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This workshop does not teach you how to manifest. This course allows you to remove blocks in the way of your manifestation from coming through. To learn Lacy’s manifestation process, you must take The FORMULA & MAGNETISM workshop.


SPACE • We ask you to designate a place where you can be truly alone to create space for this work. For some, that is an altar, a room, a meditation mat, or maybe even a bath. We ask you to prepare this space as a little portal where you won't be interrupted.

TOOLS • The only tools you'll need to complete this workshop are a journal, pen, and earphones to listen to any Deep Imaginings (DI) that Lacy has recorded.

SCHEDULE • The content of this workshop will consist of written exercises and recorded Deep Imaginings. You can work at your own pace.

QUESTIONS & COMMENTS • Because there are thousands of you on this journey together, Lacy won't be able to individually respond to your questions and comments. However, she encourages you all to communicate with each other and to share your experiences in the comment section at the bottom of each page and in the Secret Society Manifestation Facebook Group.

Not only is this workshop about self-work, it's also an effort to create community. If you have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to write them in that day's post. Feel free to respond to each other’s questions and comments based on your own personal experiences. We encourage all experience sharing; however, this is a safe space, so please keep your feedback constructive and nurturing.

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Welcome to this workshop! I’m so incredibly grateful to have you here, for it means you have decided to step up and advocate for the spirit of your authentic inner child. It means you are willing to take a very honest look through your younger eyes in order to tap into your younger feelings – and to do this work from that state of being, rather than your conscious, rational adult-mind, which has calcified and may often proclaim, “I had a great childhood!”

The truth is that we are all sensitive beings, especially coming into the world so fresh and pure as children. Navigating society’s projections is challenging for every sensitive being, and I’ve yet to meet a client that gets through it unscathed. Regardless of how "minor," it’s impossible. It’s called the human experience.

So, I invite you to tap in and indulge in that sensitive little person, for the only way to build a strong foundation for manifestation is to confidently find your way back into being that whole, authentic person you once were.  

This workshop will be administered through written exercises (for deeper cognitive integration) and Deep Imaginings (DI) that allow you to tap into your subconscious mind (Neuroplasticity hypnosis creates new neural pathways -- ways of circuiting (thinking)).

Now, I can’t do this workshop for you; therefore, I can’t force you to finish it. It's up to you to dive in deep and gain lasting clarity, shifts, and the tools that allow you to project more magnetism. However, I do ensure that if you take this seriously and make it a priority, you will have some wicked “ah-ha” moments along with deep healing, insight, unblockings, and a powerful experience.

Note that this work can bring up a lot of emotions for you. I highly suggest receiving support from a professional, friend, or 12-step group if the emotions hit a level that is hard to manage on your own. Be gentle with yourself during this process. Use great self-care, and be aware that you might feel a bit more reflective than usual.

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This is a safe community, created to encourage communication between each other and to share experiences. Please leave questions and comments below for your fellow friends to respond based on their personal experience. Constructive and nurturing feedback only. For more connection, head over to the growing Secret Society Manifestation Facebook Group! Lacy will not be answering comments or questions or navigating your personal circumstances. Those can be done in a session.

Looking for even more manifestation support? Submit your questions through Supported – a subscription-based manifestation class with lacy twice a month that supports the grey area available inside The Pathway Membership. Your most pressing questions dictate the content each month.

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