Supported Manifestation Class with Lacy Phillips

An hour long video manifestation class with Lacy twice a month that supports the grey area. Because the support doesn’t stop at doing the workshops alone, and no manifestation Q is a silly one. This speeds up your practice and there is an audio file so that you can even listen to it on the go like a podcast.

Supported is now only included in The Pathway Membership


*If you are already a Supported member, you will continue to have access


what’s inside

A bi-weekly video class where Lacy answers your manifestation questions. Check out a preview from a previous episode below.



Beyond Supported, The Pathway Membership is packed with additional workshops & benefits.


How to Manifest

Learn how to manifest

Unblocked Inner Child

Unblock subconscious limited beliefs picked up from childhood

Daily Reprogramming Exercise

A daily maintenance tool for the triggers that that try to set you back

Unblocked Money

Manifest money or your dream career

Unblocked Shadow

Unblock the things keeping you small and raise your self-worth

Uplevel Video Workshop

Our new video workshop for those looking to take their life to the next level. It’s comprised of 3-workshops-in-1.

Unblocked Love

Manifest love & relationships

Unblocked No

Learn how to set boundaries and remove anything no longer serving you

Roadmaps to Magnetism

4 downloadable PDFs to guide you through the workshops based on your current magnetic state

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