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I really fell in love with Muesli this past summer in France.  We ate it most mornings for breakfast.  And not only did it taste beyond, but it kept me full, calm, and energized for ages.  I’ve found myself really rekindling my love for it lately and sufficing my afternoon sweet tooth with its dehydrated superfruits and berries.  

When I returned back to the states, I had a really hard time finding a raw, sprouted, quality mix I connected with.  So I decided to start making my own—since it only requires blending my favorite sprouted foods together and adding a bit of slightly warmed raw milk (I prefer this to cold-from-the-fridge milk in the winter for the body).

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Brazil Tocos Cream Smoothie | raw

As we all know, I’ve been playing with different nut and seed milks recently. My latest fascination, this week, is Brazil nut (actually a seed). I decided to forgo the individual process of making it as a milk and then separating the pulp, so I made an overall milk and left all the fiber in as well. It was wonderful.

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