Day Nine


How we manifest.

In manifestation, core beliefs are what determine the things we manifest. Not thoughts, feelings, and or "vibes." We manifest from our beliefs. This is why “bad” people are capable of manifesting great things. Because they believe they are right and have expanded core beliefs surrounding what they are calling in even if they are unaware of this process.

Let’s get down to core beliefs and see how they like to keep us small. Remember, those beliefs are only denied aspects of self that need to be integrated and owned. That's how these aspects lose their smallness. We’ll get into expanding beliefs tomorrow, but for today, let’s focus on what needs to be integrated in order for us to manifest more powerfully.


Have your journal and pen present. This will be an interactive Deep Imagining in the sense that you will float up to write down quick answers throughout. Then you will close your eyes and float back down. It’s important to be somewhere quiet and alone. Very dim lighting can be more impactful as well.


Now that you have your short answers from the Deep Imagining, I'd like you to journal at length everything you answered and discovered. Especially the new beliefs and what you'd need to do to arrive at them. If this meditation brought up more shadow work, please add these to your denied aspects list and work them through the previous steps.

*adapted from Light Chaser and my own exercise.

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