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Raw Honey with Royal Jelly

Whilst visiting a stunning town in Brittany, France called Huelgoat, we stumbled upon the most darling local honey production, Miellerie de Huelgoat. And though I wanted to purchase their 100% raw royal jelly, I knew that I couldn’t keep it refrigerated at all times on my travels so I opted for the raw honey, royal jelly combo and it has been extraordinary for keeping my immunity high as well as the most wonderful face mask.

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I’ve partnered up with an amazing budding movement, SanaMente (translation | Healthy Mind) that is quite new but rapidly growing. It teaches children about slowing down, mindfulness and finding peace within themselves as well as their surroundings through art, music, food and meditation. My focus with this project is the food aspect. Creating recipes that are nourishing, energizing and calming.

The first recipe I put together was inspired by a very cool spot in Colombia, Natto, that I’ll be featuring soon. Here’s the recipe for your new favorite summer spread.

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