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a new year, a new name

As there must always be, growth is a natural cycle of life. It can be resisted or it can be embraced and accelerated. I always choose the latter. Starting Free & Native five years ago was a response to signs I was receiving to do so. What started off as a holistic, modern refuge has now grown into a vast community of an incredibly magnetic collective. Those in pursuit of this as well as those taking it to next level; therefore we could no longer resist our new calling: To Be Magnetic

Welcome to remembering and integrating what we’ve always been down inside: Whole, worthy, and magnetic. Together, we are all in it To Be Magnetic. Today, in the New Year, and always. Thank you for growing with us. Let’s go 2019! 

With my entire heart,



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With our new announcement also comes a new offering: The Pathway. The Pathway is a portal to creating new neural pathways, giving you access to all of the workshops to prepare you with the tools you need to learn how to manifest, to unblock your limiting beliefs, and to reinforce your magnetism on a daily basis for 6 months, a year, or a lifetime.

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