Calling In


This is how you call your subjects in.

It's time to write your list. Here are the four important components to consider while writing your list.

GET SPECIFIC • Bullet point core essential wants with exact specificity.  

CORE WANTS • Bullet point the exact elements you know you want but leave the rest to surprise.

NO EGO • I'm very lenient on ego. I don't mean to manifest as if you're a monk. A superficial example, but everyone can relate: If you are manifesting a trip to Iceland because it's en vogue and you want your ex to see how well you're doing without them and how cool your life is now - that's ego. However, if you're manifesting a trip to Iceland because you feel genuinely called there and you want to see it before Global Warming takes away from its landscape, that's following the flow. 

PAPER & PEN • As the first processor of our brain is our retina and we expand through mirror neurons, it's imperative to write your list the old fashioned way (not type). This registers with specific and deep integration.



  • Emotionally available

  • Light eyes

  • Owns a home in Venice, Topanga, or Palisades

  • Creative, successful and fulfilled in their work

  • Travels a lot

  • Lives in LA and NYC

  • Has a great relationship with their family and the family loves and cherishes me as well

  • Makes over 150k a year

  • Happy, healthy, communicative, and loves to work out

  • Has a strong spiritual practice and is wanting to "do the work" in a relationship

  • We respect each other fully and have similar values

  • Great taste and a good eye for design 


Go ahead and bullet point out every single aspect that you want to call in. Everything that comes to mind. 


Now I want you to do a journal exercise for every single bullet point that you've asked for. Answer these questions for each. Get honest here. No one is watching over your shoulder. This is entirely for your clarity. 

Why do I want this? Go deeper, what does this attribute mean at the bottom? 

EXAMPLE • "Makes over 150k a year" | I want them to make that much because I'm sick of hearing, "we can't have kids, how are we going to afford that?" And I really want children and a lifestyle that can provide for them with ease. I guess what I really want is someone who can provide for a family with me. Therefore, make sure that you have on your list: can provide for a family and desires a family

Did I pick this up as programming for what I'm supposed to want? Do I really want it? 

Am I asking for this because I'm unfulfilled in myself?


Now make your actual list with your core wants and needs

That's it. There is no superstition, no ceremony needed, and don't waste your time with a vision board. Once you cast your list, the subject is already in motion and going to begin orbiting around you. Far or close based on your expansion, self-worth, and ability to not settle (more on these soon). 

You can edit this list anytime you feel that you need to communicate something additional, or if you need to subtract! Do it whenever you feel called. 

This is a safe community, created to encourage communication between each other and to share experiences. Please leave questions and comments below for your fellow friends to respond based on their personal experience. Constructive and nurturing feedback only. For more connection, head over to the growing Secret Society Manifestation Facebook Group! Lacy will not be answering comments or questions or navigating your personal circumstances. Those can be done in a session.

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