Commit to yourself & manifest the life you deserve.

Learn to manifest with our truly effective formula, rooted in teachings of psychology and neuroscience research, that will help you manifest the life you want. In other words, this sh*t really works.

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90% of members who did our workshops weekly manifested. Here’s how it works:

It’s Not You, It’s Your Subconscious

We all have limiting beliefs that hold us back. Negative self talk, insecurity and fear all come from what we saw and experienced in our family and peers growing up. This is what psychologists call “conditioning” and it’s these beliefs that we must uncover and unblock.

Expand Your Horizons

“Expand” is another way of saying “see it to believe it.” The second step to manifesting is to look for “expanders” or people who already have, are successful in, or embody the life you want to live. This literally expands your subconscious mind to believe what is possible. In other words, if they can do it, you can do it.

Identify & Pass Tests

We encounter “tests” that tempt us into settling for less than the we deserve. Maybe it’s the relationship that is *almost* everything you want, or the career that pays less than you are worth. When we say no to settling, we are stepping into our worth and making room for manifestations to come through.

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Ready to get out of your own way and pioneer the life of your dreams?

Our workshops are a combination of neuroscience, patterning, and psychology, with a little spirituality, sprinkled on top. It's a process that expands limited subconscious beliefs to unlock your true potential.

The Pathway gives you access to all of the tools on a monthly basis so you can successfully unblock and reprogram your subconscious. For true transformation, do the work consistently for 6-12 months.

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How to Manifest

Learn how to manifest

Unblocked Inner Child

Unblock subconscious limited beliefs picked up from childhood

NEW! Unblocked Full Moon

Create a grounded full moon ritual and anchor your manifestation practice each month

Daily Reprogramming Exercise

A daily maintenance tool for the triggers that that try to set you back

Unblocked Money

Manifest money or dream career

Unblocked Shadow

Unblock the things keeping you small and raise your self-worth

Uplevel Video Workshop

Get out of a rut, rock bottom or take your life to the next level in this 3-in-1 workshop


Lacy answers your questions in our bi-monthly manifestation course. Submit your questions as they arise

Unblocked Love

Manifest love & relationships

Unblocked No

Set boundaries and remove anything no longer serving you

Roadmaps to Magnetism

4 downloadable PDFs to guide you through the workshops based on your current magnetic state


Get access to our community facebook group to connect with a like-minded community

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Member Feedback & Reviews

“If you do it daily it's less than a dollar a day 🤓 think of how much more therapy would be!”

–Angela Gallo, Pathway Member



Great Value – includes $900+ worth of manifestation content

Tap into your energetic gifts and intuition

Access ALL of our workshops and educational content

Connect with like-minded conscious community & support

Unblock & reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs

Cultivate your highest most authentic, worthy self

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