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Picnic | Raw Super truffle Recipe

I’ve been living under a rock this past week due to some dreadful chest cold, and it has been so long since I’ve been sick that I forget how incredibly isolating and indoors the resting process can be. As one of my closest friends, Daniela Moreno, had just gotten back from teaching yoga in Paris, I was reminded of all the wonderful picnics and parks that I frequented on my first trip to Europe with another super close friend of mine, Ashley Holliday.

We’d lounge the day away in King’s Garden in Copenhagen surrounded by the most attractive and stylish blondes that could inspire a lifetime of style. We drank white wine and were free, no worries. So per my almost recovery, a picnic at Silver Lake Meadow was in order. To keep all of our immune systems high, I made Vitamin C packed raw super truffles inspired by the fabulous Good Bites. Here is the recipe Daniela, Jamie Arrigo and I ate right up, Raw Super Truffles.

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Beauty Basics | HydraFacial + Sugaring + Brows

So rarely in my life do I source out professionals when it comes to beauty, for I’m pretty tomboy about it all. I do my own nails—meaning I clip and file them. Half the time, I trim my own hair. If I can do it, I usually do. But there are three people I could not live without and certainly couldn’t do their trades myself. They are my vitals. My beauty gurus if you will.

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