Now what?

Please do not stop using these tools! They are a life-long journey that will make integrating deeper into your authentic self much quicker. Here's how I'd like you to continue this work, more consciously from here on out:

IDENTIFY • The moment you are triggered by anything, I want you to pinpoint why and boil it down into an essence or aspect. So if you judge ANYTHING or yourself, get to the bottom of “why?” If a woman at a party is making you annoyed because she's dressed like a "slut," it's time to investigate why you had to reject the sexually empowered (slutty) aspects of yourself!

OWN & INTEGRATE • I want you to integrate and own them immediately. Do the mirror exercise and then go public with the aspect either in conversation with those people whose opinions you care most about , or own it, gracefully and confidently, in a larger audience on your social media.

LOVE • Love this aspect and give it what it needs by closing your eyes, communicating with it, and meeting its needs through visualization and accepting it as part of you forever.

This is your roadmap for identifying, integrating, owning, and loving your shadow (your authentic self, which means your magnetic self)!


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