How Every Emotion is Incredibly Powerful in Manifestation and Why You Should Ignore Manifestation Superstitions


I'm carving out space to own and to lean into all of the emotions that have been coming up for me as I spend more and more time alone at the Forest House, especially those that tend to bring me down or make me feel low. Yes, you read that right: all emotions are valuable in your manifestation journey. Every high and every low.

I had a dear friend that took ownership of her mid-life crisis by scheduling it before she fell deep into the prey of it. She quit her super successful corporate job and followed all of her passions with her nest egg and turned that into her career. I love the thought of reframing seemingly ‘bad’ phases of life so they can no longer overtake us and make us feel powerless. I grew up around three caretakers who suffered from deep bouts of depression. I have to acknowledge that I understand the privilege I have of only experiencing mild-depression, and the compassion I feel for anyone struggling with debilitating depression. I think it’s of great importance to recognize all levels of lows, whether that be depression, sadness, etc. Especially since I feel it is an epidemic many of us experience in society.

I noticed myself slipping into a low a week and a half ago. I started to notice that my dopamine and serotonin were lower than normal and that I was reaching for anything to "numb" it. Sugar, Instagram, Max, etc...Yet, leaning into all of the emotions coming up right now and owning them makes us stronger manifestors in the end. I felt inspired to share what I’m going through at this time, as it brings me to this month's theme: Demystifying all of the spiritual bypass superstitions in manifestation that totally block us from upleveling into the next phases of our magnetism. 

This month we will be covering superstitions that we have been programmed to follow which are COMPLETELY bogus and totally keep us in our comfort zone, blocking our manifestations. Below, you will find a laundry list of them. I'm here to tell you that none of them are true. Yes, exhale, for you can let every one of them go. I recommend DREing the tough ones that you don't feel that you can trust letting go of just yet.

Have you heard any of these myths about manifesting?

You manifest from your thoughts

Visualize in Meditation

Rely on Affirmations

Rely on Rituals

Manifest with Crystals

Manifest From Vision Boards

Spend Money Like You Already Have It

Ignore Negativity

Don’t Tell Others or it Won’t Come True

Fake it ‘til You Make it

Recite Gratitude to Manifest

Hold the Vibration

Think Positive

Your Thoughts Become Your Reality

Think it and it will come

Speak it into Existence

“Manifest in 24 hours!”

Visualize Your Aura to Manifest

Failing Tests Will Set You Back

You Can Only Manifest Under the New Moon

Now, don’t get overwhelmed. There are a lot of superstitions floating out there, but let me share my most recent revelation with you, to expand you to take your power back from any of the above.

I've never fully allowed myself to feel and own my lows before. I've numbed, I've judged (shadow), I've run around like a chicken with my head cut off doing everything to try and prevent it. I had subscribed to the old superstition that negative emotions would hurt my magnetism. Despite the fact that I know better, my old looping subconscious was still fearful to fully lean in. But this time, I chose to lean in. Let me tell you why.

Because I started to notice a very important pattern over the years. Hitting a low for me is like a metamorphosis. It's alchemy.* It means that I'm having manifestation postpartum (meaning that I've manifested everything I set out to and now I'm processing the new transitions and upgrades in my life- which is true in this case). Or it means that The Universe is stripping away everything that no longer serves me in order to connect with what I've been asking for. Once I began to notice this pattern throughout the years and let go of the superstitious fear that if I'm not "on", or positive, or high-vibe, or exteriorly "in my worth" (rather than subconsciously), then I'm going to attract more of the "bad". Quite the opposite presented itself in fact. When I leaned in, owned all of my emotions and felt them, I was rewarded after a major period of growth, grief, expansion, and upleveling. I took my power back.


What does this look like? It means listening entirely to my heart and body. It means being cool with leaning into the feelings beneath my sadness and low serotonin in order to hear what transformations are being communicated. It means forgiving myself and giving myself a lot of space to be messy, unproductive and...well, human. I’m allowing myself to take ownership of it. I’m allowing myself to communicate with those around me what is happening and have a container for it. I’m allowing myself to heal my shadow and rebrand what emotional lows look like for me versus the way it looked for my caretakers. 

Most importantly, it gives me the licensing that even though I’m not “thinking positive” (some in society could even argue that I’m feeling negative), there will be no manifestation repercussions from it. Only more magnetism. This I know for a fact from many years of experience. So I give you the same permission today. We can all take down the veils of superstition that we’ve been fed in order to actually get closer to our whole, worthy, authentic self (the actual definition of magnetism).

Today I’m starting the work from day 1 to reallllllllyyyyy maximize the metamorphosis that is happening "for” me right now. Therefore, over the next four weeks, I will be doing How to Manifest Workshop to begin calling in everything that awaits me on the other side of this, UNBLOCKED Shadow to dig deeeep, addressing everything coming up. UNBLOCKED Inner Child to prepare the deservingness of all that I will be asking for, and Next Level within Uplevel to harness it all!.

So take a deep breath, lean into all the emotions that come up along the way. When we own our emotions, we take the power back. And, we can take the power back from old manifestation superstitions.

Only three major things determine what you are manifesting: How expanded you are, how subconsciously UNBLOCKED you are, and the tests that you are passing. Meet me in The Pathway to overcome and rid yourself of any and all suggestions holding you back so that you can really open up the flood gates of manifesting what you want!

*Now I need to use the disclaimer that I suffer from occasional mild depression. If you are reading this and are affected by clinical and severe depression, please consult your doctor.

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