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Welcome to SUPPORTED, the extended UNBLOCKED support from Lacy Phillips that's been requested by the community. We want you to receive the Manifestation SUPPORT you need in order to bring your intentions into existence.

It's time to take the support deeper for those of you that don’t have one-on-one access, so that you can break through your blockages and bring in your manifestations. This is a safe community that will nourish deeper unblocking, provide clarity, and offer exclusive exercises and tools.


Access by clicking 'Your Account' or 'Log-In' in the bottom righthand corner of the website & click 'visit' next to Supported.

The videos, glossary pages, and other items we share with the SUPPORTED group will be found in the posts on that page.

The Glossary pages are simply lists of the q's that have already been answered in previous videos. (you will need to visit the actual video that it tells you to with the timestamp for the answer)


Begin sending your Q's to supported@freeandnative.com now!

1 •  Tell us what's going on in your manifestation process and ask your questions by sending them to supported@freeandnative.com.

2 • Stay tuned for the collective answers in the videos to come.

3 • Or, if you don't have specific questions, simply enjoy the two videos we release each month.


Be sure to check out the already answered q's on the glossary pages


SPACE • we ask that you designate a place where you can be truly alone in order to create space to integrate the answers that you are seeking. For some, this is an altar, a room, a meditation mat, or maybe even a bath. We ask you to prepare this space as a little portal where you won't be interrupted.

TOOLS • you don't need a thing - just a simple desire to learn more about manifestation. Sit back and listen. Take notes if you wish, but we've transcribed all the questions and answers for you in that case that reading is more of your flow.  

SCHEDULE • videos, audio files, and transcripts will be released twice a month, each an hour long. 

QUESTIONS • please submit your questions to supported@freeandnative.com. Not only is this workshop about self-work, it's also an effort to create community. If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to write them in the last day's post. Feel free to answer each other’s questions and comments based on your own personal experiences. We encourage all experience sharing, however, this space is meant for constructive and nurturing feedback only.


What can I expect?

It’s as if a manifestation filmed group lecture/workshop and a podcast had a baby - twice every month - an hour each! Your most pressing questions will dictate the content. You can log in anytime to access any of the videos, audio, & transcribed answers. It's like having a school syllabus and lectures archive right at your fingertips.


What if my specific question isn't answered?

We will do our best to answer all the questions each month, but it's not guaranteed that your specific question will be answered. We will craft the answers in a way that will nourish the collective needs universally.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, your subscription is free to end any time you no longer need support. However, please note that refunds for the previous time used are not allowed.


When's the deadline to submit questions?

Deadlines will be announced ahead of time, precisely a month before the videos are released.


Can I download the content?

No, please be sure to have wifi/streaming services available to watch the videos, listen to the audio files, and/or read the transcripts of the questions.


What do I need to join? 

Not a thing. Just a desire to learn more about manifestation. It’s if you had access to two group workshops a month with Lacy; however, this format allows you to live anywhere and enjoy the learning and support from the comfort of your home and pjs.


Do I need to be signed up for a TOOL to be in this group?

Not at all. It’s actually a great place to start absorbing the concepts and information. However, you’ll probably find yourself gravitating toward joining the workshops as a means to take that information deeper by doing the actual work.


Thank you & I'm so grateful to support you on your manifestation journey!


Lacy Phillips