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For all the times I’ve heard that organic is a niche market and you could never feed the whole world if we went in this direction as the Central Valley of California supplies 90% of produce, Colombia and Ceres Mercado are here to prove you wrong—along with a few other amazing farming movements that I’ll be sharing soon. Get ready to be inspired by two girls that just started doing something they believed in with little, some good trading and a lot of love. I introduce you to Sara Gonzalez and Julia Correa of Ceres Mercado.

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Travel Essentials | Colombia

Today I am Colombia bound—Medellin to be specific. I can’t say HOW insanely excited I am to soak up this culture, eat all the wonderful food and support the true local artesian talents. I’m so happy to take the F+N family with me. To gear you up, I’d like to share some packing essentials that I take on any trip.  

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