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The Pathway Membership

$24.99 / month ($900+ Value)

Commit to your manifestation practice and create true, new neural pathways with an ALL ACCESS membership for only $24.99 / month. Get unlimited access to manifestation tools and like-minded community.

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Learn How to Manifest

Learn Lacy’s unique manifestation formula with a step-by-step process on how to manifest. This includes an 11-videos with step by step instructions to anchor your manifestation practice. Purchase a la carte for 12 week access.

The Formula & Magnetism Video Workshop



Uplevel is our new video workshop for those looking to take their life to the next level. It’s comprised of 3-workshops-in-1. Three cycles that all of us can go through in any given year: The Rockbottom, The Rut, and The Flow. You’ll learn the energetics of how to navigate your current rockbottom, your ongoing rut, or take your flow to the next level. Purchase a la carte for 16 week access.

Uplevel Video Workshop

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The Tools

Focused topics on manifesting money, finding love, daily maintenance, removing childhood blocks, and more. Purchase the workshops a la carte for 12 week access. For extended access, please see our membership offering.



Call in money, shift careers, expand your current career, and understand the energetics behind what attracts abundance.

Unblocked™ Opulence


Childhood Blocks

Our structure for what we project and receive back in manifestation was imprinted during our childhood. Areas where we have high or low self worth will effect how successful we are at manifesting what we want.

Unblocked™ Reparent



Learn the actions, inventory, and energetics that it takes to manifest a partner and expand your subconscious and conscious worth.

Unblocked™ Partnership


Daily Maintenance

A daily tool that is centered around supporting your manifestation practice on a daily basis. In this tool, you’ll learn all about the energetics of reprogramming while applying these learnings to daily triggers.

Daily Reprogramming Exercise



Reclaim what you’ve rejected through pain, shame, and limiting beliefs to become your most authentic, whole and magnetic self.

Unblocked™ Shadow



Enjoy video introductions to all of our Manifestation and Unblocking topics on our start here page. You can even read manifestation testimonials from others who have learned how to manifest the things they desire.

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