Shedding Shadow to UPLEVEL

what is shadow work

Owning and integrating our SHADOW is vital to manifestation for UPLEVELING in any energetic circumstance. Once we can embrace the aspects of self of which we were programmed to be shameful, we can fully become our most magnetic, authentic selves. Thus, UPLEVELing to our highest threshold of manifestation in each of the 3 energetic stages of the UPLEVEL workshop. Take the quiz here to discover which energetic stage applies to you.


Rockbottoms occur when the rug is pulled entirely from beneath our feet and we find ourselves facing our biggest fears. Rockbottoms are the Universe’s way of testing whether or not we can energetically hold something big that’s about to come through. It’s a gift as it’s showing us where we still need to align our self-worth.


Yet, rockbottoms may also uncover new pieces of our shadow selves by bringing up feelings of shame based off of how we rock-bottomed and the societal programming we’ve picked up prior. We must do the shadow work process to fully acknowledge our shadow, own it and integrate it to transcend our Rockbottom. Using the DRE and UNBLOCKED Shadow workshop within the Pathway can help you first pinpoint what is triggering your shadow. Is it something you picked up in childhood that a “set back” equates to failure? Our is it something you witness in your community? 

As a parent, mentor, community member or partner, you can hold space for a loved one to shed their own shadow, who may be experiencing a rockbottom themselves. This can look like offering support or sharing your own journey to become an expander


You will find yourself in a Rut if you have strayed far from your authentic self and have been stuck in the same, endless cycle for - what feels like - months on end, trekking uphill and struggling to catch a flow. Ruts occur energetically when you subconsciously hide our authentic self due to fear of experiencing shame, being let down or fear of truly letting the good in. (ehemm, SHADOW!). 

Ruts are here to show you that you need to forgive the pain, shame and labels that you have either been programmed to feel or have thrust upon yourself. This is an opportunity to fully embrace your authentic essence and explore your purpose. For parents, the more you can support your child’s authentic self throughout their childhood and encourage them to embrace their own authentic code, the faster they will be able to move through any Rut they may encounter throughout their life.

Shadow work throughout a Rut can help to propel you into Next Level much quicker. It is our shadow that introduces this subconscious fear of fully being authentic. I UNBLOCKED Shadow, UNBLOCKED Inner Child and the DRE are powerful tools in shedding shadow throughout this energetic stage, along with the Integrated Roadmap which can guide you step-by-step through this process, all of which are accessible in the Pathway. If you’re wondering what is shadow work, you will learn by truly owning your shadow by first identifying our 4 Elements of your Authentic Code on Day 2 of the Rut workshop within UPLEVEL. You can then uncover any shadow surrounding these elements within UNBLOCKED Shadow and the DRE, and fully own them by “dropping them” in public, ie. Sharing an element that triggers shadow with someone whose opinion you deeply value. Facing your shadow to unblock the fear of shame will propel you to transcend your Rut.


If you are in Next Level it is because you are in touch with our Authentic Self. You have aligned our self-worth and find ourselves in flow. With Next Level, the only thing holding you back from truly reaching your highest Authentic essence is a lack of subconscious deservingness. To align with your deservingness, you must first, like in Rut, identify your 4 elements of your Authentic Code, found on Day 2 within Next Level. For some, feelings of shame or personal judgements may arise in reaction to our authentic code. Maybe you’ve been programmed to believe some aspects are “superficial” or “lazy.” Doing shadow work meditation around your own judgements will help to shed them and free yourself to fully live your Authentic code, thus aligning with your deservingness and excelling through Next Level.

Our shadows can be persistent throughout our manifestation journey, triggered within different energetic stages and sometimes resurfacing within our subconscious. Shedding our shadow and fully integrating it as a part of our Authentic self will allow us to transcend through each energetic stage of our manifestation journey all that much quicker! We hold the power to free ourselves of the programming we’ve picked up, to fully live our authentic code and to be confident and magnetic in our Authentic Selves.


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