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Energetic Crystal Guide for Valentine's Day

As tomorrow nears and many of us are taking inventory on what is in our hearts at this time, I asked one of the many wise women in my circle to shine some light on how we can use the energy of Valentine's Day to uniquely optimize exactly what we are in need of and seeking at the this time.  Here is Dana Schmalenberg of Gem + Remedy’s guide to crystals for Valentines Day. 

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Angela Shore | Jiva-Apoha

Sitting in the most quant neighborhood of Long Beach, rests the beautiful home of this freshly transplanted Brooklyite. This is where she hand blends her most divine, luxurious, uniquely scented body and face oils. Impeccable design meets kind and healing energy is exactly the way to describe her environment. Sweet hospitality filled the air as she prepared perfect Dahl, ginger-lemon tea and explored the whole line of her oils with me. Mark this product in your books as it is going to be your new favorite oil. Meet Angela Shore of Jiva-Apoha.

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