"Working with Lacy has course-corrected me in the most unexpected but welcome way that I never could have seen coming had it not been for her insane skills.

What she has done for me has been utter magic, and in such a short space of time!"

– Jenna Zoë, Human Design Expert

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"I Love Your Supported Program"

"I love your Supported program. I believe it is deeply valuable for all the listeners because you just insert the most pressing manifestation questions and you cater, what I love is that you cater to every learning type. It's amazing, so for the visual learners, the auditory learners, and of course the readers. You have scripts and notes. My learning type, honestly, depends on my mood. But I think my dominant is indeed auditory, yeah. And, it's only $3.99. I sound like such a commercial right now but I just need to emphasize that, because that is ... It's really and, so thank you for that. And also, like you said, our girl Jenna, the human design expert, happens to share her brilliance on there too." 

– Raquelle Mantra, Your Own Magic

*Supported is only available in The Pathway Membership

"Lacy's Formula Really Works"

"I was in stuck. I was in that place where I thought I needed to be a Naturopathic Doctor in order to help others overcome their chronic illnesses. After years of suffering myself, I am finally healing. So my thinking was I needed to put myself through another 6 years of school and probably another $250,000 in debt. Thank the universe I made some appointments with Lacy. Her formula, and guidance on really singling out my top values, opened my eyes to the fact that I didn't want to spend years in school again, and go into mass debt. The formula and really doing some more research showed me that I didn't want to be tied to one location and have a brick and mortar. That my soul was longing to be free, able to travel, work from any where in the world! I wanted to be able to tailor my sessions with clients to help motivate and guide them on their healing journeys – in my own authentic way. By doing "The Work" and truly listening to my inner guide, and getting clear on what I wanted by un-doing the blocks, has been everything. I am so so grateful for Lacy's guidance and practical approach. She knows her stuff, and she's so kind and compassionate. I leave our calls feeling motivated, nurtured and with a clear plan of action. I have been able to launch my blog, which I have been dreaming of for years! Started my journey to get my health coaching certification - btw is going amazing! & am working to launch my youtube channel. All of this would not have been possible without getting clear and doing "The Work".... Lacy's formula really works."

 – Whitney, California

"I Manifested My Boyfriend"

I’ve done all of her workshops on her website. I was like, “there’s no way this is going to work.” But yes, it works! When Lacy came on the show in January, I was single. I had hit rock bottom with this relationship with this person. And so I stopped dating for months and months and was like “I’m gonna do all this work on myself.” I want to get married, I wanna have kids, I want a beautiful life. I want to be happy, I wanna go to dinners and see movies, and go on walks and have adventures and go on trips and make love and say I love you to someone. And all of these things. I want to have an inner sense of security and confidence. That is what Lacy Phillips does – she gets you in tune with accessing your authentic self and being 100% grounded in who you are and what you want for your life and manifesting all of that. I manifested my boyfriend!

– Alexi Wassar, Love Alexi Podcast


Vogue feature MANIFESTED

“3 days ago I put “Vogue feature” on my list. Today I woke up to an email asking to use my work for a spring feature, and just now watching this incredible video Older Brother posted, I see my Blue Woman Vase in there! Thanks for all the magic 😉”

– Unblocker, Money


"Bloomed Into A Beautiful Flower"

“Just finished reparent and at the end of my last DI I felt this extreme release. As my tears started to fall the clock stroke exactly 10:10pm and I just began to smile. This work is sometimes a struggle to get through but once you make it to the end you feel as if you have bloomed into the most beautiful flower. Thank you Lacy Phillips now on to shadow.”

– Unblocker, Inner Child

"I Feel So Much Lighter"

“On day 3 of shadow and I manifested a conversation with my mother about my entire childhood, every single thing was on the table, my wounds, hers.. 2 hours. I feel so much lighter and I know that was the universe opening up a space to facilitate healing. So much gratitude for this work”

– Unblocker, Shadow

"The Universe Is Mind-Blowing"

"I FINALLY let go of a job that i’ve been in and out of for 5 years (just went back about 6 months ago after telling myself I NEVER would again) that was soul-sucking, but convenient and comfortable. I could feel that it was energetically blocking me but i had so many feelings and fears about cutting the cord.
THE DAY AFTER, i had a job and an interview fall in my lap—both more aligned with what i want and way more money, plus other small opportunities filling in all the spaces where the job used to be. ✨✨✨
the Universe is mind-blowing. thanks Lacy for helping me along this beautiful journey of self-worth and trust. and this amazing group!!”

– Unblocker, No

*UNBLOCKED™ No is only available in The Pathway Membership



“Last week they both came!! The new job and apartment (everything on my lists!). I’m shocked and my head is still spinning. I’ve been telling everyone about you. Thank you for Unblocked...thank you for the sessions...thank you for calling me out on my shit and for all of the work. 

– Anonymous