Day Six


Let's move some of this emotion that's coming up.

When you are uncovering these aspects of self and working through integrating them, it is very important to move all the emotions that come up out of your body. It’s one thing to address this all on the mental plane, but it can’t be truly transformed or integrated unless the emotional aspect is honored.

By now, some of you may have had heavy emotions come up. Especially so if you’ve experienced any sort of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse growing up. I do advise reaching out for support if the emotions get too overwhelming. This can be a therapist, a 12-step group, or a spiritually evolved friend who understands how to listen and hold space for you.

For others, you may have only started to gently scratch the surface. No matter what, I want you to move emotions rather than stuff down what comes up.


Things to help you move through the emotion.

1. The good old bat to a pillow or mattress is great when you need to get it out.

2. Another is shaking your whole body while leaning into the emotion. Start by shaking out the head, moving down to the shoulders, arms, core, each leg, and foot.

3. Dancing to powerful, moving music is a phenomenal way to move the energy around. Especially tribal music, and getting into a physically, tribal dancing state of mind. Just letting go. It will feel awkward at first, but very powerful.

4. If you have a breathwork practice, that is very healing and powerful for unblocking the emotions. I recommend these two practitioners: Lauren Spencer King (LA) or Ashley Neese (Bay Area). Both also work via FaceTime and Skype.


BODY • This shadow work can sometimes release body clearing by manifesting physically, much like a cleanse does. It can be very heavy and exhausting on the body. Very warm Epsom salt baths with lavender and rose otto are my go-to for relaxing the body and nurturing the heart space. Another favorite tea to drink through this time is skullcap and chamomile to relax the nervous system from all the clenching of emotions. If I feel like being touched, I'll get a massage. If I don't, I'll do warm massages on myself (Abhyanga) with warm almond oil. It's very soothing.

Like with a cleanse, be sure to take time and space to rest and go inward.  Dry body brushing is great before baths or showers to move the lymph around. Another thing I do is give myself permission to just shut down. For some that means quiet and others that means TV. Literally, whatever is soothing, I give myself permission. It's very important, if you need, to connect with community for support. Whether it’s a therapist, 12- step group, or spiritually evolved friends who can hold space for you. Women's circles are great for this.


EMOTIONAL CLEARING • A tool that I have a lot of clients practice in order to tap into stuck subconscious emotions is what I call Emotional Clearing. This is wonderful for everyone, but especially wonderful for the closed heart, headier folks that have a hard time tapping in. It’s very abstract and there is no right way to do it. You simply have to follow your intuition. Here is a Deep Imagining to get you started.


A moment to process.

Pick an aspect of self off of your list. You’ll set a timer for 30 minutes and turn on the Deep Imagining. Then just let yourself go wherever you go until the timer goes off. The Deep Imagining is going to take you in; then it’s up to your imagination to complete the process. Just open up and let go. Again, don't force yourself or judge the way you're doing it or the places it goes to. Fully let go, lean in, and relax.

Set an alarm for 30 minutes, cover your eyes, and listen.

If you're needing to physically move the emotion that came up for you, try one of the above exercises. 

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