Brighten Your Magnetic Projection

The UNBLOCKED™ Inner Child Tool is an 8-day workshop centered on filling the biggest gaps of limiting beliefs, lack, and dimmed magnetism stemming from childhood. In this workshop, you’ll learn all about reprogramming your subconscious as a way to increase your magnetism and manifestation process. Each day will target the eight phases in childhood and adolescence that are crucial to self-esteem, self-worth, and magnetism. On the 8th day, you will be introduced to the compact subconscious reprogramming exercise for daily practice for ongoing support of your magnetism.

Includes access for 12 weeks. For unlimited access see our Pathway Membership below.


8 Days of Workshop Content

8  Journal Prompts

8 Hypnotic Deep Imaginings

20-60 minutes of content for each workshop day depending on your speed  

Community support in the comment sections on each page


This workshop is for everyone & anyone.



This is the most immersed of all of the workshops, meaning that you will be journaling and listening to Deep Imaginings for a full 8 days. You may even find yourself repeating a certain day before moving on. Most clients dive into this workshop for a full three months, re-doing any days as needed based on what’s triggering them in their daily lives. It’s the most important UNBLOCKED that every single client of mine is required to do.

At the end of this course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to brighten your magnetic projection and how to integrate this practice into your daily life. You’ll also have gained community support and a better understanding of your most authentic, magnetic self. In order to complete this workshop, please have a device with access to WIFI, a pen, paper/journal and the proper time to dedicate to this deep inner work.

Access at anytime that is convenient for you! All you need is your digital device, journal, pen and earphones.



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Just wanted to give you a quick note to say thank you for creating all of your online workshops - they are so powerful!! I’ve done the formula and magnetism and now I’m doubling up on the reparenting and opulence. Tonight I met with my ex-husband to discuss some parenting and scheduling things and it was actually really pleasant. This is a HUGE deal because he can be extremely unbalanced and combative and usually really good at throwing off my energy (he has a really powerful personality)..but tonight that didn’t happen, for the first time in a really long time. And I really attribute that to all the work that I’ve been doing on myself and my self-worth- specifically through the reparenting workshop. Thank you again!! I can’t wait to see what else pops up as I go through all of this amazing work. ❤️🌟🙏🏼

This week (last night), prompted by a recent F+N IG post - I took inventory. Since working through UNBLOCKED INNER CHILD I have manifested:

- Being able to afford my entire apartment alone (no more housemate/energetic dis-ease at home - HUGE and i don’t doubt this has a lot to do with then calling in the below)
- A relationship with various members of my family whereby my heart no longer feels broken and my inner-child, healed.
- A trip to London then Paris come September/August !!!!!
- After the DI about ‘purpose’, I journaled my heart out and the notes became inspired action, which became realising a business that is the realisation of ALL that I love in one place.
- Incredible new, creative, brilliant and utterly magnetic friends (Hi, Tilly Barber, a brand new un-blocker ❤ )
- The most perfect contributors to Self Practice
- A DREAM space for our Live Panel SELF TALK Series come June of which I will be hosting & recording. (I have always wanted to run panel discussions/record a podcast - I my art school thesis was based on interviews with creatives about their personal practices and approaches to their work.

For the first time in my life my head and my heart are not at war. I not only feel the cogs clicking into place but turning at a pace that inspires and moves me.

I couldn’t be more grateful. And know that I say all this is no means to brag; but to help anyone who may be struggling or searching for the magic to TRUST.

Please know that this work (key word, it is work) quite literally changes lives. And I do not use the term ‘life-changing’ lightly.

Woooow I have been going through it 👏🏼👏🏼 I’ve never made myself so vulnerable to the people around me, been so completely supported by them, been morehumbled, cracked open to the point of non-recognition, or felt more love and compassion for myself and every person on this planey than I have in the tipping point of these past few weeks. I was cosmically guided to F&N’s work about 6 months ago, and surrendered to having life (and Lacy) pick me upside-down and shake me until every loose screw and dime came rattling out of my many pockets. I’ve been Reparenting my inner child and tuning in to my authentic heart more intenselt than I could have ever set out to, and it’s been completely amazing to see the transformation of my reality since I have brutally broken down what no longer works and began to rebuild with my new set of tools. Eternally grateful to be here at this time with all of you. Planting this little spring seed with you now if you feel like investing for yourself.
— unblocker INNER CHILD

Lacy I just wanted to say how freaking GRATEFUL I am to have stumbled across you and your work. Two days into Reparent I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of clarity & number of downloads. My purpose just presented itself to me clear as day. When journaling I sat in silence for a minute longer and asked for the universe to show me & all of a sudden I watched my hand scribble things down onto my moleskin and shivers ran for five minutes straight down my spine. (My soul & the Universe speak in goosebumps.) Again, I’m just so grateful to be doing this work. I can feel myself unkinking and unblocking already. Thank you – so much.

Truly insane how much more free I feel after some awesome reparenting. So many manifestations flooding my way! Started the shadow work yesterday... cried it much truth and clarity and freedom. So excited to continue to learn and grow and unblock! Just thought I’d share for anyone feeling unsure- keep it up!

Lacy! Thank you. Last week I was listening to podcasts featuring you, and then I immediately purchased Reparent.
In 5 days I:
-viewed a perfect apartment with an imperfect price. I turned it down even though it hurt and I told the universe to quit playing around.
- the next day I got a text from a friend who lives in the area I wanted to live in and alerted me to a vacancy and sent me the building manager’s information. It fit every need. Every. Single. One.
And it’s $500 less than what I’m paying now.
-I turned down a job in a stuffy corporate position and was also offered a job at a startup, more my style. It payed less than the startup. I decided to take it because it will give me room to further my education and continue my pottery work. I got the contract in my inbox and... 💥 BOOM💥 it was $4k higher than what I was expecting... the same salary I was offered at the stuffy corporate job.

Can I just say that doing Reparent (on Day 4 currently) while also reading Getting The Love You Want is like doing a deep deep dive into the subconscious/inner child. It can be a little overstimulating so I do try and read during the day and then do Reparent before bed but I think they compliment each other nicely. It was perfect timing to start the Reparent and start the book club for me! Xoxo

I started Reparent Day 1 today and heard back from a possible future employer that I emailed a couple weeks ago, immediately after DI and journaling. I feel like the universe is opening up to say “YES! Finally, girl!” So excited to see what this process brings forth.

Started following Lacy. Listened to a few interview podcasts. I had barely been imagining the ‘perfect’ place for my son and I to move. It was almost like a distant dream and I didn’t want to focus so much on manifesting it, just to fail. So I kept listening to interviews, bought Reparent for my partner but did all the first questions.

Fast forward: found a house with everything I could dream of AND more:

8 miles from daycare

Home is in a rainforest

Chickens, garden, yoga/med room

$150 cheaper than my budget

Available now and the family on property will be out of town for 2 months

Well, I didn’t think this until recently, but I think I’ve elevated to a level of magnetism that I’d never tapped into before. And it sort of all came from surrendering to my intuition and trusting. I’ve manifested everything I’ve wanted on the material plane from Kamm Pants to a new car, to the house of my dreams on acreage AND I’m 22 years old. It hasn’t been easy, my childhood was rough so I had a lot of unblocking to do and reteaching my subconscious mind to trust that whats for me will always find me. A lot of bad things happened in between, it wasn’t all face masks and wine Wednesdays, I lost family members to horrible diseases in this time, even lost myself a time or two. I really had to tear down limiting beliefs I had about myself and the world around me. And now, through this process of surrendering and trusting, I really don’t long for anything. Everything that happens beyond now is just icing.

I didn’t think I was going to post in this group. But here I am. Celebrating a bit of a win on my books. Just did Day 2 of Reparent and had my first real deep realization. I haven’t felt the feeling of pure excitement and love just purely based on my existence from my parents since as long as I can remember. Now that I’m a mother myself- all I have to do is look at my baby and I beam with joy and I want to show him and love him just because he’s alive. I haven’t felt that from anyone since I was probably 3 years old or younger. I don’t really have any memories of feeling that feeling from my parents. And I now realize that’s why I do so many of the things I do- I’m trying to capture that feeling. I’m constantly yearning for approval, constantly trying to be perfect in hopes someone will be excited about me and my life. I think that’s why I want to be an Influencer on Instagram. I don’t even want the free stuff- I just want people to like me and tell me I’m good.

I’m not sure how this is going to heal through the rest of Reparent- but I’m glad to have finally stumbled on such a simple yet impactful realization. I finally had a good cry. ❤️❤️❤️

I’m so excited to have finally discovered what I truly want. Freedom has been coming up ALOT lately in my journaling. I kept asking myself freedom from what? My career, relationship, debt, everyday stress of life?? Last night it finally hit me, I want the freedom to finally be me. And to enjoy each unique quality I bring to this lifetime. Growing up my mom told me over and over I needed to change. It was always something, making me feel I wasn’t good enough. (I’ve done Reparent, Opulence, and recently started Daily Reprogramming.) I’ve spent the last well...33 years changing. Today, I’m done and it’s been the most rewarding day of my life, I’m living as the real me. Take it or leave it. How liberating !

I wanted to write you to thank you for the unblocked workshops – I am doing the Reparenting for the third time, have done shadow once, partnership once, and opulence three times. Since starting this work in December my life has drastically changed – an unhealthy relationship, job and apartment situation were cleared out of my life!

Thank you so much Lacy for creating everything you have - since October I’ve done Reparenting, Shadow, The Formula, and now Opulence. In March I edited my ideal partner list after a series of tests highlighted exactly what I wasn’t going to accept anymore. 2 hours later my best friend texted me to say she’d met someone at a party the previous evening and thought he would be great for me. We met and hit if off.. he’s EVERYTHING on my list (plus he had a list too and I’m everything on it!!)

We’ve been together ever since...I never thought this would be possible before I found your work. I’m undoing so many layers and connecting all the dots, it’s such a fascinating process and you deliver it in such a warm and eloquent way. I’ve learnt so much about myself and having the support for the community is a huge help
— unblocker INNER CHILD shadow, MONEY & formula

When you’ve got two sets of parents (bio & Step) that provided so.much.content () for you to work through/uuuuunblock so you’re damn sure you’re getting your $$$s worth out of REPARENT.

If anyone is tip-toeing with the idea, let this be your nudge off the ledge. DO IT.

It is invaluable.

I do not say this lightly. After years (and I mean years) of counselling as a young child, adolescent, and now young woman, nothing & no one has been as eloquent, understanding, inquisitive, intuitive as this program. I am finally healing.

Thank you thank you thank you Lacy.

I thought that this was going to be good...but I never expected it to be this good! The deep deep peace I felt after the meditation was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Tapping into that earliest memory (which for me was as a baby, early into walking) helped me to contrast those feelings with my current state of being and see the source of disharmony.
”It is not for me to fulfill the needs of others”.
The sensations of contentment, quiet, joy that just flooded my heart after remembering my authentic-self were just..awesome!

Happy Sunday Manifestors I’m currently doing Lacy’s Magnetism as well as her Reparent workshop. It’s really working well. Incredibly well tbh. All these tests keep showing up...And even “little” manifestations come through already. It’s crazy how that works.

Lacy: like so many others, I just wanted to let you know what a difference your work has been making in my life. I have been doing UNBLOCKED Inner Child since November and learned so much on the way.

My most profound experience I have had yet was during Reparent, which I had been utilizing often. This day I revisited Trust, and I felt that each time I was in the DI I was searching for a specific experience I had in my childhood that led me to so many situations of abandonment, but was left at blank. On this day, I uncovered my first major loss was during utero - something that seemed unfathomable. As I discovered this, I broke in to tears mid-meditation, and let go of so many layers of hidden upset that otherwise would have gone unrecognized. I also found my current internship directly after having this epiphany.

Manifestation share: I’m one of those peeps who have had a rough go of manifesting career, money, and possessions really my whole life (as a Cap sun these things are pretty important to me). Lately, I’ve been trying to manifest a new city/career/home and am constantly preoccupied with what steps I should and shouldn’t be taking. For a few weeks I’ve fluctuated between feeling stuck and powerless to deciding to give up and focus on other areas of life (you know, screw the lists and just be happy where I am). After diving into Reparent, my Human Design chart, and some Taoist literature for a few weeks, by Thursday of this week, I really started to own my authenticity and put myself out there in scary and exciting ways (sharing my poetry on IG- owning my shadow stuff, etc) . I also decided to stop being so damn goal-oriented and just allow for once. Oh boy has the universe taken notice! My husband gave me an intuitive tarot reading today and told me that my career/home answers would come through me being open to connecting with people and just receiving answers. 10
minutes later we walk into a shop we often frequent (in the city we are manifesting a move to) and the owner remembers me, reads my energy, and starts telling me where I am supposed to work (which matches my list), the work I am called to do later in my career, and the area I should live in (which happens to be close to lots of waterfalls - which is on my list). It’s like she was literally channeling answers for me. To solidify it all, I see a pair of sunglasses matching my “small manifestation list” description (vintage style, yellow) and go to buy them. The owner tells me that they are a gift. 😮I actually manifested a material possession! WTF? I mean the sunglasses just emphasized that the Universe was responding/co-creating, but damn this stuff works. The best part of all has been the feeling of stepping into my authentic self and my power. Hope someone who is feeling stuck today finds this encouraging. 💖✨😎

It is definitely no coincidence that one month after finishing REPARENT, my immigration application to Sweden has been approved... after 18 months of waiting(!!!) and countless hurdles. This work is PURE (manifestation) MEDICINE. Love this community so much! 🇨🇦💗️🇸🇪️
Now, onto SHADOW... 😏

I’m making some big life changes, and have done so with a HELL YES conviction. Long story short: I’m moving from SF to Kauai, Hawaii to go back to school (online), focus on healing myself, bring nature back to my lifestyle and recover my nervous system from city life. If there was ever a ping above all pings, this one was earth shattering. I don’t think I’ve ever seen things align with such eaze and flow, even down to the $200 non-stop, one way flight. My conviction and doing this regardless of my parents help or approval is something new, and I credit Lacey’s work for getting me to this place.

You guys. This work is so so REAL. I haven’t really had intentions for this but it’s almost like my Dad is becoming more and more like my magnetic Dad.
— Unblocker INNER CHILD

My roommate and I really wanted a white le creuset tea kettle for our home. They’re very expensive and it seemed silly to spend $70 on a tea kettle. We’ve been doing the workshops, so we put it on our manifestation list and went happily on our way. One morning I got a ping to check ebay, and there it was, a white le creuset tea kettle, in need of a good scrub, but at $25 it was well worth it. I hit buy, she arrived shortly after and we were thrilled.

Sadly, a month later, our little tea kettle started to bloom rust and no matter what I did it just kept getting worse. As I desperately researched how to solve it, I came across the le creuset lifetime guarantee. I contacted them and they asked me to send in my tea kettle for inspection and told me they would either fix it, or send me a new one. WHAT?!

A month later a BRAND NEW shiny little white tea kettle arrived at our door for FREE!

I had kind of balked at the idea of manifesting physical items but Lacy is absolutely right, it really does help your trust muscle!
— unblocker inner child & supported

So I have been trying for quite some time now to manifest on the physical plane - small things that didn’t have much significance to me (like a black puffy jacket in a thrift store). Not much was coming through, but with every breakthrough that I have with the unblocks, my manifestations on the emotional/relational and non-physical plane are literally magic. For example, I was manifesting a new place to live, I didn’t care about the physicalities of the house. So on my list all I wrote was good like-minded people, to have time/space to myself, and a good place for my dog (Hazel). The next day I went to a friend’s house for dinner that I met this guy who had a room, it was the master suite but he would only charge me a couple hundred a month, there are two other roommies that are never there because they guide for river companies and are always on the move, it’s got a private balcony/deck that I can let my dog out anytime! The roommates are great people with good energy and come and go, so I have my alone time and I get to be in the presence of other conscious people. 
Another manifestation on not the physical plane was that I wrote on my list “femininity, self expression, loving my body, being seen, some kind of outlet for dancing”. And a week later I got invited to go out country dancing in which I met this guy that is an AMAZING swing dancer we spent the whole night in each other’s company and I felt excited for the first time in a long time. So, although I am not manifesting a partner right now, this vague, non-physical manifestation brought me a person to enlighten my feminine side that was being shy, and expanded me to believe that I deserve a great person (and a good dancing partner!).
— unblocker inner child & f&m

My husband and I have a dinner date with friends coming up and given that we have a toddler and only occasionally get out to nice dinners, I told myself that I really want a summer Doen dress to wear something new and special but given that our budget is tight right now from a lot of recent expenses, I hoped to manifest one on sale or find one gently used for under $100...

I put this intention out in my mind a few times only a couple of weeks ago (I’m a passive manifestor according to HD) and this morning I open my email to see that Doen is having a flash sale, and a lovely little summer dress is on there in my size for ONLY $35 (originally $145)!!!

Mind blown! Super excited! Love you Lacy and this work!!
— unblocker inner child, shadow, f&m, & supported

Sorry, this is a long post!! I had my FIRST big manifestation come thru this week since doing lacy’s work!! I started with formula two months ago and then went straight into REPARENT. I have been sick of the industry I’m in, specifically my current job and REALLY needed clarity on what my next path was. I wrote down my list of what I wanted in my next career move and what I knew I was good at - very general points & no specifics on industry - just things like salary, flexibility, etc. While working thru REPARENT - one of the DI’s has you look into your past life & purpose - i saw myself as a leader of a tribe... which i thought was maybe my imagination, but I kept seeing the word ‘tribe’, leader of a community, etc. throughout that DI. I wrote the word down, but forgot about it.

I applied EVERYWHERE for about 6 weeks, nothing was sticking. I finally got to a breaking point with my current job about two weeks ago and decided I had to tell them I was leaving, but would remotely freelance for however long I could. I had to get out of the toxic environment. Shortly after, two great opportunities popped up! They both aligned with many things on my list and both initial interviews went well.

Things at work worsened and I just couldn’t imagine freelancing - I decided to trust in the universe and fully resign, hoping something would come thru when I let go of this current situation... and a day or two after, I had a second interview with one of the companies - EVERYTHING on my list. I met some of the girls that would be on my team and they mentioned how they call themselves a ‘tribe’. I didn’t realize it at the time, until I went home. I couldn’t believe it - I opened my journal and was in utter shock when I saw the word. I almost started crying. I hadn’t got the offer yet, but I knew it was the job I was supposed to pick between the two. Everything about the process was so easy and effortless.

AND I GOT THE JOB!!! So excited and nervous and very much still in shock. This shit works.

Just finished reparent and at the end of my last DI I felt this extreme release. As my tears started to fall the clock stroke exactly 10:10pm and I just began to smile. This work is sometimes a struggle to get through but once you make it to the end you feel as if you have bloomed into the most beautiful flower. Thank you Lacy Phillips now on to shadow.

Lacy I discovered your work when the GOOP article came out and that same day I started the reparenting unblocked, and even though I had been giving my struggles and patterns a lot of thought, some things came up that I didn’t even remember happening. I have finally found information about me that totally resonates with me! I’m so grateful I found you, I’m obsessed 🙏🏼
— UNBLOCKER inner child

Lacy, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for discovering you! I’ve started Reparent. I had the most profound experience yesterday. I always considered manifesting material things. One of the things my expander father is, is a protector and someone who stands up for me which I didn’t have. My real dad remarried someone who bullied me horrible. I’ve been bullied at work recently. Out of the blue my boss took action and threatening to fire this person and confronted them about bullying me. It’s the first time anyone has ever stood up for me like that. The best part, my boss and my dad have the same NAME! You can’t make this stuff up. You’re a true gift and i am so grateful to be manifesting healing in my life and not just career accomplishments!
— unblocker inner child

Loving F+M & Reparent. Made more progress breaking down harmful beliefs in the past week than I have in 3 years of therapy 🙏 Thank you!!! 💕
— UNBLOCKER inner child & F&M

Hi Lacy,
I want to thank you for everything that’s surfaced since doing (and redoing) your reparenting workshop. It’s honestly been difficult and painful but for the first time in 15 years, I’ve chosen to lean into my feeling rather than numbing them with food, drugs or alcohol (more than a month sober now).
— UNBLOCKER inner child

Hi Lacy,
I know you receive lots of messages like this, but I feel compelled to say THANK YOU. I’ve gone through Unblocked Inner Child and only two days of Unblocked Shadow and already I am experiencing a huge increase in magnetism. It sort of feels like magic!! I can see how my repressed low self-worth was affecting every single aspect of my life.
Thank you for taking the time and energy to make your work accessible to so many of us. 🙏🏼
— UNBLOCKER inner child

Day 4 of the @freeandnative UNBLOCKED reparent and holy shit! How I have held to so much crap for so many years is beyond me. So much stuff that I thought it was just part of who I am is not. I didn’t come into this world to be a distrusting and controlling person. We can repeat all the mantras but until we don’t deal with our subconscious beliefs, we are not living in our true authenticity.
— UNBLOCKER inner child

I didn’t think I was going to post in this group. But here I am. Celebrating a bit of a win on my books. Just did Day 2 of Reparent and had my first real deep realization. I haven’t felt the feeling of pure excitement and love just purely based on my existence from my parents since as long as I can remember. Now that I’m a mother myself- all I have to do is look at my baby and I beam with joy and I want to show him and love him just because he’s alive. I haven’t felt that from anyone since I was probably 3 years old or younger. I don’t really have any memories of feeling that feeling from my parents. And I now realize that’s why I do so many of the things I do- I’m trying to capture that feeling. I’m constantly yearning for approval, constantly trying to be perfect in hopes someone will be excited about me and my life. I think that’s why I want to be an Influencer on Instagram. I don’t even want the free stuff- I just want people to like me and tell me I’m good.

I’m not sure how this is going to heal through the rest of Reparent- but I’m glad to have finally stumbled on such a simple yet impactful realization. I finally had a good cry. ❤️❤️❤️

Hi Lacy,
I’ve been working through your Reparent workshop. I cannot articulate how deeply I have been opened raw to my patterns & experiences that have been hidden for so long. Thank you for making your studies available and sharing your knowledge & light with the world.
— UNBLOCKER inner child

I think I saw the entire world within myself somehow. I just had the most profound experience after showering. I had my hair wrapped up in a towel, not a trace of makeup and sat down at my vanity to put on my lotion. As I popped on a heart chakra healing song (never have before), I began to look at myself in a way I never have before. I noticed the lines in my neck, the roles on my stomach, the rose color of my cheeks, the shine of my forehead. I felt my heart beat very deeply, my hands holding one another, and I looked into my eyes as tears came falling. I felt like I was looking into the eyes of every woman. That’s the only way I can describe it. I felt completely flooded with compassion for myself and every single person, even the people who have done the most unthinkable things to me.
— UNBLOCKER inner child

I can’t recommend this online workshop enough i have done this 3x already and have benefited from it in different ways every time. It’s only $68 and it’s a course that helps you unblock self esteem issues from little seeds that have been planted in you from your childhood that are holding you back as an adult (that you may not have even been aware of.) UNBLOCKED Inner Child
It takes commitment and hard emotional work and it won’t be easy but it has changed me and rerouted me onto a healthier path...✨✨✨ Thank you Lacy Phillips 💝
— UNBLOCKER inner child

I need to share this experience because I’m giddy about how wonderful it is. I’ve had a rough couple of years, especially these last few months. But I’ve been working through the Unblocked courses (opulence first, then reparent) and am starting to step into my worth. My biggest challenge in this lifetime is trusting & staying in love, not fear, so I’ve been having LOTS of tests come up the last few months.

I’m guessing I’m passing them, because damn have these last few days been magical! We were heading out for markets on the coast, but a couple days before we were supposed to leave we found out my boyfriend had an extra couple days off. I got a ping to go to Nelson (even though it would stretch our budget as tight as it would go). I found a sale on a beautiful heritage hotel, so took the leap. The next day I had the biggest online sale I’ve ever had, which covered all the extra days of the trip, including hotel, gas & food, plus extra. Later that day, I found a lens ball, something he had been wanting for awhile, just laying on the ground! Then when we got to the hotel, we found out our rooms had been upgraded for free, and the name of the room is the ladybird (which for me signifies my great grandmas spirit - it’s how she visits me after she passed).

Now, my challenge for me is to stay present with the experience & not give into the fear that because things are going good, something bad is about to happen. Something I’ve totally been programmed to expect. I’m practicing staying in my heart space, trusting I’ll be taken care of, and that whatever happens next is the best possible thing that could happen to me - because I’m realizing now that even the things I thought were “bad” at the time were beautiful steps to growth and getting where I am today. And just trying to soak in and be present with all the beauty I’m surrounded with right now - because damn it feels good

I have done many of Lacy’s tools including Opulence, Reparent, No, Shadow, and am now doing The Formula and Magnetism Workshop because I want to do daily reprograming to reinforce the work I have already done. (I have a great partner or I would have done partnership too.)

I can’t tell you how much these tools have helped me. I have manifested things as small as a pair of ridiculously inexpensive brand new salsa shoes and as large as having just recently manifested the perfect mid century modern home by a very specific AZ architect AND within our budget to buy. (We closed last week.)

I have done some of these days 3 times and this one 4. I feel it is truly starting to integrate - each time is different and more fulfilling then the last. I feel more Full this round than ever before, I did not miss out as I once did, (absent father), and an overbearing mother. This has achieved such balance with my magnetic parents and I can feel this in my being. I have gone through infancy and off to college (which did not exist outside of these DIs) but doing this work has filled this void; I did not miss out. I do not need to control, only trust. This is freedom. ❤️

Hi Lacy! I stumbled across your work listening to That’s So Retrograde. I’ve always been into the self help work and spiritual-ish, and decided to give your work a go. I purchased Reparent and Shadow as you had suggested, and am doing them at the same time. After so many years of working tirelessly to improve myself, this is finally the work I’ve been looking for. It’s so helpful, in a way that actually helps you to see yourself. I didn’t feel like I could ever actually see myself before.

And although there is more to go, I can tell it’s working because I am being constantly tested now lol. So thank you!!!

wanted to share I received an unexpected bonus last week at work that was the specific number I felt bold enough to tell the universe I was requesting as well as a raise that was over the salary I asked for when I started in the position I’m in two month ago. Before taking Reparenting I was told no to my salary request and after, just a couple months later, not only am I told yes and then some but the bonus came through too. This is the first time in my life I’ve felt I don’t have to settle for less. It feels amazing.

Since the age of 14 I’ve been doing highlights on and off (mostly on). I’ve also gone crazy with darker tones but always felt like it wasn’t me/fun enough if it wasn’t super blond. If left au natural, I have a very dark blond colour. Last year came with a lot of looking deep to see what’s really my core self and what’s programmed from parents, society, peers, media, and it’s been profound (hellooo Saturn Return). The transformation started early 2017 and peaked around a death in my near family and a major conflict in my near family. This made me take the leap and really check in to see what the fuck was going on within. My mum is a psychotherapist and I’ve been raised with plenty of great knowledge around neuroscience, hypnosis and other tools at my fingertips. The missing piece of the puzzle was Lacy’s @freeandnativeReparent workshop (✨✨) that took me so deep, and had (and still have) me see clearly what’s really ME, what I hide, what I think I have to be+do to receive love and the list goes on. In the midst of this came the download to stop highlighting my hair (even though it was done as ’non-toxic’ as possible), as I realized the blond was very programmed. The ’fun/sexy/blonds have more fun’- mentality, receiving my dad’s love (my stepmum’s hair was always highlighted for example), scandinavian ’dull blond’ is boring etc. I am ALL about self-expression in which ever way and I loved my blond do. For me right now. it’s time for self-expression where I’m 100% sure my authentic self is making the choices. Not an unconscious shell that reflects what it thinks it’s surroundings want to see. Time to step up and own ME. Who knew hair could take things so deep, eh? I have a feeling so many of you can relate aswell.

I’ve been wanting to say THANK YOU for your amazing work for a while, ever since I found your website things have changed in my life and just recently I met the partner I always wanted to call into my life. I can’t even remember the time when I had a ‘real’ relationship and how long it took me to unblock all the little things that were holding me back. I did the Reparenting workshop and been listening and reading everything from you I could get my hands on. I had my list for my partner for a long time but then two months agoin the midst of doing all the work it hit me and I wrote down the most precise and clear list I;ve ever had, and not even 2 weeks later, and after passing two very shint tests... he appeared. it is everything I’ve ever wanted and it was never so easy, open and clear, and all the fears I used to have, have disappeared. he ticks everything on my list and more and being with someone has never felt so good! I can’t believe this is all happening, haha but it is! and your work has gotten me there!! I keep telling all my friends about you so they can have their own experiences. Uou are gold! thank you so much for sharing all of thisand making your work and wisdom available to so many people!! thank you thank you thank you!!

Lacy, I wanted to drop a line to thank you for the courses and all your work!:) Magical things keep happening since I started both opulence and reparent 😃 I am truly stoked 😃 Thank you!
— UNBLOCKER Inner Child + Money

When you give the gift of RE-PARENT. <3 <3 <3 My sister and I share so many of the same wounds and trauma from childhood. (and there have been a lot). We have both always processed them differently of course, and at different times in our lives.

So, how can I not offer the most beautiful gift I know how, to re-integrate; someone I love that still has pain. I tell her I am here for her but it wont be enough. It is like knowing you have this incredible secret, this tool, opportunity, and access to something that literally turns ones resentment into joy, sadness into love and lack into fulfillment. (at least that’s what it has done for me).

You don’t keep that a secret. YOU SHARE IT with those that need it most. I don’t care what it costs. This is my best friend, my partner in crime since birth, no one has ever been there more for me more than my own sister. It is a bond that can never be broken and in true BIG SISTER FORM, I am here to protect you! Always. <3

I’ve manifested a great apartment that is in my price range, ideal location, great layout, and the office staff has been BEYOND accommodating with me. So much so that it’s actually unbelievable. I don’t know of another apartment complex that would work so diligently to get a tenant in a unit with crappy credit, no rental history, etc..Simply amazing. The lease is signed, but the finances are still blocked.
The finances, as well as other areas, are blocked because I had no idea the depth of how much I believe I’m not worth it. In doing mirror work everything I spoke out all went to believe I’m not worth it. From being able to buy furniture to feel safe in a new city/new place by myself, and everything in between. All of it boiled down to not feeling like I’m worth it.
Who knew there was so much junk and poisonous beliefs residing within me?? My goodness! No wonder I’ve drawn the crap to me that I have!
The work continues! I’m off to stand in front of the mirror and repeat over and over again until I’m cracking up laughing that I’m not safe because I’m not worth it.
Stay encouraged all of you beautiful souls! Keep doing the work and keep showing up for yourself. We are all worth it!
— UNBLOCKER Inner Child, Money & Shadow

I’m so relieved and humbled to say that once we got to our new city we were able to get our car fixed for $1,000 less than we anticipated (the mechanic even admitted he made a mistake in our favor calculating the labor)💕 My husband started gaining clients immediately, even though we were prepared to live off savings for a while. By yesterday, I got in this really great headspace. I did the Reparent Day 8 and reprogrammed some stuff from my overprotective and enmeshed father, I made a list of all the reasons I am a kickass hire, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly because I deserve to feel happy and enjoy myself. THEN the MOST magical thing of all came through out of NOWHERE- I went to a job interview thinking it would be a test- but by the time I left they had hit EVERY item on my manifestation list offering me way over my desired salary and basically said I had the job if I wanted it!!!

I am so blown away by how much has come through. This is humbling, challenging, and incredibly amazing work. I am so grateful for this group and Lacey. Thanks for hanging in there with me. It feels so sweet to be on my path and living my best life.

Sending lots of love to all those in the magic dark or who are feeling stuck. Keep with it and be kind to yourself. All is coming.
— unblocker inner child & supported
I had a career in media sales that I felt done with, I was always an artist at heart but did not know how to earn money as an artist. These two parts of my life seemed to be at odds. I would either make art and make no money, or make money and not make art. The surrender was just giving up that I knew how to integrate these two worlds. I didn’t fucking know how to integrate them.

I found expanders on instagram, and took an online creativity course. My position at work went through some terrible changes, but I was still hanging on because I didn’t know what else to do. I was so conditioned to stay even though it was a bad situation. I felt like the universe had to issue the invitation for the next thing, and it hadn’t come through yet.

I made art whenever I could. Intuitive macrame and abstract paintings. I became free to create like never before; I had no mental interference. I had headaches and brain fog and exhaustion, dizziness, balance issues, cognitive losses. But I had context. I had actually asked for this surrender. Seeing things from this view made all of it beautiful. During my recovery I snuck on to Instagram to find more expanders, and found so many artists and creatives hacking their way into making a good living. I became determined to be one of them.

I’m a Projector by human design, so my injury has only enhanced living my design by enforcing rest and taking me out of the possibility of 9-5 - my brain simply stops functioning with too much stress or technology use.

I manifested this gallery show with the help and magic of two other female artists who I met just after giving up on meeting other artists in my area. Yep I’m in the valley, Woodland Hills, the burbs, I’m at the base of Topanga. Judge me city folks, go ahead - I have been you - #integrated.
— unblocker inner child, f&m, supported & authentic