Deep Imaginings

Do you need to find clarity? Don't stress it. A lot of the most interesting people I know didn't have it at one point either. Including me. But here's a little Deep Imagining to use to drop into your subconscious and see if it has a few clues. 



When you are deeply relaxed, say after a bath, pop on some earphones, sit in a chair, put on an eye mask and give this a listen. On the go? Download this DI by clicking “download” below.


Journal anything that came to you. And note any clarity you may have received. If nothing came, don't worry, it just means that your subconscious hasn't seen to believe yet. 

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What have you always been really really good at? 

What comes naturally to you that requires so little effort?

Your friends and others seek you out for this talent or gift? 

What you enjoy doing more than anything else in the world? You could literally spend all day doing it and get lost?

Who do you know that does something like this and has made it very successful and self-supporting? 

Still Unsure?

CLARITY •Clarity can take time. It's divinely supposed to for each person. What I suggest starting right this moment is getting very clear about your preferences. You'd be surprised by how much you've been "programmed" to "like" on autopilot. Deeply beginning to understand what you like vs. don't like, is the first step in finding clarity. It's simple.

METHOD • all day long for the next 30 days, keep a journal with you wherever you go. Every single thing you come in contact with, ask yourself, "do I like this? Does it feed my heart and soul?" If the answer isn't a hell yes, then it's a no. It's cluttering space that should be filled with your manifestations. 

Keep a page in the back to list anything you say hell yes to. At the end of that month you should have a lot more clarity. This goes for partners, career path, cities, material items, relationships, community, self-talk...

NOW WHAT?•The beautiful thing about this work is that you don't have to have clarity before joining The Pathway. In fact, the more you unblock, the more clarity you will begin to have as you become closer to your authentic magnetic self.