How I Transformed My Entire Life


When clients ask how to make big shifts in their lives, my answer is always the same : commit to the work. And the biggest obstacle I hear? “I don’t have time.”  With a community full of mothers, students, entrepreneurs, and hustlers, I get it - time can be hard to find. But like anything, if you want to see the results you have to change your routine. In fact, 90% of our community manifested something on their list when they did the work weekly. 

Once I refined my reprogramming method (which you can find in any of the workshops within the Pathway), my life changed dramatically. I went from struggling waitress to financially independent entrepreneur. I manifested my partner. I bought a home. Not only did I manifest on the material plane, but I also became more in tune with my authenticity. On a daily basis, I work through DRE’s and go back through workshops. Reprogramming is my highest priority. I practice what I preach and the reason is simple - this shit works.  

Despite competing priorities, reprogramming requires a daily commitment to be effective. Repetition is absolutely necessary to create new neural pathways. And while all of your commitments are important, reprogramming is the practice that will single-handedly impact every facet of your daily life. With just 20 minutes a day, you can shift the entire trajectory of your life path. With discipline, the return on investment is exponential. 

Put your practice into action and manifest the life you desire. If you struggle to commit to your daily practice, below are strategies to realign your priorities and create massive shifts.  

Put Your Practice Into Action


i. Create a Plan & Track Your Progress. 

Buy a planner, use an app, or follow along with the monthly roadmaps. If you can see that you’ve committed ten days in a row, it’ll be that much harder to back out on the day eleven. Additionally, tracking progress eliminates excuses. You can see very clearly whether or not you’ve committed to your goal.

ii. Define your ‘Why’.

While you’ve likely created a list on what you want, take time to get clear on why you want it. If you are manifesting a new job, brainstorm all of the changes that come with that. I.e. living your life’s purpose, a schedule that allows you to travel, more money for your family, etc. This will help you keep you motivated even when you’re too tired/busy/distracted. 

iii. Get Clear on Priorities.

Honestly, part of discipline includes making sacrifices. If you know your schedule is jam packed, you might need to sacrifice 20 minutes of sleep or a coffee date to make time for your practice. When everything feels nonnegotiable, get really clear on your priorities. Which activities in your day yield the biggest impact? Which can wait until tomorrow? Your Authentic Code can also help you to better identify your priorities. Use these items as a map to schedule your day.  

iv. Schedule It In. 

If you’re juggling work, family, and social life, it can easily feel like there is no open time in your calendar. Make time for your practice by blocking off 20 minutes everyday. Lean in to what works best for you; if you’re a morning person, schedule an AM practice. If you’re always free at lunch, schedule DRE time then. Use your calendar to hold yourself accountable.

It’s not always easy to do the work, but the results speak for themselves. Don’t self-sabotage in this stage of the process. If the biggest obstacle standing between you and your ideal future is 20 minutes a day, I want to push you get clear on this block. The tools are available for you when you’re ready to utilize them. Don’t just commit to this practice; commit to yourself.


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