7 Steps to Manifesting • A #MyMagneticStory Roadmap

7 Steps to Manifesting success story

Expand. Expand. Expand. That's how we create space in our subconscious to actually allow our manifestations to come through. Forget the visualizing and vision boards, and seek out or absorb expanders for quick results. That's how it's done.

Most often than not, when I'm scrolling through the Secret Society Facebook Group, new entries begin as such, "Expander needed for ______." So Lila came up with the great idea of generating expanders for all of you in these Monday segments through our community's #MyMagneticStory (where those of you doing the workshops share what you've manifested lately).

AND... rather than just sharing them, she thought that breaking down the process behind how one actually arrived at materializing their manifestations would speed this expansion process up for you. Each and everyone’s journey is uniquely their own, but being able to peek at how one navigated through the workshops within The Pathway can provide some guidance as you embark on (or are in the THICK of) your own journey.

Let's get to breaking down a fellow UNBLOCKER’s journey to manifesting their partner, how she did the work, created boundaries, passed tests of self-worth, expanded and followed a very strong Ping that led her to her kismet partnership.




“My manifestation was a romantic partnership with everything on my list that I was calling in... I met this person in January of this year while he was visiting my city for the weekend but at the time, was in a relationship with a shallow, narcissistic man and truly believed that's what I was worth (and that was my pattern - shallow, narcissistic, abusive, emotionally unavailable men).

The one I was already dating in January was the 4th man that had the exact same pattern as the three before him, and I had to run straight into the fire with this one to FINALLY learn my lesson. All four of them also left the same way, abruptly and for another woman. After being burned for the fourth time in April of this year, I decided to take a pause with dating and really do the internal work.

I had already completed Partnership and Reparent once before but I did them both again. And then again once more. Tests started coming through immediately. All of the previous men would text me all on the same day to meet up or tell me they missed me. I verbalized 'no' with them and blocked them. Then I started having tests with my career come up - clients who wanted discounts or didn't want to pay for services. Again, testing my worth and if I would stand in it. I let them go.

The universe started rewarding me with little manifestations through money. A free trip to California, my rent being lowered, my busiest month of work. One of my shadows was being afraid to be seen, so I really put myself out there on social media and then opened myself up to dating apps. 

And then on the 1st of August, I received the clearest ping I've ever heard in my life and it was to contact the man I had met back in January. He doesn't live here so I texted him immediately asking if he was planning a trip to my city anytime soon and everything took off from there. He is everything on my list - to a T. The kindest, most thoughtful, expansive partnership I've ever witnessed or been a part of. I then put on my list to manifest a trip out to see him and within a few days, I received that (but had to pass a test with my worth again to see if I would set boundaries and be open to being seen). I used two of my friends' marriage as an expander and put any triggers through DRE. The work actually works and I am SO THANKFUL!”




Living out of Low Self-Worth


Our Unblocker began like many of us have in relationships: low self-worth, attracting the same kind of partner, an endless cycle (or Rut), which - when we struggle to step out of - can begin to reinforce a low self-worth mentality. This occurs when we are living out of alignment with our Authentic Code, or Authenticity.

1. Running into the Fire

Running into the fire, and hitting a rock bottom, is arguably the biggest step towards increasing magnetism - despite how uncomfortable it can feel in the moment. Hitting this rock bottom is often the medicine we need to force us onto our Authentic path, towards a higher state of magnetism and towards manifesting! This Unblocker ran into the fire when her fourth partner left her the same way in which past lovers had done so.

2. Consciously Committing to the Work

Our Unblocker consciously committed to the work after running into the fire. She communicated to the Universe that it was her time to work on herself to begin attracting from a state of higher self-worth. Looking to manifest a partner, she revisited UNBLOCKED Partnership and UNBLOCKED Inner Child, both available within the Pathway Subscription. You can work through these workshops simultaneously, or sequentially - however you prefer! The work can be heavy at times, so be gentle on yourself.

3. Passing Tests & Creating Boundaries

Once the Unblocker committed to the work, she started noticing tests coming through, such as old lovers reaching back out. She verbally said “No,” stepping into a higher state of worth. Tests started coming through that weren’t directly related to partnership, yet relating to her career (love and money - very connected). She recognized these tests and was able to pass them…creating boundaries of self-worth.

4. Shedding Shadow & Unblocking Triggers

The Unblocker worked to face shadows and fears of being seen throughout her process. She did this by putting herself out there, providing herself with the perfect medicine to breaking down fears - doing what scared her. She also used the DRE to work through any triggers that come up as she broke down shadow. She also opened herself up to receiving by being active in her pursuit for a partner. For her, this meant joining dating apps. Although she did not meet her partner through this outlet, by putting herself out of her comfort zone and open to receiving from the Universe, she communicated that she was ready for her manifestation to materialize.

5. Finding Expanders

Find expanders all around you! Our Unblocker found expanders in her married friends and their relationships. You can find expanders in your favorite television shows, books or peers. Expanders literally teach our subconscious to “see to believe.” We see that what we’re manifesting is possible for us to attain.

6. Following Pings

Listen to your Pings, or intuition - any messages that come through or impulses you feel you need to act upon. When this Unblocker followed her “Ping” to reach out to the man she met in January, he materialized into her exact manifestation. Pings are powerful, pay attention to any patterning that surrounds these intuitive downloads, write them down, follow them and see the magic that unfolds.

7. Reinforcing High Self-Worth

Manifestation is a practice that takes reinforcement and consistent work. But when you follow through with the work, unblock lasting triggers that arise and communicate your worth to the Universe, you’ll continue to manifest all you Authentically desire. This Unblocker continues to use the DRE to work through triggers she’s facing throughout her journey. The reinforcement DIs within Uplevel can be equally as powerful to incorporate daily as you work your way out of a Rut, Rock Bottom or continue through Next Level.

Authentic Code Challenge!

If you haven’t already, join in on the Authentic Code Challenge! We’re in our second week, focusing on delegating & detoxing anything that doesn't support or align with your Authentic Code. To find your unique Authentic Code, head into Uplevel, choose the workshop within that best represents your current circumstance (Rock Bottom, Rut or Next Level). You’ll answer a set of questions on a set day within each workshop that will lead you to discover the four core elements of your Authentic Code.

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