Love Your Shadow


Here is the deepest truth and why all of this applies to manifestation. Your shadow is your authentic self. Meaning when we are born, we are already completely whole. The most successful way to parent would be to allow a child to unfold and show us who they are, rather than projecting all of our stuff and what we need them to be onto them. Therefore, we have splits in our personality and a lot of our true authentic nature is lost hiding in our shadow. 

Worthy authenticness = magnetism. Therefore, we must rehabilitate and love the aspects of ourselves that we learned to hate so long ago. It's the only way to begin coming together back into completion.  


Loving your whole, shadow-self.

Bring the main aspect you've been walking through this workshop forward now. Say it is "fraud." I want you to bring to mind a mental picture of yourself as a child and what the child version of you in this aspect would look like.  

IMAGE • For instance, when I bring forward "fraud," I see a young me that is so deeply uncomfortable in my skin. So deeply insecure and not feeling worthy or truthfully in my body. I'm only "pretending" to know or "pretending" to be confident enough to survive. 

COMMUNICATE • Close your eyes. I'd like you to place your hand over your heart and communicate to this version of yourself as a child. I'd like you to console it and give it what it needs most. Mine needs to be "seen" and needs "affection." I'd like you to tell it that you love it and accept it as part of you regardless of how much you've spent hating it in the past. That you accept it and you are going to love it from here on out and give it anything it needs. 

Anytime it's triggered, I want you to close your eyes and give it what it needs most. This is usually: connection, love, acceptance, affection, to be seen, to be heard, and to know how authentic and wonderful it is regardless of its circumstances. You can live all of this out in visualization. 

Do this now and anytime that you are triggered by this same split in yourself in the future. 

This is my own exercise.

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