How to Manifest by Lacy Phillips™

11 Video Step-By-Step Manifestation Formula

The How to Manifest Workshop is an 11-video step-by-step guide to manifestation using The Formula by Lacy Phillips™. It includes actionable tools that allow you to anchor your personal manifestation practice. In this workshop, you will be prompted to take inventory of the subjects in your life you're looking to manifest, you will become aware of your past successful, personal manifestation patterns while you learn about the energetics of the situations that are attributed to manifestation and magnetism.

To integrate the Formula, you'll pick a material subject that you're calling in as Lacy walks you through each step. You will instantly begin practicing the daily compact subconscious reprogramming exercise to unlock the subconscious limiting beliefs and negative patterns showing up in your life.

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11 Days of Workshop Content

13 Journal Prompts

3 Hypnotic Deep Imaginings

20 minutes of content for each workshop day + 30 minutes of supportive daily exercises

Community support in the comment sections on each page



This workshop is for everyone & anyone.


You can watch this entire workshop in one day; however, we suggest that you revisit it weekly for the first month and twice a month following that. You will also be practicing the daily subconscious reprogramming DI and Journaling for twenty minutes a day – or every other day depending on your availability. Pairing this workshop with any other UNBLOCKED™ workshop is highly recommended.

At the end of this course, you will have the clarity you need in using Lacy’s manifestation formula, an understanding of how to integrate this practice into your daily life, and you’ll also have gained community support and a better understanding of your most authentic, magnetic self.  

Access at anytime that is convenient for you! All you need is your digital device, journal, pen and earphone.


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In the week before 2018, my partner and I created lists of what we want to manifest this year. Well, it has only been one month and I’ve already been able to check off *THREE* things on that list. Three! And the biggest one yet: After stressing for weeks about where we were going to live, today we got approved to lease a little house on two acres. It met every one of my nine requirements, down to “a window over the kitchen sink”.
**Thank you to @freeandnative. I’ve now done two of her UNBLOCKED workshops + the digital magnetism workshop. Feeling soooo magnetic.**
— @sunshel

I manifested a trip to Guatemala! I’ve wanted to go for ages but had decided not to go on a trip this year to save money. Well I set the intention on my list back in January and shortly after my credit card company offered me an upgraded visa card with enough bonus welcome air miles to cover the flight. Then a few other things happened to make it easy - like I remembered I had an airbnb credit and new business came in via my website to help me feel financially secure. It’s also always been my dream to do a photo shoot for my company in a foreign country but it always seemed impossible. But after watching colleagues (expanders for me) making this happen in their own brands I saw how it could be possible for me. Well I now have two photo shoots booked - I made it happen! And, I am also fulfilling my dream to stay in treehouse while there! Very excited thanks! Love your blog and teaching

I met a really cool beekeeper and as I was walking back to the car talking to my mum and boyfriend and suddenly the idea of making a documentary about him and his business popped into my head (he makes incredibly special honey that all of us had never seen before. And I LOVE honey!!!!) My boyfriend was very pessimistic but I said “No let’s go back and talk to him, maybe there’s a possibility!” Pushing through my own insecurities. So we went back, my boyfriend was very negative and decided to walk around the market again while I spoke to him which I did. We talked for 10 mins him telling me his process and his back story and I said I was a filmmaker and then my boyfriend came up and joined in seeing that I had a huge grin on my face chatting to this guy. Turns out he’d love to make a documentary about this fascinating subject that I’ve been wanting to make for a very long time. We left with his details and he gave us a Manuka Honey (92%!!!) for free. As we walked to the car my boyfriend turned to me and said “You’ve expanded me”. And I told him enthusiastically about this post this morning and Situational Magnetism. I think this work is seeping through to him from me which magic!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! My heart is singing! I just manifested my first Reparent Workshop into existence!!! I’ve been wanting to purchase but did not know which one nor did I have the money to do so... I paid a bill and only had $20 left to my name but realized my rent had not come out of my checking yet... i have an unpaid client in the morning who may or may not show... so I sat down with my pendulum to ask if I should just purchase it and hope the client showed up... within seconds I received an email who paid up front for a session on Saturday!!! Just like that the Universe answered and I had the extra money without breaking the bank in my account!!!
Thank You Universe!!!!

I have been doing the work since you first put out the various programs last year and I look back and have to pinch myself to believe how much I have been able to change and manifest! It is also so insane how quick I can now make things appear.

You are so amazing and after receiving this test tonight I just felt like finally reaching out to let you know how much I appreciate what you do!

Loving F+M & Reparent. Made more progress breaking down harmful beliefs in the past week than I have in 3 years of therapy 🙏 Thank you!!! 💕

Soooo, my first big manifestation came through... after finding out my rent was increasing by 5 percent I freaked as I knew I would have to move come the end of’s been a dream of mine to live in a cozy walk up in the west village or soho, but I never thought it would be possible given my budget and what the standard apts for in those areas... but with all of the major shifts I’ve been experiencing and all of the unblocking and expanding I threw it out there to the universe
I cast my list... it needed to be in west village or soho, and it needed to have a,b,c accommodations, and it couldn’t exceed X price.... my search brought me to a cool young broker who showed my 4 apts in both areas. All of the spots had good things about them, but several things would always be off.. I told the universe I’m not fucking around and said I needed more space for the same budget and I have until June to leave my spot... so I took a week of searching bc I was stressed. This weekend the brokers boss texted me about a fabulous new place that opened up in the heart of the WV... it was perfect,large cozy outcome studio w a kitchen in a separate room tons of closet space and natural night...the only problem it was $100 over budget... so I asked the universe again, “if this is the one, prove it” this morning the landlord cut the price by $100 and allowed me to do a 2 yr lease... put my deposit down 3 hours ago!!!! Can’t wait for my other magical manifestations.
Oh and cherry on top these were all no fee buildings.

Upon further revisiting my journals I found even MORE manifestations than I expected! Like, a trip to France with a FREE chateau for 8 days?! I just coined it as “lucky” but you have gifted us with such fine tuned wisdom to truly UNDERSTAND why we have been granted lessons/tests/& things to celebrate! Thank you for reminding me to reflect and truly sit in gratitude.

Wanted to share a little breakthrough. Last night I did my first DI meditation from the How to Manifest workshop. I know my problems are I play small and don’t really speak up for myself. Anyway, when Lacy says to introduce the first person you want to speak to I immediately thought of my ex boyfriend who I have held all kinds of emotions for for 10 years. I let it all go and said everything— I was honest, vain, brutal, loving. And then I actually felt the unblocking happen. It was like a click and I instantly felt lighter. Later when I was falling asleep I wanted to replay talking to him in my head so I could yell at him some more lol, but I couldn’t. I felt it was unnecessary and I couldn’t muster any anger. It was as if it was all gone. I am sure he will be back during a meditation because I do have a lot more to say, but wanted to share my break through moment and how I actually felt the unblocking happen. Pretty cool experience!!

You know how Lacy talked about finding the most perfect 501 Levi’s and how impossible it is. Well I did that yesterday. I’m in another state having a few days off and I walked into a vintage shop first pair I pick up fit like a glove only $50. And I’m only 5ft and they fit in the length as well. WIN! Small things lead to big things. Now to manifest this partner haha

Alright I think I’ve finally got a fun manifestation story to share. Earlier I was at my gym feeling sort of ho hum about my current routine. They have personal trainers available to hire and I thought maybe it would be a good idea to finally hire one for a session just to get the most efficient routine made up for me. A couple mins later the man next to me politely turns and mentions I’m doing my arm weights wrong. I appreciated the correction. Then he said he wasn’t trying to be weird but he just moved here and he used to be a personal trainer so he just can’t help himself... I immediately asked him if he could show me a few more things, he did & now have a new gym buddy/personal trainer to help me. Mission accomplished!

Just wanted to give you a quick note to say thank you for creating all of your online workshops - they are so powerful!! I’ve done the How to Manifest and now I’m doubling up on the reparenting and opulence. Tonight I met with my ex-husband to discuss some parenting and scheduling things and it was actually really pleasant. This is a HUGE deal because he can be extremely unbalanced and combative and usually really good at throwing off my energy (he has a really powerful personality)..but tonight that didn’t happen, for the first time in a really long time. And I really attribute that to all the work that I’ve been doing on myself and my self-worth- specifically through the reparenting workshop. Thank you again!! I can’t wait to see what else pops up as I go through all of this amazing work. ❤️🌟🙏🏼

I started with the Formula about a month ago, initially just manifesting a new home to rent (doing my best to recognise the expanders and tests in this one, and not FOMO into places that are ‘almost perfect’), but I also started doing the work for my art career. I’ve been a practising artist for over 10 years, but float between other ‘more stable’ work (design mostly) and my love project Quiet Sydney. Since becoming a mother 7 months ago, my priorities have been rearranged, and unexpectedly I’ve been feeling pulled strongly toward producing art, and I am allowing myself to go for it and find a balance for art and motherhood. I have been doing some work on shifting my limiting beliefs (so many of them), while seeking out expanders, and this week without consciously realising what I was doing, I took my daughter with me to a few small exhibitions and also the Museum of Contemporary Art for the Biennale of Sydney. Mostly seeing work by female artists. Then just yesterday I received a call from the gallery I’m showing in at the moment, saying I’ve sold three works in a series to one buyer! So thrilled and so motivated to keep working through the Formula, and maybe Opulence too. Thank you Lacy Phillips x

Hi all - I just wanted to share a couple of small manifestation stories, if anything just to make you smile and to remind us all to remember the little things throughout this journey <3 While I haven’t had any “large” ones come through just yet, the smaller ones still make me feel so held - like a hug from the Universe. So if you’re feeling impatient, hang in there & remember the small things!

Both happened on the same day while on a recent trip to San Francisco. Parking was SO bad, and my partner was late for a meeting. I just whispered to myself and said “Universe, I trust that you’ll find us a spot that will get us there as soon as possible, with little to no friction.” and wouldn’t you know it, I kid you not, the 3rd time we circled a spot was wide open, right in front of the building.

The second was when we were at a little deli getting lunch. I had ordered my food, and looked at the beverage fridge at a far distance. I saw a Zico Coconut Water and thought “gah that sounds SO good, but it’s probably insanely expensive. I’ll survive without it.” We went outside to eat, and within seconds, the owner came out holding a Zico Coconut Water and said “did you guys drop this?” We looked at each other confused, considering neither of us had even been close to the fridge, and said “no, we didn’t.” His response? “Oh, well, here - you can have it. On the house.”

:) little things.

I’ve manifested an amazing new job at a tech company with a social conscience after working through Unblocked.

I started a new job today (after turning down other offers that didn’t meet my list which was very difficult to do because I was getting pretty desperate). So for one, I manifested this new job. And two, as I was heading into the office I was thinking that I would feel appreciated, valued, and welcomed if they gave me flowers on my first day. Also, I have walked into most other jobs feeling inadequate and unworthy of being there, but today I felt confident and powerful. Right as my supervisor was meeting me in the lounge, a flower delivery came and she said they were for me! This stuff works and I’m so empowered by all of you that are staying in your power and seeing magical things come through.

Magical Saturday!!✨

Feeling extremely magnetic today and wanted to share my most recent (and extremely specific) manifestations. I stuggle with saying no to people for plans.. I often overcommit and feel depleted after giving my energy to everyone. I decided I was going to say no to plans this weekend and focus on me(I was especially tested last night when Co-workers tried to convince me to go out with them, but I said no). Today, I went thrifting at buffalo exchange. I wanted to manifest a very specific dress. I saw a dress on instagram that was exactly what I wanted but way out of my budget. So I wanted to manifest a replica of that dress: same color, same fit, my size and I didn’t want to spend more than $30. On the way to buffalo I passed a vegan restaurant and said to myself “I will try a vegan burger today”. After I parked my car and walked to the store I passed a food truck that was giving away FREE vegan burgers! I then walked into buffalo and approached a rack - there was my dress! Cream, my size and $29.50! I thought hmm this is too good to be true.. tried it on and it fit better than I expected!! Attaching photos of both dresses! I know it’s a small material manifestation but feels so powerful

Happy Saturday babes✨

I’m a feckin witch too !!! I just manifested an Angel INVESTOR, a NEW CAR for my teen and THE PERFECT BUSINESS PARTNER opportunity who’s first was that we should open a brick and mortar kitchen in BOTH places I’ve DREAMED of since I set my intentions back in 2014!!! Oh, Lacy!!! on my news grateful for you and this work. Every day is a new truth, an epiphany, a cracking of the old shell and stepping forward READY AND WILLING 🌈🐳✨💕
Thank YOU

I have done many of Lacy’s tools including Opulence, Reparent, No, Shadow, and am now doing The How to Manifest Workshop because I want to do daily reprograming to reinforce the work I have already done. (I have a great partner or I would have done partnership too.)

I can’t tell you how much these tools have helped me. I have manifested things as small as a pair of ridiculously inexpensive brand new salsa shoes and as large as having just recently manifested the perfect mid century modern home by a very specific AZ architect AND within our budget to buy. (We closed last week.)

Hi Lacy

ok, this is crazy!

This is my third email to you with progress. I have completed Unparent, Opulence & The Formula.

My new career has been unfolding with ease, I found a new place to live that I love and now I’m blown away by the last manifestation. I watched the Formula and as you said, I picked something I wanted to manifest and put it through the Formula.
I have been needing a car, but had no idea how it would happen, as the funds are not there yet. As you said, I chose something that can be in multiples, made it micro, made a list and found an expander. Well, I am receiving, through a friend, a car for FREE!!! How can this happen?! I’m in shock. It’s utterly mind blowing. I put it on my list and it’s freaking coming. YOU ROCK LADY!

LACY!!! I just manifested the mother fucking load!!!!! I’m training a staff on holistic skincare in the CAYMAN ISLANDS. They are PAYING FOR ME TO COME OUT AND TEACH THEIR STAFF

I just want you to know your tools and magnetism workshop has changed my life and I am so incredibly grateful to you and your teachings! Much love and gratitude!

I wanted to report that I manifested something off my list for the first time! I want to start my own natural herb based skin care line. I wrote on my list that I wanted to attract extra money that I could use to buy ingredients for experimenting with. Well, I was just invited to participate in a focus group for a mystery beauty company! The payment is $200, which in the grand scheme of things is nominal, but it’s certainly enough to start and definitely enough to grow my trust muscle! I’m really starting to realize now that while I may want so much in life, I won’t be able to manifest any of it unless I reprogram my self worth to align with what I want to call in. Thank you Lacy Phillips and Free + Native! For the first time in my life, I feel authentically empowered to take charge of my own destiny!

I had a bit of an interesting manifestation that I called in. I did Lacy’s The How to Manifest workshop a few weeks back. The first thing I wrote down was that I wanted to manifest a trip to California for my birthday. I must have thought it was a little too far out there for a first manifestation so I crossed it off and wrote down another manifestation about selling a motorcycle I own for a particular price/level of ease.

HOWEVER, last week I went to book a trip to CA for a friend’s wedding, which is 3/31. This was the trip I wanted to take to Cali for my bday, which is 4/1. At the time I went to book it I decided I would just fly there and back quickly and take a few days off in Seattle for my birthday, because I didn’t really feel like I could afford it. I then got the ping that I should check to see if any of my perks on my Credit Card were available to knock some money off my flight.

Not only did I have enough points to cover the entire flight, I also had enough points to cover my rental car and hotel for the entire trip! Manifestation Magic! Zing!🙌

Well, I didn’t think this until recently, but I think I’ve elevated to a level of magnetism that I’d never tapped into before. And it sort of all came from surrendering to my intuition and trusting. I’ve manifested everything I’ve wanted on the material plane from Kamm Pants to a new car, to the house of my dreams on acreage AND I’m 22 years old. It hasn’t been easy, my childhood was rough so I had a lot of unblocking to do and reteaching my subconscious mind to trust that whats for me will always find me. A lot of bad things happened in between, it wasn’t all face masks and wine Wednesdays, I lost family members to horrible diseases in this time, even lost myself a time or two. I really had to tear down limiting beliefs I had about myself and the world around me. And now, through this process of surrendering and trusting, I really don’t long for anything. Everything that happens beyond now is just icing. Thanks for listening.

The past couple days, I’ve gotten a bunch of pings in a few areas (where to move to, my business, and where I am still blocked/have blinders on around blocks and subconscious work that needs doing) and have started to unblock in powerful ways over the last week.
Today, my husband and I came to each other with the same idea of where to move (it felt so eerily easy and perfect. We feel exactly the same about where and how to go about it) AND I got a huge test for a new client who contacted me out of nowhere (in the same arena I want to be working with clients in but definitely not my list by any means).
I’m excited to be feeling things moving forward. I’m going to email the client back “Thank you but no thank you” AND we scheduled a trip to the place we want to move to (to create some expansion and seeing is believing in this place) in two weeks! Hallelujah.

I received such a fun, tangible manifestation yesterday and wanted to share! I have been wanting wind chimes for my front porch for a couple weeks now. Usually when I decide I want something like that I will just go out and buy it (usually with credit) because I have zero patience for anything, but this time I thought why not just manifest them! So yesterday I was sitting on my mothers front porch when she came home and she pulled the wind chimes out of her car. I didn’t say anything as she tried to find a place to hang them. She couldn’t find a place she was satisfied with and I watched in awe as she walked over to my house next door and hung them on my porch. We talk about manifesting together often, but I had not told her about the wind chimes, so it was so much fun to share with her what had just happened. This has given me much more confidence in my own manifesting powers and hopefully someone will feel inspired to manifest more of the little things even when it’s not the first gateway to obtaining them. Xoxo

I wanted to share something I’ve figured out/something that happened thanks to the work (How to Manifest and Unblocked Love) and also thanks to some of you on here! Thank you to everyone who answers questions & gives their insight, it definitely helps!
One thing was regarding judgement: I noticed that I have been attracting nice women into my life, but two of them have a very similar trait: they made me feel judged. At first I thought of looking for past memories, to work out my insecurities regarding judgement from others. But I also realized that it wasn’t really insecurity that was the problem, but the actual situation of being judged. In other words: when I was by myself again, I wouldn’t necessarily care what they thought about me. I’d even shrug it off, like “who cares what they think” - but when I met them again, the judgy looks triggered me so hard. I was really obsessed with figuring this out (I posted on here) and then I asked my guides to just help me out. I immediately thought “just google it” and found Lacy’s blog post on “Projections”. Wow, what an eye opener! I realized these two women are my mirrors. I feel so uncomfortable and triggered when they judge me, but I do the exact same thing with a few other people! It took a high amount of honesty with myself to realize this - but I give a few friends “judgy looks”, I react in the same annoying way, I question stuff they say just because to me it feels weird and wrong (for example, a friend of mine is heavily focused on career and I feel bad for her 6 year old son who doesn’t get to spend much time with her, so sometimes I definitely judge her and she definitely notices it!). I always thought of myself of being a very open person who doesn’t judge, but I do. Hell, I do. Probably in an even more annoying way than these two women I mentioned above.
The same thing goes for owning up when you say something mean or unfriendly - I do this to family members a lot (or rather, I don’t) and this new friend made me feel SO uncomfortable when she showed that exact same personality flaw. Later on I was like....duh! The Universe was putting a mirror in front of you, it was so obvious! And your ego was blocking you from seeing it! I think my guides must have been pretty desperate to put TWO women at the same time in my life for me to finally figure this out.
I’m so thankful to Lacy’s blog and work, it helped me realize this - and that’s the first step in letting go of our ego and approaching our authentic self! So happy I’m on the right path!!
This is getting long, but the second thing was my attachment to my mom that may be blocking me to meet a partner. I realized that while doing Partnership and now I took a few actions to cut off the blocking energy between both of us. One of these actions was to book a flight to Spain and go on a yoga retreat by myself. I’m very excited! And you know what happened: my mom told me she has a date! Omg, so funny & cool! It was like the Universe was telling me: Girl, you are on the right track and you don’t need to worry about mama! We got this!
Isn’t it all so magical? You know what else happened: Mama got two new job offers, so basically she will have such a busy life from now on! This will lead to me not feeling so guilty or bad if I have “my own life” with my future partner and family. But this started happening right after I realized I needed to loosen up our tight link and go on a vacation by myself.
So excited for what’s to come!!

Ive been doing ALL the work and raising my self worth to be able to call in my subjects. I called in a job, a casual partner (not looking for anything serious), and a nanny for my kids that met my list.

I feel like my first official manifestation finally came through! I’ve been doing Lacey’s workshops for a few months and to be honest I’ve seen a lot of shifts and energy move around but nothing I could say was really a manifestation until recently. I started doing opulence and wow things are moving around big time. Sales/discounts are popping up, new portals and last week I found out I won $150 in a contest at work. A Vitamix has been on my list for awhile and I thought it was something that I would never be able to afford. Well today is Amazon’s prime day and what do you know was marked off $100 with all my savings from Amazon and gift cards added up I ended up paying $33 of my own money. Yup $33 for a freakin Vitamix! I know a lot of us are working on manifesting bigger things and I certainly am too but as Lacey says these small things help build our trust muscles and this really did <3

Hello beautiful F&N fam! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted bc I’ve been busy manifesting everything I’ve asked for the past few months! The truck I wanted, the mower I needed, the income I’ve needed, random cash gifts, new friends, and most importantly, my person who in my eyes led me on this journey of self discovery, came back into my life after 5 months apart (zero contact). We’ve been back together for two months and are stronger and better and discussing marriage, children, future, etc. I’m so grateful for all of this and wanted to share happy good things, as I’ve so often come here for support. To anyone needing hope, I will be your expander bc I swear 5-6 months ago I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up. Yes, that bad. Hold onto hope and your intuition and genuinely do this work integrating your shadow and you will find yourself and your best life ❤️

I have manifested 2 new friends on a similar wavelength to me within the first week! I also manifested more confidence than I could have imagined for a performance I did which was massive for me. I have also manifested a few small things like a bag of clothes and a Joni Mitchell piano book for 1/4 price which was on my list.

I just manifested my place in Manhattan beach on the oceanfront 2 bed light bright airy no credit check 3k my full list we move in June 20th this was a major move as I left my partner for higher self worth with my 7 month daughter for a better life in CA from NY ( # not settling ) thank you 🙏

In May I got a PING to go on a yoga retreat by myself. I have never been on any type of vacation by myself, so this was not only something completely new but also somewhat scary to me. I had written on my list “Travel to the beach with a nice friend” - and my friends are all difficult for planning things like this, so it never works out with them. I realized the Universe pushed me into going by myself (and even used a friend to give me the idea). It’s been 6 years since my last vacation so I definitely needed this.
So I got this ping, I researched for maybe 2 days max and found & booked the perfect retreat for me, exactly the way I was looking for: short but long enough (5 days), in Southern Spain, directly at the beach, in fact the house is on the beach, it’s a yoga retreat but you’re free to do what you like; and it wasn’t too expensive either, which is often the case for retreats in Europe. And funny enough, Ryanair just recently started offering direct flights from my town to the nearest airport to this retreat.
I arrived here and there are many other girls/women my age who are participating in a yoga teacher training. So I’m able to enjoy time by myself but also with other people, who are all so nice and lovely. It’s so crazy how the Universe works.
This was my first PING and it definitely was so worth listening to it. It’s been such an interesting experience, travelling by yourself is so liberating and freeing!
I’m really excited for my next pings (:
That’s it, hope you’re all having an amazing week. Sunny grettings from a beach in Spain! ❤

OK, things are happening... I got a ping this morning to ask my neighbor if she wanted to buy my iPad. Kind of random, but I thought why not. I haven’t been able to sell it - and she said omg yes! My son has been begging me for one, but I haven’t been able to afford a new one. Listen to your pings!!!! 😳😱🤯

I thought I would share this in hopes of inspiring other introverts to push outside their comfort zones. I am a big fan of doing “the work” all the DIs, all the self worth stuff is fascinating for me and I could nerd out on it all day. What is NOT interesting to me in anyway is having to go outside my comfort zone. I’m a photographer and am switching up my focus into a more commercial stream. I’ve had little successes here and there but not the kind of impact I know is possible. A few weeks ago I got a “ping” to reach out to a producer I had worked with in the past to touch base and she invited me to come do a portfolio review at her agency. It was super scary, and I felt weird and uncomfortable and wanted to hide BUT I didn’t! I flew across the country and met with her and her team. And the feedback was amazing, the experience solidified that I’m on the right path AND we’re coordinating some potential jobs. So if you’re like me and kind of want to hide out a little, Lacy’s suggestion to do the opposite and get out there has been amazing advice and given me the courage to take some small but mighty steps. xoxo

So a few days ago I wrote about how I now housesit for the luxury apartment I viewed and how kismet that felt. I also said my other dogsitting client lives directly below that unit.

Backstory: I just learned how to drive and have been sharing my mom’s car. Sometimes she’s nice about it, sometime’s she’s not. I’ve been doing F+M with a car in mind, focusing on my dream car: a Jeep Wrangler 4-door with all the modern amenities.

A few days ago the other dogsitting client who lives on the lower floor asked me to assist her for a week while she recovers from surgery. Then she says, “and you can drive my car if you want.” Well, it’s a Jeep Wrangler, 4-door, modern, and utterly perfect!

So now not only am I helping an awesome person as she recovers, but I get to test drive my dream car in the process!

I have been working through How to Manifest for a few months, and I have been able to manifest an amazing move and living situation. I’m so grateful for this - it’s made a world of difference in my life.


I am scheduled to meet with Lacy virtually on Tuesday April 23. Since the time that I booked my appointment, I’ve done Lacy’s video workshop and several of the Unblocked courses and my results have been so good that honestly, I no longer feel like I need Lacy’s personal help!

Is it possible to cancel my session and get a refund so that someone else who really needs her personal attention can take my spot? Please let me know.

Thank you

Witch life!! ✨ This past month, I’ve gained more healing from unblocking through Free + Native (in comparison to years of yoga, journaling and talk therapy). I feel so in my authentic self, confident, radiant, self aware, beautiful and strong. I’ve manifested a 100k/year month to month contract that’s flexible to my schedule (my last job was 40K/yr with “bragging rights” as it was a boutique studio) a part time position coming up in my dream studio that will allow me to transition career focus while still making money and having flexibility, I’ve also been offered so much free stuff lately from kind strangers at stores like Starbucks or my smoothie place. I feel like strangers are just giving things to me. I’ve also not been very keen on dating right now, as I’m so enjoying for the first time in my life just doing me! And feeling amazing! But I did write out my partner list, and just this past week I’ve been connected via Instagram with a man I had my eye on a long time ago and kind of forgot about as he lives on the other side of the country (although he’s from where I’m based), without having met or known him, he seems like exactly what’s on my list (it’s a sure sign the universe is on my side). It all feels wild, but I’m bursting with love and gratitude because I now truly believe for the first time in my life through the reprogramming that I deserve all this! Still working through, but it’s all on the upward ✨

I just manifested a jewelry client. I’m a fucking witch.

Lacy, just the BASICS of your work have helped me find my dream job (with more than I even had on my list). Not only has it expanded and changed me in ways I could’ve never imagined, but I also use the structure of your work in my work. I’m a behavior specialist working w/ students with emotional disturbances. Your work has helped me gain a deeper understanding of their trauma - learning about their childhood and seeing how this trauma has lead to the patterns in their behavior.

After finding you and doing your work I have actually manifested my dream job in Scotland. I currently live in Miami after moving from Spain and I had lost my way. The same week my whole world felt like it was falling apart the head HR for my company emailed me with an opportunity based out of headquarters in Glasgow.
Thank you for everything, I will continue to do the work!
I am not working to manifest my future dream apartment in Scotland... have my list ready!

Hi everyone!
As someone who has also looked at life from a scientific perspective, I wanted to share my experience working through the How to Manifest workshop and my first manifestation.
I started the workshop in order to unblock and provide clarity on my career. I don’t love what I’m doing now, but I also don’t know what I want to do, so I thought it would be a good starting point to help me figure it out. I wasn’t planning on diving into manifestation but looked at it more as a thought process I needed to go through.
As I worked through the videos, I thought I’m going to test the universe about manifestation, because it still didn’t make sense to me. How could I possibly make things happen without acting first? I knew I couldn’t judge based on what I initially started the course for, my career, so I choose a materialistic item that I have wanted for over a year that was always out of my budget –– headphones. I wanted to spend $250 (taxes included) on a pair that was well over $300 and it’s one of those brands that never go on sale.
Fast forward to a couple days ago. My boyfriend wants to buy a smart scale so we walk over the closest tech store, where the headphones are on sale saving me over $100! I did the math and with taxes included the total would come to $258 and change.
So here I am in this tech store, arms folded, staring at these headphones, thinking are you kidding me?! BUT they were still $8 and change over what I initially wanted to spend (lol), and since this was an experiment I needed to stay strong. I closed my eyes in the store and thought “alright universe, I need proof this isn’t just a nice coincidence”. I opened my eyes, turn around to walk out of the store and I FOUND $10 ON THE FLOOR.
Mind blown, universe drops mic.

YOU GUYS. Less than a week ago I decided I wanted a new vacuum cleaner. I was looking for something easier to use that would better clean the tight spaces in my home for under 100 bucks. I wrote down my list along with some expanders of people who’s homes are kept more neat than my own and left it with the universe. Today I hopped into the App Store to download the urban outfitters app and the zulily app popped up as an add. For no particular reason I downloaded it and when I opened it the first thing I saw was a refurbished dyson for 94 dollars! Growing that trust muscle for sure!!

A few things I’ve manifested in the last few weeks...needed some extra money and found two items that I haven’t used in awhile, listed on eBay and sold within minutes. Had to upgrade my cell to unlimited data for work and was worried about how I was going to pay the extra to do so. Went ahead and upgraded, not only did my bill go down by $15.00, but I also got 10g of hotspot and a subscription to HBO that I can watch anywhere, on any device. Also, friends have been sending me items I either need or want (food I can’t get where I’m at, cards I can’t find) for free just because they want to bless me.
These might be small things but they are increasing my trust muscle and ability to manifest. Hope it does the same for those of you reading

Thought I’d share a small manifestation. A few weeks ago, I wrote up a list under career with random things I would want that includes “big” and “small” little perks to start testing my manifestation “muscle”. One of the things I put was I want $200 towards Lyft/Uber credit per month. A few days later, my company changed the policy to give us $350 total for Lyft/Uber per month! Pretty cool how all sorts of things can come in when you put it out there.

Ohh ohh ohh how amazing the Universe is! Lacy, I’ve been grateful for you and the formula for a long time now and I do so much believe in the process. And now you are in Milan, at La Scala. And that’s beautiful. But it just blows my mind and makes me feel electric, because last year I wrote on my list to get in to La Scala’s Academy..and I got in. And then I got a scholarship one day before Christmas. And then I manifested a magical home here and I am getting to share it with an angel. (who happens to be a certified crystal healer..!!!) ...and you are in La Scala now.. and I am just so happy to see you in that place that is so important to me and that I manifested with your help in my life.

Hi Lacy! I worked through the shadow and manifestation workshops and wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for making this resource so accessible!!! I immediately started to see my crazy manifestations come into fruition as I began to unblock and step into my power. I can’t even begin to cover how radically you’ve enhanced my life! Thanks for your work and the way you model an evolving authenticity!

I have been doing the Formula since January 1 and just started Opulence a few days ago.

I think I manifested something already! For those who know the Balanced Blonde, she had a retreat in Palm Desert a few weeks ago with a reiki master, and as soon as I heard about it on her podcast, I immediately put it on my list. I of course didn’t hear about it until it had already been sold out for well over a month but hey, why not still try! I ended up scratching it off my list the Wednesday before the retreat, then was contacted by the reiki master on Instagram that they could get a space for me Thursday, and went there Friday! With plenty of others still on the waitlist. Its the small things

Anyone else feel like they’ve gotten a lot of free/cheap stuff since they’ve started doing this work? Sometimes I feel like I am not a very specific manifestor, that I more just have to be open to having good things happen to me spontaneously and then the magic happens.

For instance, I just got $30 worth of chicken from Whole Foods for free because the price was marked wrong. Like what!?! And about 4 months ago, I saw this romper that I LOVED in a shop, but it was $100 and I knew I couldn’t swing that then. Fast forward to this week, and I happen to go into this shop when my boyfriend’s parents are in town (it’s not in my neighborhood) and there is 1 LEFT of this romper, in MY SIZE, and it’s $15. Again, like what!?!

hope you all have a magical weekend ✨

Lacy I just have to tell you! I have been looking to buy a house for over two years now; here in Ontario the housing market has become next to impossible to get into over the past few years with crazy costs and people bidding. AND guess what! I manifested so hard based off of all of your knowledge and advice and it finally worked! Thank you! ❤️😊

Feeling so grateful this morning. Some tangible manifestations came my way after feeling somewhat stressed because money has been tight; I decided to just do what I could and trusted I’d receive from there.

I moved recently and discovered that my apartment did not include central a/c as advertised, so I mentioned needing to buy a unit (despite not really having the cash) and one was given to me by a friend and yesterday my sister surprised me with a brand new high BTU unit as a Mother’s Day gift!

I had been browsing online because I desperately needed some new summer wardrobe pieces but nothing I loved was in range. I had allotted my spending money toward making sure my son had the summer clothes he needed, when my mom took me surprise shopping and bought both of us full summer wardrobes (including all but one piece I had on my list)!!! Plus I received $75 in gift cards to stores I loved in the past week.

Other fun things I’ve received:
• VIP concert tickets
• front row tickets to an MLB baseball game
• credit limit increase when I was strapped for cash
• gratis makeup
• new candles

Hopefully this doesn’t sound super materialistic - just trying to give an expander opportunity for those of you who might be in a similar position financially where luxury items aren’t really an option!

As a projector it’s really hard to wait for the invitation sometimes, but casting my list into the universe and waiting provided everything I needed and wanted. So so so grateful.

I only had one thing on my list for this month - the perfect black jumpsuit. My friend just gave me hers because it was too long for her!! 🌟

Hi everyone! I manifested a super-affordable last-minute trip Paris at the end of the month (!!!)

I did Lacy’s The How to Manifest workshop a few weeks back. The first thing I wrote down was that I wanted to manifest a trip to California for my birthday. I must have thought it was a little too far out there for a first manifestation so I crossed it off and wrote down another manifestation about selling a motorcycle I own for a particular price/level of ease.
HOWEVER, last week I went to book a trip to CA for a friend’s wedding, which is 3/31. This was the trip I wanted to take to Cali for my bday, which is 4/1. At the time I went to book it I decided I would just fly there and back quickly and take a few days off in Seattle for my birthday, because I didn’t really feel like I could afford it. I then got the ping that I should check to see if any of my perks on my Credit Card were available to knock some money off my flight.
Not only did I have enough points to cover the entire flight, I also had enough points to cover my rental car and hotel for the entire trip! Manifestation Magic! Zing!🙌

Hi Lacy,
I just wanted to thank you for your work. Coming from a background of SEVERE OCD - think not being able to eat sleep socialize from 12-15 (I’m now 18), the traditional Law of Attraction has never done anything for me except exacerbate my previous OCD tendencies. Your method has brought me so much job & ability to FINALLY just be (wait for it) human! Instead of trying to always be “perfect” out of fear of attracting negative situations. Sending you much love x

Happy Sunday Manifestors I’m currently doing Lacy’s Magnetism as well as her Reparent workshop. It’s really working well. Incredibly well tbh. All these tests keep showing up...And even “little” manifestations come through already. It’s crazy how that works.

I put out a new and updated manifestation list before my fiance and I took a trip to go plan out wedding on the Oregon coast. One of my manifestations was to find the perfect wedding dress for under $200. The lady who was helping me pull dresses grabbed some that were above my price range and I was too excited and didn’t look at receipt on THE DRESS until after I tried it on and fell in love... it’s $299 (originally $699). And I wanted the sash to go with it. Too much. And literally the second after I said that in my mind my mom came over to me and said she wanted to pay for half of the dress, making it so I was able to stay below $200. Almost exactly $200. Oh, and I picked up another wholesale account on the coast (my other manifestation) the next day. ✨

This is very small but I finally manifested something material!! I’ve been looking for a pair of hiking sandals for a few weeks now that normally retail for over $100 but I told myself they have to be under $50 and brand new or barely used. Yesterday they went on sale for $49, however after tax, that’s over $50. I ALMOST did it but told myself no and to wait for a cheaper pair. Well this morning I looked on a buy & sell app and felt a ping to click on a posting that was way above $50. It turns out it was actually a woman telling people that if you’re a size 8 , you can buy a child’s size 6 and they fit! (A few people confirmed this in the comments and then someone said this one site, they’re $45. So I went to the site and turns out they’re 25% off sale right now so I ended up buying a pair for a total of $36.91!! I know this isn’t much, but it feels awesome knowing this can happen. It makes me excited to see what bigger things I will call into my life (i.e. partner, new career) ✨

Lacy! Happy New Year!
While I miss you IRL form, I’ve just spent the night with you going through the How to Manifest Video Workshop and felt compelled to reach out and say congratulations on such a beautiful and useful resource. Having worked with you so many times and have done all of the UNBLOCKED workshops, going in I was expecting to hone what I’ve already worked on, but the way you’ve done the videos and the exercises helped me find the little nooks and crannies that I hadn’t noticed or considered previously.
Since the last time we spoke, some positive changes have come about, but in terms of my two big subjects I find myself feeling like I’m in one of those dreams where you’re chasing after something and you think you’re about to catch it only for it to turn into a puff of smoke once you do. I was getting discouraged in a major way, but having just watched the videos I’ve realized that I was stuck in a loop of feeling like there was something broken in me and that I had to keep working on fixing that in my subconscious. While watching the videos, I had a moment of realization that I’m actually happy with the work I’ve done and the progress I’ve made. What I really need to do now is trust in the process and find those strong expanders who can help make that trust tangible. So thank you for being the light that you are and sharing this! I’m feeling more peaceful for the first time in a while.

I’ve been working through the program since January 1, and almost immediately after I made my list I had two job offers come to me!

Thank you so much Lacy for creating everything you have - since October I’ve done Reparenting, Shadow, The Formula, and now Opulence. In March I edited my ideal partner list after a series of tests highlighted exactly what I wasn’t going to accept anymore. 2 hours later my best friend texted me to say she’d met someone at a party the previous evening and thought he would be great for me. We met and hit if off.. he’s EVERYTHING on my list (plus he had a list too and I’m everything on it!!)

We’ve been together ever since...I never thought this would be possible before I found your work. I’m undoing so many layers and connecting all the dots, it’s such a fascinating process and you deliver it in such a warm and eloquent way. I’ve learnt so much about myself and having the support for the community is a huge help

Hi Lacy,

Throughout my life, I have had a reoccurring dream where I’m in a situation where life is happening around me and I am stuck. For example, when I used to be a dancer, the dream would be that I would show up to an audition and immediately lose my ability to move my legs. In my previous spa career, it would be where a client would be waiting for me and I just couldn’t get the facial started (doors were locked, sinks were broken, I’d get interrupted endlessly). It’s the dream that would haunt me into waking myself up because all I’ve ever wanted was to grab a hold of myself and be in my body.

I had been wanted to work with you for a while but was full of excuses as to why I couldn’t, mostly rooted in finances and, more specifically, self-worth. It’s funny because I’ve been recommending you for years to others with such similar blocks as mine, but up until I went to one of your workshops last April, I didn’t really think I should waste your time with my very presence. *Just speaking of my old thought patterns so clearly in writing all of this is just another indicator of how far I’ve come because I don’t think of myself in this way at all anymore.* I’ve since done 2 one on one sessions and 2 online workshops. The immediate results of the work I have done still amazes me daily. I’ve learned and took ownership my worth and value, got to the root of some blocks with my business, applied the methods of caring for my inner child to help navigate my greatest family based fears, and took one of the biggest trust falls into the unknown with having complete and total autonomy. I now live by the rule of “if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no” which I have you to thank for. I’ve identified many tests, pings, and am finally standing firm in my magnetism. My wildest dreams have turned into my daily reality - from having my most successful year as a business owner which I’ve owned for 3 years, and my best year to date in my industry which I’ve been in for 12. I have a staff which I can pay to support my vision. I manifested my beautiful puppy, a husky named Josie, whom I love more than anything and thank the universe every day for. My husband and I are paying off debt and saving more than ever.

My path is finally aligned because I discovered my value and I can never thank you enough for everything you have offered me. I finally feel like when I wake up every day, my reality is better than my dreams. And my recurring dream of feeling behind has not come back in months and I feel like it’s because I am fully in my body. The grounding that I feel is incredible and through that, some of the painful physical symptoms have gone away including brain fog, migraines, and chronic bloating. I can’t thank you enough for everything and I owe you facials for life.

I hope you have a beautiful day and that I get to see you soon.
lots of love, light and endless gratitude.
— Hayley, Therapeutic Skin Coach

I’m working through the Formula and within a week I had two things on my list (material objects, but things I had wanted and never really allowed myself). One of the top items I had wanted I crossed out because it was way out of my comfort zone price wise and it’s a coat and with spring (slowly but surely) coming around I figured I would try for it in the fall. After crossing it out the coat came up on sale, but not the colors or style I wanted (similar, but not enough), then I reached out to the designer and asked about having a custom one made, she couldn’t make the style I wanted because she no longer has the needed materials. I could do the colors I wanted though... I considered it, but decided to pass because it wasn’t a “hell yes.” Today I was speaking to someone about the designer and I received an email from someone I know through Instagram and she asked me if I wanted to buy her coat in the exact style and colors I was looking for and she was willing to work within my budget! She had no idea I wanted it, I had no idea she had it!
It works! It really works!
I’m still in shock!

Hi everyone! I’ve never posted in the group, but wanted to share something that happened recently. I got a terrible work schedule at the beginning of the year (weekend overnights) that put me in a bad spot. I’ve had basically no social life since January and a few weeks ago when I really started to dive into this work, I wrote down that I wanted to manifest a new work schedule with at least one weekend day off (I wanted to be “realistic” bc I knew there was no way it would change that drastically) ANYWAY, today I came into work and got a call from my boss saying she was changing my sched and I now have Sundays off! I’m super happy and can’t believe this is really working in my life. Just wanted to share in case anyone else is in a similar situation. <3

Manifesting manifesting !! I really need to share a bit of a backstory but can’t get my thoughts together eloquently enough so here’s a rough draft ; I literally have been making a business plan/ wish list for my lil food biz . Some of the things are-just so out of reach $ right now$ - ( even now I’m so stunned I wrote this and deleted it because it’s seems surreal ..) on my list I wrote down - A new commercial refrigerator- as my biz is exploding out of the one I have ... but I then thought about how I need an apt one too as In the beginning stages of my food biz , I cottaged my home kitchen . Opening and closing my little fridge a thousand times a day completely ruined the seals. So much repeated use broke some of the shelves . It’s just a terrible energy drain and really needs to be replaced .
I know my landlord will make me pay for a brand new fridge when I leave so I was really concerned whether or not to put down a commercial fridge or one for the house ???? This manifesting stuff is serious! I wanted to be clear - as Lacy has advised. I paused to renew my head and walked my pup. On our walk a new neighbor invited me in - she walked straight to her brand new - tape still on gorgeous, pristine refrigerator and said “ if you like this you can have it . I am redoing the kitchen and want to give to someone “ my
Jaw dropped ! I profusely thanked her and thought oh it worked itself out I didn’t have to decide . The universe decided for me through this situational magnetism ... and I went home grateful, fridge problem solved! So grateful - only to get a text from a friend saying that she was contacted by someone who bought her commercial fridge for Me to DONATE to my business !!!!
WAIT , What ???????. In the space of twenty minutes BOTH THINGS CAME THRU ???? I’m doing the work , seeing my blocks and removing pattern responses . It’s incredible, life affirming and freeing-and I’m so very grateful to Lacey