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Healing With Essential Oils | Greer Inez

Greer and I stumbled upon each others' Instagram some time ago and turns out we have the world in common. This super talented photographer, acrobatic yoga mama has some wonderful insight on healing with Essential Oils. I introduce you to Greer Inez of Mama Hussy.

Hi there. I am Greer. I am a professional photographer [Greer Inez]. I have two little boys, and I write a lot about natural parenting + healthy living on my personal blog, Mama Hussy. In the last few years, I have started using essential oils in my house + with my family in order to keep us healthy + happy. We live in Oklahoma, and cold season + spring allergies can be brutal around here. While I try to fight the good fight by feeding my family nutritious foods, we still need that extra supplement to combat colds + allergies. And for us, that extra supplement is essential oils. I have replaced almost our entire medicine cabinet with essential oils. They rock my world!!

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