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Stefani Padilla | La Tierra Sagrada

I could sit with this divine being for hours on end talking about wellness as I always learn something new from her with each visit.  And all this incredible energy lovingly seeps into each of her products—which I live by.  I can’t say enough about her ultra-pure and medicinal line, La Tierra Sagrada.  There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t use The Treatment, Jojoba oil, and now that it is summery, the Salt Spray.  Meet this beacon of knowledge, Stefani Padilla. 

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La Tierra Sagrada

Following a stunning all-women’s New Moon ceremony hosted by Stefani and Kari of Poppy and Someday two weeks ago, I came home to massage my scalp and ends with the “Treatment”, tied it up in a silk scarf and went to bed.  Upon waking, I showered and let my hair air dry per usual.  Astonished, is an understatment, with how soft and shiny it was—and has been ever since.  In fact my hair hasn’t been this nourished since the fresh, clean waters of Brittany, France this past summer.  And nobody deals with the drying and damaging effects of LA water and dry climate more than me. 

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