Day One

Meeting Your Shadow

Today’s work isn’t going to require much effort from you. Tomorrow, we will get into more about the shadow, denied aspects of self, and how we reject them. Today, you get to simply kick back and listen to this Deep Imagining to meet and reclaim your shadow. Then you will be asked to take time to journal after. 


Cover your eyes and listen. Very dim lighting can be more impactful for these meditations. Note that you are simply going from a beta state into alpha or theta, otherwise known as hypnosis or deep meditation. You needn't worry about static noise or outside noises as you will be fully aware, and once you're in the theta state, your subconscious will take direction, absorbing the information, and creating new neural pathways. The volume will be different for everyone’s devices,  so simply plug in your earphones and find a volume comfortable for you.


Take 15 minutes to write about anything that came up or any details that were meaningful during your Deep Imagining. If you have emotions or feel stuck, it's okay. Just breathe into it. Write down the answers that your shadow told you, and anything else that came up for you. Then move on to the next four questions below.


What am I most afraid of finding out about myself?

What's the biggest, most mortifying lie I've ever told myself?

What's the biggest lie I've ever told anyone else?

What am I most ashamed of in myself? I'd die if anyone found out?


Take out crayons and draw a picture in your journal of your shadow self. Don't judge your drawing. This is an integration exercise for your subconscious.

The two inspirations for these Shadow techniques are: Light Chaser and Owning Your Shadow -  with my exercises incorporated in as well. Because I have clients that are too busy to digest a whole book, or clients that acknowledge that they aren't great self-starters, UNBLOCKED was born in an effort to simplify for my clients the specific work most important to Manifestation in order to remove certain blocks. This is also an offering for those of you that haven't gotten the opportunity to work with me thus far to do the same.

This is a safe community, created to encourage communication between each other and to share experiences. Please leave questions and comments below for your fellow friends to respond based on their personal experience. Constructive and nurturing feedback only. For more connection, head over to the growing Secret Society Manifestation Facebook Group! Lacy will not be answering comments or questions or navigating your personal circumstances. Those can be done in a session.

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