Open Up


It's time to open yourself up and put yourself out there.

It's time to signal to the universe that you are open and ready to receive. This is the moment that creates situational magnetism - that moment when you walk through a fear in the vain of relationship. This can be joining a dating app if you're afraid, or maybe it's telling friends that you're open to setups and going on a date if you've been resisting or have been holding off. This can be anything that you can think of that frightens you about being out and open. Anytime we walk through fears, thus owning our power, we create a situational magnetic pull. 



It's time to release any blocks you've discovered along the way.

REPARENT • If you detected childhood and relationship modeling issues, or if you haven't had any serious relationships in your life, it's time to rework them here.

SHADOW • If you're triggered because you're afraid of being seen, having your body seen, or you're afraid that your lifestyle, success, etc. etc. aren't good enough - anywhere you're hiding, it's time to work those here.

NO • If you noticed that others physically block you by holding the energetic space in your partnership space, it's time to cut the cords and release them for now, here

EXPAND • If you've discovered that you've never actually seen the relationship that you'd like, or you've noticed that you don't have expanders, you must go out and find them. Join our Facebook Secret Society Group and ask people to tell you expanding stories of your exact situation and what you desire. Where you have low self-worth, you need to find three expanders that have the same attributes you're insecure about - and that they are happily in a relationship that you admire. Need some inspiration? Look here

GET OUT THERE • It's absolutely imperative that you energetically put yourself out there. This means that anywhere you feel like "I'm not ready" (truthfully) needs to be worked-out and released. From body shame to holding onto unrequited love, it must go, or energetically you are communicating that you are unworthy and not ready - therefore, tests can't even come through. Only you can be honest with yourself about what this is and only you can do the heavy lifting to shift it. 

Also, for those that say, "I hate dating apps," I have seen the universe part the ways time and time again for people to connect in the most kismet ways. I will say this, if you are opposed to dating apps out of fear, I highly suggest joining them and working through your shadow. If you're not doing them because you're burnt out, then no worries. But it's important to face that fear. 

EVERYONE CAN MANIFEST • The last thing that I will say is this; I don't care if your blue, ginormous, broke, or hate your teeth, there are ten people that are waiting to love those things about you. I've seen EVERY walk of life connect with a partner. There are many "the ones" for every one person. 

INSECURE AFTER A FEW DATES • This is when you tune into what is being triggered inside of you and you go inward to do the work on it. Both Reparent and Shadow are great for this. When we are in our triggers or tension, it's the best time to chanel that energy into shifting it internally. 



Pursuing comes down to energetics.

Meaning if one is in total and active pursuit because of the vibrations of desperation, you are not in your power and worth; therefore, you're not in the same energetic equality as the person you're calling in. However, if you are pursuing out of the energetics of fun, openness, and ease, then fantastic. You know in your heart which energy you're coming from. If it's even slightly desperation or frustration, it's time to channel your energy into REPARENT and SHADOW to face your fears, heal your wounds, and do the work to get into your power. Be honest with yourself. 


The energetics of desperation resemble this:

  • Obsessed with finding a partner, obsessed with dating, and both consume you/ take up your energy field.

  • Justifying a suitor's behavior or making excuses for them rather than listening to their actions and not their words.

  • Feeling like you're getting older and you're scared because you want a child. Or everyone around you is getting married. Read the book Spirit Babies. If you have a child in your auric field that is wanting to come through, work with them by asking them to bring the other half of the parental match. They are powerful and on the other side, like the velocity of The Universe.

The energy above is the vibration of low self-worth, incomplete, lacking and not trusting The Universe; therefore, it's imperative to take a step back and channel your energy into working through your blocks and shadow, understanding your value, and stepping into your worth. Think about it, the person you're calling in, do you desire someone that is desperate, incomplete, with low self-worth? I highly doubt it. Your self-worth needs to align with their self worth. That's the "vibration" of manifestation. 



If you're a parent, the principles still apply, however, you must be in your power about being a parent

Meaning, that your child comes before every single relationship in your life aside from the one you have with yourself. Therefore, when you put your children on the backburner or fail to be open about being a parent on your profile or on initial dates, this is you shrinking your worth. You've picked up programming somewhere that you have to manipulate or trick someone into wanting to be with you. This is called shadow and low self-worth single parent programming.

OWNERSHIP • It's imperative that you own the fact that you are a queen or a king for being a parent. It is the most profound and powerful job on the planet. And anyone, right off the get go, that doesn't see that royalty is a hard GOODBYE. Lead with being a parent, in your power, and watch suitors show up that are so inspired and turned-on by the fact that you are a parent. You better be monitoring how wonderful they are to your children. Only the best for your child and that treats your child incredibly well is good enough for you - GOT ME! 



Tests keep showing up because your subconscious worth is still low, and your settling over and over again.

Are you in your authentic power? Do you understand your deservingness? If your self-worth isn't in alignment with the worth of this wonderful person you're calling in, I recommend you work things through in Shadow, Reparent, and NO



It's different for everyone. 

It hinges on how quickly you are unblocking your emotional unavailability and low self-worth (discovered on day 1), how expanded you are therefore creating space for them to come through (day 2), having total and utter open energetic heart-space (day 4), not settling by passing tests (day 5 and 6), being total and utterly open and out there (day 8), being in your power (authentic worth).

Don't even bother setting deadlines as each thing stated above is what will determine when they come through. 



It will feel like total ease.

No games. Your needs feel met and honored. You feel in your power, confident and accepted around them. They are your list and more. They can't wait to hang out (a healthy "can't wait"). You're not guessing if they are interested in you. They are also looking to commit. 

Thank you all for taking this journey.

Over the next couple of months, while you have access, I highly encourage you to pop back in here once a week and go through this workshop again. Until all the information has been integrated. It also allows you to track your progress. Good luck and keep us posted! 

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