Making room for abundance.

Yesterday you learned about your subconscious structure of belief that will be very helpful for today because it determines if you even have space for more money to come through. What I mean by this is, imagine that your structure of belief growing up is like a door. If it was limited due to shame, rejection, and pain around money (especially regarding the career you're in or wanting to move toward), or due to imprinting that you are inferior and so on, then your door would be rather closed. Another example: say that you grew up in wealth and you were taught to hide that wealth or shrink publicly so that others wouldn't know that you had money — you imprinted shame and smallness around being open to receiving. Again, your door would be pretty tight. There are unlimited examples of how our subconscious imprints those years from 0-14, like this one: 


EXPANDING • Wherever your door is closed, or slightly ajar, it's time to start opening it wider and wider so that you have space for money to come through. How? Expanding your subconscious beliefs. Literally seeing to believe. 

Our retina is the first processor of our brain; therefore, we learn and expand our subconscious through mirror neurons. When we witness someone similar to our background that has achieved what we desire financially, and in a field close to what our heart wants to do, our limbic brain begins to register that we can do the same - the more we can relate to them and their prior circumstances the greater our brains do this. Therefore it opens the door crack by crack, person by person. The more time you spend witnessing how the person has done it, and the more you identify with them, the faster your door opens. The wider it gets, the larger the abundance that can flow through. 

These people are called your Expanders. However, if you are not expanding your limited subconscious structure of beliefs, there isn't space for money to come through. Your door is shut too tight.

Let's do a little digging. 



Cover your eyes, and listen. Very dim lighting can be more impactful for these. Note that you are simply going from a beta state into alpha or theta, otherwise known as hypnosis or deep meditation. You needn't worry about static noise or outside noises as you will be fully aware and once you're in the theta state, your subconscious is already taking direction, absorbing the information, and creating new neural pathways. The volume will be different for everyone’s devices. Simply plug in earphones and turn it to a volume that is comfortable for you.

You will be asked to float up and journal, so make sure that you have a pen and paper comfortably by your side. 


Your subconscious must see to believe that such abundance exists and that you are worthy of the same.

What inspires us about others is the mirror of our capacity and capability. Therefore, when we become entranced by an actor in a movie or character in a book, or we obsess over a public figure, someone on social media, or someone that we admire in our daily lives, we are actually recognizing aspects of ourselves (denied or unmet) that have yet to integrate. They are inviting us to grow into this potential. We are witnessing our potential greater than where we currently are, and where we are capable of going.

Have you ever encountered a mentor – may it be IRL, on social media, or in the public’s eye – and you became so transcended by them? By the way they dress, carry themselves, live their lives, delegate business, admire their relationship, their respect for the world, the way they speak? Maybe you even have the same sex or opposite sex crush (both platonic and or sexual)? It’s as if they are so much like you or who you aspire to be? And then later down the road you notice in hindsight that you've acquired the same possessions that once inspired you about them, or that you have a partner that was just like them, or a job, lifestyle...etc? It's because they showed your subconscious that it was possible, therefore you created space to begin attracting those things.  

Make sure that the eight people you surround yourself with, already have the success and abundance that you want (especially from the field or like the field you're interested in making this money from). Why is it so important to be surrounded by what you want? It's because your brain will unconsciously register the specific approachable ways in which the people around you achieved what they have. Your brain will then believe that it’s possible for you (expanding the limited structure of beliefs through childhood to create space for your manifestations to land). Literally through seeing is believing.

This goes for social media, TV, books you’re reading, etc. Anything that is sinking into your subconscious has the potential to expand it. TV is an incredible place for expanders because you’re already in a hypnotic state while you're watching it; therefore, it’s sinking into your subconscious much quicker. Same with reading. Watch shows or documentaries with the people who already have monetary success by doing the things you aspire to do.  

The quickest way to expand is through interpersonal relationships and mentorship. For example, if what you desire is financial success in the job that is your passion, ask your expanders if you can intern for them. I can't stand when I hear, "but I live in a small town and I'm not inspired by anyone." Look, I grew up in a town of under 700 people half of my life. My first job was as a gas station attendant and cleaning my dad's best friend's house for 40 dollars a week in this "small" town. If I could find expanders, anyone can. I can count on two hands all of the expanders that contributed to my move to LA, to my entrepreneurship, to my lifestyle - just from my small town alone. There were still people in wealth. There were still entrepreneurs; there were still people that moved out of my small town and found success in big cities (and inspired me that I could do the same). The same goes for all of my twenties in LA. I find expanders everywhere. 

In today's age, you can intern remotely for anyone through once a week Skype meetings, and carry out the tasks that don't require in-person activities. Get creative. If you want something bad enough, you'll figure out solutions. You'll find your expanders. However, if you are not expanded financially in the area where you want to be making money, your door is closed off from letting it in. It needs to be open.

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