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Kir | The Traditional French Aperitif

An aperitif is an alcoholic beverage served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. And a very traditional aperitif in this region of France is the kir. Comprised of Crème de cassis, which consists of a sweet, dark red liqueur made from blackcurrants. Topped with a bit of the regions white wine. We’ve been enjoying this so I thought I’d share the traditional recipe.

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HealthLacy PhillipsFrance, Kir

Purslane—rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, this leafy green contains more omega 3 fatty acids than any other leafy green. Not to mention its high source of vitamin A (also one of the highest among leafy greens) and its rich source of vitamin C with some B-complex.

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Crepes | French Farmers' Market

Last night we finally arrived and settled into our stunning country home in Tremel, France (close to Brittany). The weather is full of perfect uncertainty. Sunny with a chill in the air followed by pouring rain. A heavenly refuge from the 90 degree LA weather. Upon waking, our first outing was, of course, to the Farmers’ Maret. Filled with delectable goods, we loaded up on bio (organic) produce and condiments while finishing with delightful buckwheat crepes—filled with nutella, of course. Heaven. Here is a tradition buckwheat crepe recipe.

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