Money is energy. The energy of money is expanded worth. 

This whole workshop is about breaking down these energetics based on my manifestation principles. 

This day is critical, so I implore you to dive deep into each question. Pausing, sometimes closing your eyes and going back into a specific time attached to the subject, will help you gain even more clarity in your answers. Whatever you do, do not skim through them. They hold a lot of clues toward your structure of belief and the BLOCKS looping in your subconscious towards money and success. You might even be thinking, "well duh, I'm aware of this general info about myself." It's not about that; it's about finding the specific root patterns that are still looping and blocking.

Money is energy. I know that's abstract, but by the end of this workshop, you should be able to pinpoint how much you energetically, subconsciously feel worthy of regarding money. And trust me, I came from nothing and had no worth around it for a very long time. But, like myself and many others, I've watched and that can shift dramatically. 
Three components decipher how much money we are attracting. Beliefs, expansion, and worth = (energy). Therefore, it flows based on the structure of beliefs you grew up with (subconscious), to how much you have shown your subconscious that you can expand into, to the projection of your worthiness. So let's start decoding your structure of beliefs. 

Before we do, let me explain what creates our structure of belief. Childhood, from ages 0-14. This is what determines absolutely everything we are manifesting - wanted or unwanted. Not your thoughts. (You can learn more about this in UNBLOCKED Reparent). Everything we witnessed, felt, heard, and experienced. Every relationship, media, parental modeling, peer modeling...

So, go slow through these. Go deep.


What did your main parents (and stepparents or caretakers) do for a living while you were 0-14? (We tend to model our level of success based on our same-sex parent(s). Sometimes the opposite but mostly our same).

What was your mother and father's (or caretakers) relationship to money and worth while you were 0-14? Are you in a similar situation?

If you are a woman, did you have a mother who stayed at home and was utterly reliant on outside sources to support her (wealth, a husband, family, etc.)? Do you find yourself in a similar situation or unable to support yourself?

What was the economic state of the community you grew up in? Especially those that you were close with and identified with? Do you find yourself in a similar economic state now?

What were conversations around money like? Positive or negative?

What was money used for? Survival? Control? External validation? Manipulation? Perfectionism? Status?

Did money represent something that made you resent it? Say a terrible divorce battle, abandonment, no attention because of a working parent, greedy parents, family members or friends? Was money the only way your parents showed love?

What was the programming surrounding money in your family? Could it fix everything? That marrying well is the only way to succeed? Is money bad? Are rich people bad? Are rich people the only valid people? It's all just programming, so dig and find what yours was.

Were you put down or inferior because you didn't have money?

What other types of shame surround money for you?

Did you have to live in a lot of smallness or hushness because you came from money and you were programmed that flaunting it to the outside world meant shame, or the prospect of being taken advantage of?

Have you had anyone you love use you for money?

Were you encouraged by your caretakers, siblings, and teachers that you could be successful from your passions and talents? or shamed?

What age (and potentially memory) did you even become aware that such a thing as money existed?

Did you live through deceit around money that caused shame?

What does money represent to you today? Why do you long for it? (True honesty - is it to fill a hole or unworthiness?)

Did you ever have a painful or shameful experience(s) surrounding earning money? Did they resemble feelings either of your parents went through?

Do you come from a cultural background or immigrant parents that have experienced prejudices or inferiority shame - especially surrounding money?

Were you encouraged or forced to do things for money that felt shameful or not in alignment with your heart?


What did you uncover?

Everything you have investigated here plays into your structure of belief and projection of abundance. Anywhere you feel small, shame, inferiority, or you just plain haven't seen that it's possible for you to be independently successful on a subconscious level, is still looping and projecting - therefore you are manifesting that pattern over and over again. Or nothing at all. Or not what you want. Watch, we'll take a deeper peek into your actual subconscious - that reptilian brain imprinted from 0-14 that still determines what you're manifesting today.


Cover your eyes, and listen. Very dim lighting can be more impactful for these. Note that you are simply going from a beta state into alpha or theta, otherwise known as hypnosis or deep meditation. You needn't worry about static noise or outside noises as you will be fully aware and once you're in the theta state, your subconscious is already taking direction, absorbing the information, and creating new neural pathways. The volume will be different for everyone’s devices. Simply plug in earphones and turn it to a volume that is comfortable for you.


Reflecting on what you learned.

Today you should have been able to detect a few of your subconscious pattern blocks. I want you to make sure to list out each that you discovered today as you will be referring back to them at the end.  

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