Instapot, Chemex, french press

  • Beemer mat

  • All incandescent light bulbs 

  • Meditation pillows

  • Chakra balancing chimes

  • Outdoor spa complete with two side by side clawfoot tubs that look up at the full moon, sink, and toilet and a stained-glass window looking out to the forest 

  • House is feng shui-ed for grounding, prosperity, and opening the crown chakra complete with charged crystals in their activated centers

  • High-end organic shampoo, conditioner, soap in each bathroom

  • Sun Potion herbs


Booking is currently available through December.  We will be opening January through March soon! Based on our waitlist, we are expecting these dates to fill up quickly!!! Book now to reserve your space!


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