How I Manifested Self Love • #MyMagneticStory

Illustration via  Ellie Benet Howard

Illustration via Ellie Benet Howard

Welcome to #MyMagneticStory. Here we hope to expand what you believe is possible by sharing testimonials from the TBM community. We break it down step-by-step to show you how they achieved their aw-inspiring manifestation(s) so you can follow suit.

This Unblocker shares her journey through personal development and self love. By learning to accept herself and her journey, this manifester transformed her reality. She finds herself in a state of ease and joy. Her emotional shifts have been so profound, the physical manifestations are just the icing on the cake. 

Here’s Her Story

“The past year of diving deep into the TBM work has certainly not been a straight shot, but instead a miraculous ride of highs and lows and immense growth that still leaves me awestruck when reflecting. I have truly gotten to know myself in ways that I did not know were possible, and the self acceptance I have come to know is one I expected to find only in a very distant future. I've manifested a complete 180 in my career, making it more enjoyable, less stressful and more lucrative. I've manifested countless specific travel opportunities, material possessions, huge energetic shifts in relationship dynamics where I normally just surrendered to feeling powerless, and of course, so much more.

Lacy has been a huge expander for me as I have felt so many innate similarities to her thinking process and belief system since finding her, and coming from a similar background she's really made me believe the grandest dreams are so very possible. Jenna Zoe, too, who has an extremely similar astrological and HD profile to me and has validated me and my dreams in the most beautiful of ways. Picturing her in her Projector flow and fluffy white hotel robe is my latest vision leading me to where I want to go.

Of course there have been countless tests, and of course I haven't always passed them. But the more I keep up the work the clearer they get and the easier it is to pass. It's been so incredibly helpful to have the huge support net that is the TBM FB group. I also started my own, "Projectors in Harmony" that has over 500 members now where we all help each other with our day to day Projector challenges. None of this would have been possible without the insanely magical path TBM has guided me down!”


I. Commit to the Work.

This manifester noticed more clarity when doing the work consistently; whether its daily or a few days a week, create a consistent practice and hold yourself accountable. It’ll pay off - 90% of our community manifested something on their list when they did the work weekly!

Illustration via  Ellie Benet Howard

Illustration via Ellie Benet Howard

ii. Expand your Subconscious Mind.

Both Lacy and Jenna Zoe acted as an expander for this manifester. If you’re looking to grow in a certain area, find relatable people that are successful in that field. This will show your subconscious mind that your dreams are possible.

iii. Pass Tests.

Tests are always opportunities for us to commit to a new level of self worth. If you ‘fail’ a test, never fear. Another opportunity will come your way soon enough. Remember that tests are also opportunities to learn and recognize your current limitations.

iv. Find Community.

Through any life transition, community is crucial. As you begin to uplevel, it’s likely that your social spheres will shift and grow. Having a strong foundation to lean on when struggles come up will help you to transform in a safe environment.

This manifestor committed to the journey of self growth. There will always be ups and downs in this process, in fact the downs are quite common. Regardless, this manifester leaned into both the joys and discomfort to find a greater sense of self acceptance and self worth. To get started on your own journey, go through the Pathway and find the work that resonates most. I recommend How to Manifest, Inner Child, and Shadow for all of my beginners!

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