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Gelatin | A Beautifying Jello Recipe

As I’ve always been in love with vintage copper cake molds, I was so happy to find one that I really cherished.  And it makes for the PERFECT gelatin jello mold.  I started incorporating gelatin into my cooking a bit ago at the recommendation of my acupuncturist to nourish a few gut issues.  Then I began to notice the insane affects it had on my skin, hair and nails.  My skin plumped up with a glow, my hair started growing like bananas, and my nails became much stronger.  A few reasons why one should consider adding this super nourishing supplement to their cooking:

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Can we all take moment to be SO grateful that Moon Juice has fresh, raw, organic well milk that you can purchase and take home that is more nutritious than anything we’re going to sprout and make anyway? On weekends like this last one where I had zero time to prep a milk, I cruised in and picked up their Hazelnut Milk which consists of activated raw hazelnuts, alkaline + mineralized + oxygenated water, coconut meat, coconut nectar, and pink salt to have on hand. Here is one of my daily smoothie potions that tasted extra heavenly with MJ hazelnut milk.

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Brazil Tocos Cream Smoothie | raw

As we all know, I’ve been playing with different nut and seed milks recently. My latest fascination, this week, is Brazil nut (actually a seed). I decided to forgo the individual process of making it as a milk and then separating the pulp, so I made an overall milk and left all the fiber in as well. It was wonderful.

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