VOL. 1 • The Art Of Floating

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Attachment to your ex • 02:44

Being in debt & taking job offers • 05:42

Hell yes’s & no’s • 11:56

Have I reprogrammed enough? • 14:18

My expander annoys me • 17:15

How to physically approach the DIs • 20:00

Is it your list or your ego? • 22:33

12 Step Programs x Manifestation • 26:57

Finding clarity in your purpose • 32:12

A mothers’ need for validation • 41:13

Manifesting health • 45:33

Continuing to do the work • 47:38

Can you manifest clarity? • 47:59

A father THAT'S unwilling to change • 51:18


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In Closing

I want to give you an actionable task to keep you on track these next two weeks, in order to really get some momentum moving. We've really touched on, in this particular lecture, how every single component to manifestation needs to be an action in balance for this process to be working, for the manifestations to come through. Whereas one person can really focus on the reprogramming, but they're dropping the ball in the others, or one's just focused on expanding and not doing the reprogramming, or another's just saying "No" and taking actionable steps and feeling that high of small situational magnetism.

It's key to be doing everything. I really want you to look at two aspects of your life. I want you to sit down right now and journal, and really take inventory of anywhere in your life you feel small. It can be from work to relationships, friendships, to your wardrobe, everything. Just take inventory on that right now.

Then I want you to go through, and I want you to list off four components that you can put into place right now that are actionable, to start shifting those places where you feel small. Actionable ... The true action can look like letting go of something. If it's a job, it's a really big job you hate and you know that you're manifesting out of it and transitioning out of it, what are four actionable steps you can do today to start stepping into your worth? With a coworker, taking a little bit off your plate and delegating it to someone else, whatever feels actionable.

That's the action component. I want you to come up with four things within the action component. I want you to do this towards anywhere you're feeling small, and the manifestations that you're calling in currently. Actionable, physical steps.

Then second, I want you to look at the reprogramming that needs to happen around them. So, looking at the limiting beliefs you have about why you're not good enough for this manifestation, or why you're small in this circumstance. You need to start uncovering. The tools for that could be in the daily reprogramming exercise, on the Formula and Magnetism workshop, you can take it through Reparent, and you can take it through Shadow. Those are your three options, but the reprogramming and discovering and integrating that you can do towards the smallness and towards your manifestation.

The third is, where are you needing expanders for each of those, for your manifestations and where you're feeling small? Really taking accountability and inventory and finding those expanders, calling them in on a list if you want, finding them on TV, out in the world, Google ... There's a lot of expander articles on the blog.

Last but not least, where the tests are that you need to be passing currently that are right now in your life. Again, if it's a huge job you want to leave, you can't jump off that cliff right now until you cover step one of having the cushion and that bridge in order to do it. Is it a test that needs to be passed within your current work right now, saying "No" to something finally, turning down something that doesn't feel right, whatever? Look right now, what tests need to be passed within your current manifestations that are currently in your life, or where you're feeling small.

Those are your actionable steps these next two weeks, to start actually creating some momentum and starting to get the feeling that everything needs to be at play in order to manifest what you're calling in in your manifestations, and where you're feeling small, to put all of those in. Four actionable steps, also where you need to pass tests, expanders that you're needing for each of them, really going through and doing this work.

I wish you luck, and we'll see you in the next video.

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