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Money comes through the portals that you have open or the portals that you will open. This is formerly referred to as your 'door' in the prior three posts. Portals are your jobs, art, companies, investments, or services. The more in alignment with your heart's path, the more magnetic these portals are – meaning you are unblocked & expanded and in your worth.  



A few basics to understand.

WHOLE • The universe's entire intention is for us to grow into our most whole, authentic, powerful (self-worthy) selves. essentially, how we came to the planet with the gifts we had before we incurred societal and parental modeling of shame, pain, and limits.  

AUTHENTIC PATH • Therefore, everything the universe sends us is to either knock us back into our authentic aligned path or reward us for being on it and boldly in our power, worth, and truth (manifested subjects). it's time to survey if you are. everyone is in such different places, so go through and answer these questions in depth.  

EGO • What are you doing for work and what does your heart yearn to do? If your heart is yearning for something else, check yourself to see if it's ego.

I'm very lenient on ego. Meaning if it's something to validate you from outside sources or if it's something your heart gravitates to over and over again.  

For instance, when I was acting, if I got completely real with myself, 90% of it was to be famous and wealthy. When I started the blog, that was channeled through me. I could eat, sleep, and breathe it all day and I could care less if I got paid or not. It's a full expression of myself and heart.

PHYSICAL BEINGS • !!!!!! As physical beings on the physical plane, we deserve anything we physically need or want. Therefore, I believe that we deserve as much abundance as we want. What determines that is unblocked expansion (wide open portals), worthiness, and masculine energy.

CLUES • Do you receive clues and downloads of what you are supposed to be doing if you are not in your authentic calling? They feel like little bursts of inspiration that hit you like lightning. Have you had any recently that are asking you to steer your ship in a different direction? Even if it's within the current field of work you're in. The insight of how to make it bigger? This is The Universe communicating with you directly. Clues will be a little burst of, "start this!" "try that." "go here." "do this." Don't throw these clues away, you are being guided. They are your roadmap to your authentic calling.

If you are still clueless, what is something you've always been freakishly good at? Friends seek you out for it? Does it fit in a career, service, company...? How could you make it a career? Who would be your expanders?



Your portals need to be expanded in order to receive abundance.

Money can only come through the portals that you have expanded. That's how The Universe sends it to you. You can have multiple portals open for it to come through as long as they fit your authentic path. Maybe you work for a company, but you do consulting on the side. Maybe you're a graphics artist, but you also have a small clothing company on the side. Perhaps you have a non-profit, but also a for-profit class/workshops/consulting in the same heart-centered passion. Or maybe you have just one totally complete strong portal. Say you're an interior designer that also has a program that teaches people how to do their own interiors. As long as both are in truth of your authentic heart-centered gifts — and you're expanded, unblocked, and in your worth — The Universe can send you money through them. The more expanded and in your worth, the more money that can come through. 

However, you must have portals open in order for money to come through. I don't care what book you've ever read. You must create to receive. Motion creates movement. You must open up portals for money to come through!! You can't just sit on your couch... get the point. 

Let's see what your subconscious has to say. 





Describe your magnetic self.

Are you on your authentic path? 

What is your authentic path or clues? 

Who were your expanders? 

What portals do you have open? Or need to open?

What actions have to be taken? Even the small steps you saw?

How were you small and not in your masculine magnetic energy? What actions need to be taken?

This is a safe community, created to encourage communication between each other and to share experiences. Please leave questions and comments below for your fellow friends to respond based on their personal experience. Constructive and nurturing feedback only. For more connection, head over to the growing Secret Society Manifestation Facebook Group! Lacy will not be answering comments or questions or navigating your personal circumstances. Those can be done in a session.

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