How to Spend a Conscious NYE

How to Spend a Conscious NYE

As the fanfare of New Year’s Eve rages around us, we’re turning inward and tuning into our deepest, most authentic desires so we can forge into 2019 with clarity, purpose, and intention. Know that this year can be your most magnetic year yet if you step into your worth and get honest with yourself. Allow yourself the grace of fully forgiving yourself for the ways in which you might have compromised your authentic self this past year and set your sights on what you’re calling in for this year ahead.

Here is our guide to a conscious NYE. Whether you decide to go out or stay in, take some time for yourself today and tomorrow to drop in, reflect on this past year, and make your 2019 list. Pull from this list of practices and rituals to create your own personal NYE ritual. Here’s to UPLEVELING in 2019!

Get High

If you’re looking for an alternative to drugs and alcohol this NYE, here are some higher-vibe ways to heighten your state that don’t involve the former or the latter.


Trade in the champagne and hors d'oeuvres for these treats that will keep your brain and body feeling magnetic. Make for yourself or share with your village.

Turn Inward

Getting clarity requires that we take the time to turn inward. Free yourself from the social pressures that often surround NYE and give yourself as much space and time as you need.

Make Your List

Take advantage of the fresh energy of the new year to get crystal clear about what you’re calling in for 2019. Look at the ways you can UPLEVEL in the new year.

An Introvert’s NYE Essentials


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