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New Moon Gathering | Saffron + Lemon Millet Recipe

Last Friday, on New Moon in Cancer, I called a meeting of the minds and brought together some of my most talented, egoless and inspiring friends. Here we enjoyed an abundance of food. I walked them through some custom dietary and supplement programs as well as set intentions and crafted manifestations together. Needless to say, it was a perfectly powerful day.

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New Moon in Gemini

New Moons have been very powerful for me over the years. I live my life by manifestation and New Moon symbolizes the height of energy to manifest under for the moon cycle is fresh, empty and ready to receive your specific intention and grow your planted seeds.

I’m excited to use Poppy and Someday’s Marfa Moon Mist to really set the tone before my New Moon meditation this evening. Infused with tourmaline crystal to help protect against life’s turbulence, and combined Frankincense + Petitgrain to calm mind and body, it will put me in the perfect, grounded state.

Here is some insight from Mystic Mama about New Moon in Gemini

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