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Browned Brussels, Dill, Pomegranate & Raw Ricotta

It’s funny how the token gross food as a child was Brussels sprouts. I, the odd kid that never shared that sentiment,  LOVED all things green, salmon, raviolis, salads, and the list goes on. Never finicky and always happy to dine at finer restaurants over something chain-esc or fast food can credit this to my grandparents who introduced me to wonderful, home-crafted meals with quality ingredients as a young child. To this day, a symbol of crossing the fall threshold is when the Brassica family starts rolling in—especially cabbage and Brussels. So as I wrap up this VERY busy week with NATIVE and enrolling in Herbal School yesterday, I’d love to share one of the simple dishes I created for two of my clients for one of their NATIVE bundles this week.

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