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Raw Sesame Seed Milk

This week, I'm mixing up my usual raw sprouted almond milk with a seed, sesame. As I’m on a completely sugar free cleanse at the moment (literally only Stevia), I left my milk plain. But for those who are eating natural sugars, I suggest adding some dates, vanilla and sea salt into the mix.

I’m excited to explore this new milk, as there is so much you can make with it as your base such as ice cream, popsicles and amazing smoothies.

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Picnic | Raw Super truffle Recipe

I’ve been living under a rock this past week due to some dreadful chest cold, and it has been so long since I’ve been sick that I forget how incredibly isolating and indoors the resting process can be. As one of my closest friends, Daniela Moreno, had just gotten back from teaching yoga in Paris, I was reminded of all the wonderful picnics and parks that I frequented on my first trip to Europe with another super close friend of mine, Ashley Holliday.

We’d lounge the day away in King’s Garden in Copenhagen surrounded by the most attractive and stylish blondes that could inspire a lifetime of style. We drank white wine and were free, no worries. So per my almost recovery, a picnic at Silver Lake Meadow was in order. To keep all of our immune systems high, I made Vitamin C packed raw super truffles inspired by the fabulous Good Bites. Here is the recipe Daniela, Jamie Arrigo and I ate right up, Raw Super Truffles.

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Plant Food

We all have that raw cookbook sitting on our bookshelf with dust collecting on it. You know that quintessential one that shows us how to make your average collard wrapped walnut taco meat, beet burger, raw soups and smoothie recipes. And it makes us pleased to know that we DO have it there incase one day we may actually use it. So what’s stopping us?

Most recipes don’t look very appetizing or gourmet! Completely not worth the effort or they taste like your average sad plant version of traditional food we know and love. Well, here to change all of that around by giving us some raw food recipes to actually show off at a dinner party HAS finally arrived. The always talented Meredith Baird, Matthew Kenny and Scott Winegard have teamed up to bring you Plant Food—showcasing recipes of the dishes at M.A.K.E and so much more. You can finally make their infamous Kimche Dumplings at home!! Thank you Universe. Meredith Baird shares a few words, with us, on the launch.


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