Expand & Lift Your Glass Ceiling

The UNBLOCKED™ Opulence Tool is a 5-day workshop that is centered around expanding and lifting your glass ceiling by understanding the energetics surrounding money. In this workshop, you’ll learn all about taking inventory and learning the energetics of your beliefs, expansion and worth as a way to enhance your magnetism and manifestation process. Each day, you will be prompted to investigate the ways in which your subconscious is telling you what’s financially possible for you. You’ll do this by expanding your structure of beliefs while learning how to reframe them in order to project abundance and unblock the energetic money flows. 

Includes access for 12 weeks. For unlimited access see our Pathway Membership below.


5 Days of Workshop Content

5  Journal Prompts

2 Hypnotic Deep Imaginings  

20-60 minutes of content for each workshop day

Community support in the comment sections on each page


Lives in lack

Wanting to shift careers

Can never seem to pass a financial glass ceiling

Carrying out family financial patterns

Undervalued and underpaid in current career


This workshop is all about taking inventory on where you picked up financial programming in your life, and understanding what steps you need to take in order to create abundance. It is not about reprogramming, but rather about learning where you are needing to step into your power and learning how to open up financial portals or shift current circumstances. The workshop can be accomplished in a matter of five days; however, we suggest that you revisit it once a month until you have achieved the success you are wanting.

At the end of this course, you’ll have learned the energetics behind financial abundance and how to integrate this practice into your daily life. You’ll also have gained community support and a better understanding of your most authentic, magnetic self. In order to complete this workshop, please have a device with access to WIFI, a pen, paper/journal and the proper time to dedicate to this deep inner work.

Access at anytime that is convenient for you! All you need is your digital device, journal, pen and earphones.



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I have been working through Opulence for about 8 days now and really the breakthroughs are amazing. So yesterday I did portals. It was a lot for my system to process. As I got engrossed into the DI some of the images around acceptance and being embraced for what I bring to world were so vivid I nearly vomited. My eyes filled with tears I was coughing almost chocking as my mother embraced me said she loved me for all I was and all I will be. My mother has never said those words. Further down the DI, I was in a room made of solid gold where I was smiling as I sat in meditation the sun shone in my face - it was magical. Then my parents arrived again. As I was leaving the DI I waved goodbye to my parents as they stood and watched me walk away 😍. I felt empowered. I have always known for my sanity that I have to step out of my parents draining, victim based, scarcity energetics to succeed. Before I left to teach yesterday evening I got an email from a studio stating that I have been underpaid so can expect some cash to come though.

Today, I woke up meditated as I usually do, and went off to teach. One of my students said she would purchase online classes from me (without me asking) I am a generator in HD so have to wait to respond (this is one of the things I’ve been manifesting) an online studio so I can travel, work& earn. One of my students also an expander, has said he is putting on an event this Saturday where I will teach some yoga to get my private yoga offering more buoyant and thriving, (I did nothing, he contacted me tell me this today!), multiple teachers contacted me just today offering more work (I’d been worried about earning as I’m away for a month) a phone call came in about funding available for small businesses (this is part of what I’m currently manifesting my own yoga studio) this shit works. You have to go through the dark to find the light.
Oh my gosh! I’m not even finished with the Opulence course, and I’ve had recruiters from nearly all the major companies in my field contact me, an old boss who I adore - but wanted me to move (test), and then today my manager told me I’ve been given a promotion!
(Oh, and met a really nice guy, handsome intelligent, and uncomplicated)

Hi lovelies! I wanted to share the magic of Villages! Last month I posted about a trip I manifested to several counties in Europe and had a few ladies in one I was visiting (Berlin!) add me to their Village. Not only did I meet three beautiful women, but they showed me the best time (felt like we knew each other for years), and one of them became my first international “clients,” as I’ve embarked on my path of following my purpose—which is being a global energy healer (thanks Opulance!)

HAD A MAJOR AHA MOMENT after listening to this mediation and answering the questions about Portals. I was speaking about the process with my husband, and through that, I realized something about my ‘masculine energy’. When I was making a lot of money in my 20s, right out of college, I was super confident, in my masculine energy, very balls out (as it were) and unafraid. I realized after many years, this didn’t work well for relationships. I couldn’t keep one. Men would be attracted to me, then not want a commitment in any way, shape, or form. I was also beaten down by living in LA and pursuing an acting career that was once fruitful, then it felt like an uphill battle to get representation. I made bad choices thinking I was sticking up for myself, and when I did stick up for myself when it was warranted, on set or in other professional situations, I got called a “diva”. All of this softened me to the point of moving back to NY, wanting to transition careers, and now I realize, that I am afraid if I truly step into my full masculine energy again, my husband will leave me. This, in my knowledgeable, conscious, mind is obviously not the truth. SUBCONSCIOUSLY, however, when I was sharing what I wrote ( basically, I didn’t read it out loud), I started to cry. I knew, at that moment that this is 100% a block. I feel by just acknowledging it, giving it voice, and getting his affirmation that this one million % will not happen ( him leaving), and him even sharing that he loves my masculine energy when I take control of situations and speak my mind, was extremely affirming. How funny -( or not) is it that my favorite agent who helps me get commercial work, texted me the DAY AFTER to share she’s leaving the agency where we’ve worked together for the last nine years. This was my main source of income, but I guess the Universe just closed a door and opened a portal.

I put out a new and updated manifestation list before my fiance and I took a trip to go plan out wedding on the Oregon coast. One of my manifestations was to find the perfect wedding dress for under $200. The lady who was helping me pull dresses grabbed some that were above my price range and I was too excited and didn’t look at receipt on THE DRESS until after I tried it on and fell in love... it’s $299 (originally $699). And I wanted the sash to go with it. Too much. And literally the second after I said that in my mind my mom came over to me and said she wanted to pay for half of the dress, making it so I was able to stay below $200. Almost exactly $200. Oh, and I picked up another wholesale account on the coast (my other manifestation) the next day. ✨

You’re the best Lacy! Thank you! I’m actually an avid follower of your principles! I’m a freelance branding and marketing specialist now after leaving a corporate career in advertising after having closely adhered to your teachings!

Thank you so much Lacy for creating everything you have - since October I’ve done Reparenting, Shadow, The Formula, and now Opulence. In March I edited my ideal partner list after a series of tests highlighted exactly what I wasn’t going to accept anymore. 2 hours later my best friend texted me to say she’d met someone at a party the previous evening and thought he would be great for me. We met and hit if off.. he’s EVERYTHING on my list (plus he had a list too and I’m everything on it!!)

We’ve been together ever since...I never thought this would be possible before I found your work. I’m undoing so many layers and connecting all the dots, it’s such a fascinating process and you deliver it in such a warm and eloquent way. I’ve learnt so much about myself and having the support for the community is a huge help

3 days ago I put “Vogue feature” on my list. Today I woke up to an email asking to use my work for a spring feature, and just now watching this incredible video Older Brother posted, I see my Blue Woman Vase in there! Thanks for all the magic 😉

You helped my boyfriend and I manifest our new apartment that we just put our deposit down for yesterday 😱 like the whole damn list (we even wrote the list together)!

I need to share this experience because I’m giddy about how wonderful it is. I’ve had a rough couple of years, especially these last few months. But I’ve been working through the Unblocked courses (opulence first, then reparent) and am starting to step into my worth. My biggest challenge in this lifetime is trusting & staying in love, not fear, so I’ve been having LOTS of tests come up the last few months.

I’m guessing I’m passing them, because damn have these last few days been magical! We were heading out for markets on the coast, but a couple days before we were supposed to leave we found out my boyfriend had an extra couple days off. I got a ping to go to Nelson (even though it would stretch our budget as tight as it would go). I found a sale on a beautiful heritage hotel, so took the leap. The next day I had the biggest online sale I’ve ever had, which covered all the extra days of the trip, including hotel, gas & food, plus extra. Later that day, I found a lens ball, something he had been wanting for awhile, just laying on the ground! Then when we got to the hotel, we found out our rooms had been upgraded for free, and the name of the room is the ladybird (which for me signifies my great grandmas spirit - it’s how she visits me after she passed).

Now, my challenge for me is to stay present with the experience & not give into the fear that because things are going good, something bad is about to happen. Something I’ve totally been programmed to expect. I’m practicing staying in my heart space, trusting I’ll be taken care of, and that whatever happens next is the best possible thing that could happen to me - because I’m realizing now that even the things I thought were “bad” at the time were beautiful steps to growth and getting where I am today. And just trying to soak in and be present with all the beauty I’m surrounded with right now - because damn it feels good

I have done many of Lacy’s tools including Opulence, Reparent, No, Shadow, and am now doing How to Manifest Workshop because I want to do daily reprograming to reinforce the work I have already done. (I have a great partner or I would have done partnership too.)

I can’t tell you how much these tools have helped me. I have manifested things as small as a pair of ridiculously inexpensive brand new salsa shoes and as large as having just recently manifested the perfect mid century modern home by a very specific AZ architect AND within our budget to buy. (We closed last week.)
— unblocker MONEY, shadow, INNER CHILD, no & formula

So...just had to share something exciting that happened. I just received a salary increase (effective this week) that I was not expecting!!

Manifestation update: I’m an actor transitioning to writing for TV full time. I now have a bridge job, freelance writing commercial treatments. Hey, it’s close! They’re for TV! In the meantime, I’m still auditioning as an actor until I manifest my TV show writing gig, due to mostly earning $ to have more time to write and for my husband’s and my health insurance. My freelance work was a little thin for April, and I was starting to panic a bit. Then my commercial agent calls me for a print audition. I always loathed those. So I took a deep breath and said, “No thanks. In fact, please don’t submit me for these anymore. They bum me out. Anything I actually can speak lines on is still ok, but no more running around chasing this kind of gig. It’s exhausting and I’m done.” They were really nice, but said, “Ok, well... they requested you specifically.” You guys, it was a potential $3000 gig and I could really use that right now. BUT INSTEAD I said, “I get it, and thank you so much. Please tell them I’m passing.” A couple days later I got booked on two freelance gigs back to back and I have two more coming next week, AND ALL MY CHECKS THAT WERE LATE- ARRIVED! Boom. #opulance #passedatestwithflyingcolors #thanksLacy

I just manifested a jewelry client. I’m a fucking witch.

I did Opulence at the beginning of the year, then just last week I had a major test.

I had been soft of giving discounts to a few people and they were starting to spread, it felt out of my control, I felt no one who was asking really needed them, and I felt obligated to keep offering them. I am a 1-woman business so it definitely felt like I identified a leak in my energy/money.

It was SO hard for me to follow through, but I decided to discontinue all discounts for everyone, and as soon as I made that decision I knew it was the right one bc it felt SO light. It was literally last Monday that I got this test, Wednesday that I “passed” the test, and my schedule for this week finally exceeded my goal of the number of clients I want to see every week!!! (I’ve been working to hit this goal for at least the past 9 months!)

I received a ping! I have gone through Opulence and my relationship with money is stagnant and I hate to admit it, lazy, but the ping said to unwrap my printer. I’m a huge procrastinator (self sabotage, I know) but the printer will allow me to make some return labels and get some refunds back
I went to set it up and there was a $5 Starbucks giftcard AND a $10 google play giftcard in the packaging. The universe was sending me abundance just for opening a box that I’d had sitting there for months!! Not to mention hundreds I’ll receive when I mail back some online purchases that didn’t work. I would not have been this open and aware to these signs and messages if I hadn’t done that work. Thank you for doing what you do. ✨

Since I’ve started following your work I began making manifestation lists (career, material, man...) One of the biggest things I wanted was, and I wrote this on paper, “work totally remotely by 2018.”

Today I realized – holy crap! it’s happening. I didn’t even notice it until I sat down to do some budgeting and realized everything I;m doing, starting this week, is from the comfort of my laptop.

Lacy, I just wanted to reach out and tell you that working with your opulence and shadow bundles have changed the game for me. I’m living a more vibrant, energetically charged life. The things I am calling in to live in alignment with my true self are appearing without the painful, bone grinding process that it normally takes. I am grateful for you and your work! Thank you!

Just wanted to thank you for helping me see and believe in the power of manifestation. I was doing the work and feeling stuck for a couple months and then BOOM!

I manifested an amazing job in the city and they offered me 5k over what I asked for and the most incredible benefit package. I spent yesterday apartment shopping (so fun!!_ and found the PERFECT place and roommate (literally everything on my list, 2 bedroom close to Brooklyn botanical gardens, stylish & sweet designer roommate, lots of beautiful natural light and $250 below my budget! I’m in awe!!

I just wanted to share in case anyone needs some apartment/moving expanding. My husband and I are currently in NYC and we’ve been planning a move to LA. We are actors and we are both from California and we have been feeling ready to start making a pilgrimage back home. We decided the best option would be to stay in NYC for another year to tie up loose ends, make the most out of our jobs and connections here and plan for a summer 2019 move to the west coast. That said we knew we wanted to get out of our current apartment, so we were feeling a little nervous about moving and having to go through whole NYC apartment hunt just to live here for another year. So, last weekend I wrote down some really specific things I wanted in apartments for us. I gave the universe options. Yesterday, out of the blue a friend posted about her desire to find a longterm submitter for her surprisingly affordable Williamsburg apartment. We connected and that will be where my husband and I will spend our final year in NYC! The apartment matched all but ONE of my list points, honestly came out of nowhere and is beyond perfect for us (we get to live in a dream hood, we never thought we’d be able to afford, we get to skip the whole application process, AND we have flexibility for our big cross country move). Grateful, feeling expanded and like the trust muscle got a little strengthening.

I’m so excited to have finally discovered what I truly want. Freedom has been coming up ALOT lately in my journaling. I kept asking myself freedom from what? My career, relationship, debt, everyday stress of life?? Last night it finally hit me, I want the freedom to finally be me. And to enjoy each unique quality I bring to this lifetime. Growing up my mom told me over and over I needed to change. It was always something, making me feel I wasn’t good enough. (I’ve done Reparent, Opulence, and recently started Daily Reprogramming.) I’ve spent the last well...33 years changing. Today, I’m done and it’s been the most rewarding day of my life, I’m living as the real me. Take it or leave it. How liberating !

Really excited. Finally gained confidence in switching jobs — and had a great job interview today! Woo! Crazy! Crazy! Just allowing the space to see other options is so freeing. Need to follow up with a killer resume (I got a little nervous talking about my qualifications). NERVOUS but I GOT THIS?! Going to reach out to others in the industry this weekend. WHAT.

First post and I’m having an out of body experience right now.. Starting a new career in the aesthetics field (from being a makeup artist) and I am manifesting just a better life for my husband, my son and I. Long story short there is a very expensive piece of equipment that I dream of having in my business one day and I convinced myself early this year it wasn’t going to happen until I started Opulance a few days ago and put it out into the universe that I was going to achieve success in this new journey without anything specific. I am trying to surround myself with expanders and diving into some of my favorite esthetician blogs daily to just remind myself that what I want is achievable.

Today one of my mentors casually mentioned if I would be interested in carrying the equipment in our medical spa and it took me completely by surprise

I’ve manifested a great apartment that is in my price range, ideal location, great layout, and the office staff has been BEYOND accommodating with me. So much so that it’s actually unbelievable. I don’t know of another apartment complex that would work so diligently to get a tenant in a unit with crappy credit, no rental history, etc..Simply amazing. The lease is signed, but the finances are still blocked.
The finances, as well as other areas, are blocked because I had no idea the depth of how much I believe I’m not worth it. In doing mirror work everything I spoke out all went to believe I’m not worth it. From being able to buy furniture to feel safe in a new city/new place by myself, and everything in between. All of it boiled down to not feeling like I’m worth it.
Who knew there was so much junk and poisonous beliefs residing within me?? My goodness! No wonder I’ve drawn the crap to me that I have!
The work continues! I’m off to stand in front of the mirror and repeat over and over again until I’m cracking up laughing that I’m not safe because I’m not worth it.
Stay encouraged all of you beautiful souls! Keep doing the work and keep showing up for yourself. We are all worth it!

I’ve been studying reparenting, opulence, and the Tools and in an earlier post I mentioned how my husband and I had manifested $75,000 💰💰to pay off debt after following Lacy’s guidelines.
I’ve been fortunate to have been married for 37 years to a man who has worked hard and been successful to give an amazing wonderful life to me and our three adult children. I’m the dreamer, the rose-colored glasses, let’s try this and do that, go here and go there, and float about lighting up his and our family’s lives with love and laughter. Needless to say; I’ve never been hands-on with the monthly bills, insurances, accounts receivable and payable—and now realizing that I have been seriously lacking in masculine energy.
When our now adult kids “gifted” us an appointment with a financial advisor-I kind of freaked out. My husband is living out his last years with cancer and our children wanted to be sure I had my shit together, was aware of bills that would need to be paid, future monies to be planned with, and that I would know what to do when that time to say goodbye is in view. I dragged my feet to the advisor’s office with husband but what I found out, what I’ve always believed in is that—knowledge is power. Throw the light on the darkness and start to learn about it (“do the work”) so you can be successful. It wasn’t scary; the advisor didn’t yell at us😂, in fact, it was enlightening and made my financial self-worth climb up a notch!
SO—back to the good part 😀
Husband and I are BOTH going over where the $75,000 is going to be directed and where we stand at this time. And I’m feeling like I’m contributing my ideas and intelligence to our finances. And more—
An investment that we were a part of will be paying off early in a big way in the next few months. I really believe that DOING THE WORK, stepping into my masculine energy and taking ownership of “that other half” of me (crunching numbers, going after goals, and passing tests) that the universe is congratulating me and rewarding us with these unexpected financial windfalls.

Because I saw “NO” and manifestation working, I purchased “Opulence” in December. I worked on “Opulence” up to the 4th day. And the 4th day I just didn’t get it. I didn’t get anything in the DI and I found my mind wandering so I stopped. The next day I tried again, but my cat kept coming in and interrupting me, and I became so upset that I stopped and had a meltdown that my husband witnessed. I was so mad I couldn’t get through this 4th day. My husband suggested that I take a bath and relax. I did, and I received 2 very vivid memories:
The first one, when I was in 4th grade, I was taking art/painting lessons outside of school and someone had seen my painting and wanted to buy it. I never met the buyer, but the teacher told my mom that someone was interested in the painting. They asked me to come up with a price, and I went home and calculated how many hours I worked on the painting and a price per hour (can you tell I like math?). The next day I told them I wanted $100 for the painting. And they both said “Oh no, that’s too much money.” and then they talked me down to something like $40. Clearly, two people I held in high regard literally told me I’m not worth that money.
The second one was when I was being offered my first job out of school, I was told “ You can take this offer or not. There’s no negotiating.”. And I took it. At the time, I worked in a very niche design market. This same thing happened a 3rd time, in the job I have now. I’m gaining the courage and self-worth to ask for a raise.
After these two memories came up, I realized that these were creating this belief system that what I think I’m worth, no one is willing to pay it.
Fast forward to yesterday. I thought I had run out of time to finish “Opulence”, but I randomly checked and I could still do the DIs! I was so excited! So I sat down after work and did Day 4 for the 3rd time. I felt good about it. I envisioned a small, red, glowing version of myself inside of me standing tall and the glow radiating from me. I finished it as well.
Today, my husband and I found out that our tax return is BIG this year and then my boss came to me with extra freelance that is going to pay well, and another freelance job that was in a holding pattern looks like it’s moving forward.
I can’t wait to finish Day 5, and then start again. Thank you all for being such a great, and supportive group. I’m so excited to see what we all grow into and manifest!

I just started UNBLOCKED Opulence and I am absolutely mind blown after the first lesson. I learned things about myself in just 2 hours that have been hiding deep in my subconscious for a lifetime and identified my deepest, most rooted blockage to finacial abundance that I had no clue was there. I can’t wait to continue with this work. Thank you so much.
— unblocker MONEY

I feel like my first official manifestation finally came through! I’ve been doing Lacey’s workshops for a few months and to be honest I’ve seen a lot of shifts and energy move around but nothing I could say was really a manifestation until recently. I started doing opulence and wow things are moving around big time. Sales/discounts are popping up, new portals and last week I found out I won $150 in a contest at work. A Vitamix has been on my list for awhile and I thought it was something that I would never be able to afford. Well today is Amazon’s prime day and what do you know was marked off $100 with all my savings from Amazon and gift cards added up I ended up paying $33 of my own money. Yup $33 for a freakin Vitamix! I know a lot of us are working on manifesting bigger things and I certainly am too but as Lacey says these small things help build our trust muscles and this really did <3
— Unblocker MONEY AND F&M

My boyfriend and I are going to Hawaii for a wedding next month and have been stressing about places to stay. We wanted to see if we could do a trade with a hotel or Airbnb host since he’s a photographer. I was so nervous about the possibility of this not happening and having to pay thousands of dollars to stay somewhere (money that I just don’t have). I meditated on it and got quiet and asked the universe for help. I heard a voice to be still and know that it’s going to work out, I just have to trust that it will. So my BF and I got to work and started reaching out to possible places. Within 30 mins we got a response and booked an adorable place right next to the wedding venue!!! All for trade! And then I heard back from a family member that they reserved their timeshare for us...for FREE on the rest of the dates that we still needed accommodations. Seriously...crazy! I never would have thought it would work out but it did. It’s been fun introducing my BF to manifesting tools and techniques and he is starting to learn about expanders and manifesting parking spaces, lol. But the most magical part of it all is manifesting with him. Love it. Hopefully this story can expand a fellow manifesting traveler! Xx✨
— unblocker MONEY, INNER CHILD & supported

I just got a job I’ve been wanting for my entire 15 year career. This shit is real ✨

Tomorrow is my last day at my soul-sucking job. I jumped off the cliff, have a F you Fund, and have really learned to step in my power this past year, and am moving to Nashville later on this summer. I’m taking a month off to rest and rejuvenate. I had an “earthquake” moment about 3 weeks ago which gave me the push to jump off the cliff. Excited about what the next steps will be. I always experience a lot of kismet things whenever I am in Nashville. :) Just today at lunch, my boss told me that I’m more confident since I gave notice. I’m really being my authentic self more and more and it feels DAMN good!!

Just wanted to share. I have lists of what I am manifesting in my phone and, prior to a fundraising campaign the nonprofit I just established did, I wrote “raise over $20k via crowdfunding”.

Well, we brought in a total of $22,355 in just 35 days! At first I was shocked, and had forgotten I even wrote this in my list. Then I realized the platform takes almost 10%, so I got worried, but even with the fees we surpassed that $20k goal! Just barely, but we did. I saw that number and knew.

I did the Opulence workshop about 6 months ago and have since focused on expanders and visualizing my success in certain things. I so deeply believe now in co-creating with the Universe. I worked my ass off to get this campaign up and running, and to see it through, while simultaneously doing the internal work, and now the nonprofit can benefit from that.

Putting this out there, knowing that it takes so much more than simply the wish and these words. But it’s all part of the process 💕 Thank you Lacy Phillips

MANIFESTATION UPDATE: last month I found out that all of my student loan debt (tens of thousands of dollars) is being paid off by a miracle. Holy. Shit.

And- I had posted previously that I was in some shameful credit card debt that I had no idea how to get out of. It was around that time I was barely making ends meet with a small monthly income doing freelance design work. My credit card has been paid off after asking for help and talking about it (huge shadow). I feel so free! And so grateful for this work!!!! Thank you Free + Native !!!🙏🏼💗

Lately I’ve heard a ping saying to take Sundays off the bar so it can be open for more clients in the morning but I also got a ping to take my FST level 2 (the next level of fascial Stretch Therapy Training) which is expensive as hell. I already put down the down payment because my solar plexus is emotional and I reacted quickly to the ping 😂 but I’ve been worried how I should pay for the rest of it. I wanted to avoid the credit card route since I’m still paying off my last training with one. I’ve kept asking my guides what to do in my morning meditations for the past week...

So yesterday, one of my past clients returned to me (I share him with another coach but we haven’t been able to get our schedules to mesh). I rearranged my whole schedule to stretch him and he kept cancelling on me the last few times.. I was getting frustrated but my gut kept telling me to keep booking him. He’s a very successful business man and respects my time.. he’s pre-paid in the past and never expects me to make up missed sessions, but I got a new processing system and didn’t have a card on file for him.

Anyways, he finally comes in and pre-paid for A WHOLE YEAR which was the exact amount of money (and a little extra to get me through this slow summer time) that I needed to pay for my level 2! 😭😱

As an entrepreneur, I have a strict budget and I hadn’t put his sessions into my budget so it really feels like extra money. This stuff works you guys. Keep stepping into your self worth and listening to pings!!!!!💗💗

Back in March i did was amazing. I manifested
- an awesome job in natural wine (very much my thing) I’m doing social media for a family run vineyard in chile but marketing to UK. I love this job, It’s a remote job which is important for me, as i thrive better in everything when i have my freedom
- i started my mini baking business, ppl love my products & i get to connected with many of the ppl in my town (lots of situtional mag, & meeting expanders)

GUYS! I manifested my DREAM job - that I didn’t even know existed.

When I had first heard of Lacy’s work, I was a little all over the place. I was in the final year of my MBA program (graduating this June!), working in marketing at a tech startup (was not crazy about it- but love the energy at startups!) and completing my 200 hr yoga teacher training. My intuition led me to that training and as soon as I started I knew I wanted to make that my career path. The only problem was - I wasn’t sure how to make it work. Knowing myself I knew I needed to be teaching and connecting with students while also using that other side of me - my business and marketing skills. I also knew that I needed to be making a good living, have healthcare and benefits. I remember asking one of my yoga teachers - how can I make this a full-time profitable career? He told me that I probably wouldn’t and that I shouldn’t quit my day job. I was determined not to take no for an answer. I had to make it work! I did the work on myself, passed some tests and found some expanders. Fast forward a few months - I am about to graduate, completed my yoga teacher training, teaching a few weekly classes and had not yet quit my day job. I was researching for other studios to audition at and took a break to look through Instagram stories - an ad for a studio I had never heard of popped up. Thinking it was a sign I researched the company. It was everything that I was looking for! A company based in San Francisco with a revolutionary business model that pays yoga teachers FULL-TIME SALARIES with benefits! The best part is that the company is run by its teachers meaning that you are able to use your FULL skill set on the job! And they are a young, growing company (hello I love working at startups with momentum!!) And they were opening in my city! I thought it was too good to be true. I DMed the hiring manager and CEO of the company wanting to chat with them ASAP. After the first phone call, I was excited. After dinner with them, I was sure that this was it! This is exactly what I had been calling in! I received the job offer on Friday. I had no idea that this company or amazing business model existed and here it fell onto my lap- with EVERYTHING on my list! I love love love this work. Thank you, Lacy and everyone in this wonderful group for sharing your stories you have ALL expanded me

I finished Opulence Wednesday night. The very next morning I got a new client and there was an article about the children’s book I wrote on the front page of the local paper!!

Things I’ve manifested in the last 6 weeks (hello, opulence!): a ton of random cash, a new perfect MINI Cooper (everything on my list, under budget, and I bought it in Austin so got a bonus little road trip back to Los Angeles that was beautiful), my Ayurvedic Postpartum Mother Care practice is overbooked for six months without compromising my offerings or accepting any clients I don’t feel completely aligned with (pretty much as far out as you can be booked as a birth worker!), and what means the MOST - an incredibly epic birthday surprise for my Mom’s 60th birthday (it’s a big secret but it’s beyond, what I’m pulling off for her with the help of a very special former client of mine). ♥♥♥

I am already having some realizations after starting the first day of OPULENCE. My journaling is really allowing me to see the perspective of how I see and treat money and I can literally pinpoint the moment where my stance on money set me up for what is possibly blocking me already! Didn’t think I would have an ‘aha!’ moment so quickly! I’m obsessed. So beyond words how grateful I am for this workshop already.

LACY!!! I just manifested the mother fucking load!!!!! I’m training a staff on holistic skincare in the CAYMAN ISLANDS. They are PAYING FOR ME TO COME OUT AND TEACH THEIR STAFF

Just want to leave this here:
A few months ago, I had posted in the group about being unemployed and trying to manifest a new job that was aligned with what I wanted to do but far out of my current skill set. I completed Opulence and discovered blocks, but still struggled to find abundance financially and my way career-wise. I had quit my last job with a small fuck you fund but not enough to go much longer. I made my list and went to countless interviews for things I didn’t want and didn’t match up. While waiting for this job, I had to jump off a lot of other cliffs and drop a lot of things I really thought I cared about but were keeping me small and in my comfort zone, including turning down acceptance to my dream college and breaking up with my boyfriend.

Out of desperation and one last creative attempt, I cold emailed someone who I felt very drawn to and expanded by from afar. They asked to meet me and on my way to my interview, the owner of my old company got on the train and sat down directly in front of me without noticing. An even crazier sign is the person who currently has the job follows Lacy’s work and brought it up in my interview with her!!! When I went home after my second interview and checked, the position is absolutely everything on my list. I am excited to say that today, almost three months to the day I became unemployed, I accepted this job!!!

Lacy’s work does work !!! I’m so grateful for this community and the universe ❤️
— unblocker MONEY

You Guys, I completed opulence a few weeks ago and have been in so much magic dark territory until today. I am an actor and I have had a day job as a nanny of a family with 4 kids for almost 5 years. This job was such a blessing for me after graduating from my MFA program. It was flexible and paid well and I fell for the kids, but in recent years it has been a place where I have been so small. My boss would forget to pay me and I would be so ashamed and uncomfortable to ask for it, at first I didn’t even ask (so bad, I know). Boundaries were not clear and I made myself as small as possible (I know energetically this bled into all aspects of my life). I put in my notice last month (in order to work towards becoming a postpartum doula), saying that I would stay until the kids were out of school, but this week they started kind of trying to push me out prematurely, when I agreed to go, they flipped and asked me to say longer. I listened to my gut and decided to bow out even though I was afraid of not making money. I KNEW this was a test and I had to stand in my power and say NO. I could feel that the universe was begging me to trust. An HOUR after I sent my e-mail saying I was done, my doula mentors offered me an apprenticeship, opportunities to shadow them AND a mom I used to sit for offered me a babysitting job (with healthy boundaries) that will hold me over until I have my own clients as a doula. The energetics of this work are so insane and so real! Thank you, Lacy and thank you to all of you for expanding me on the daily! I can’t wait to see how all of this will play into my dream acting job as well...✨
— unblocker MONEY

I always got rejected by the boys I liked and now I get rejected by potential employers I don’t even want to work for (but you know, paternal pressure to ear a decent amount of money and to give up on my dreams). I can’t wait to learn more from you Lacy! I’ve grown more in this process than in therapy! Forever grateful!
— UNBLOCKED Opulence

OPULENCE WORKS! I began the work in early December. 3 days in, the tests began in earnest: I lost clients and commissions, multiple things were breaking in our rental home, and the holidays had us surprisingly stretched, even though we budgeted and planned for the season. After I realized what was happening, I wrote in my journal, “The tests are here, and yet I’m so completely grounded in my truth and my worth. My trust is so very deep for the path laid out before me.”

In 2018, the tests got even harder. The tenants in our rental house completely destroyed our property, we have been draining our savings account for repairs (while covering the mortgage in an empty home) and the lack of commissions continues. This is the furthest I’ve ever been pushed financially. My paycheck supports me, my two toddlers and my stay-at-home husband. We’ve been on very thin financial ice for weeks, juggling credit cards and yet I’ve been trusting. Surrendering. Knowing that I’d be caught in a beautiful net, if I just allowed it to come.

Today, our tax accountant sent us an email with info on our return. It’s $8k. I’m reeling, and so filled up with gratitude. Thank you Lacy for sharing this work with the world, and thanks to all you beautiful souls who hold space for each other, and for me while we wade through the trenches.

Hi beautiful F+N community! Just thought I’d share some weekend manifestation goodness for you all to hopefully lift your spirits!

I’m a Pilates instructor, personal trainer and fascial Stretch therapist. I combine all of these modalities and love to learn new things to make my service specialized (I’m an MG obviously ). I also own a percent of the studio I work out of and am
helping to grow the group fitness program there and trying to start creating content for our YouTube and IG.

However, even doing all of this...I’m still bartending on the weekends for fun money and savings because there are such fluctuations with entrepreneurship and I’ve only been at it for 3 years.

Lately I’ve heard a ping saying to take Sundays off the bar so it can be open for more clients in the morning but I also got a ping to take my FST level 2 (the next level of fascial Stretch Therapy Training) which is expensive as hell. I already put down the down payment because my solar plexus is emotional and I reacted quickly to the ping but I’ve been worried how I should pay for the rest of it. I wanted to avoid the credit card route since I’m still paying off my last training with one. I’ve kept asking my guides what to do in my morning meditations for the past week...

So yesterday, one of my past clients returned to me (I share him with another coach but we haven’t been able to get our schedules to mesh). I rearranged my whole schedule to stretch him and he kept cancelling on me the last few times.. I was getting frustrated but my gut kept telling me to keep booking him. He’s a very successful business man and respects my time.. he’s pre-paid in the past and never expects me to make up missed sessions, but I got a new processing system and didn’t have a card on file for him.

Anyways, he finally comes in and pre-paid for A WHOLE YEAR which was the exact amount of money (and a little extra to get me through this slow summer time) that I needed to pay for my level 2!

As an entrepreneur, I have a strict budget and I hadn’t put his sessions into my budget so it really feels like extra money. This stuff works you guys. Keep stepping into your self worth and listening to pings!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!! So thankful for F+N and this community. Xx

This is very small but I finally manifested something material!! I’ve been looking for a pair of hiking sandals for a few weeks now that normally retail for over $100 but I told myself they have to be under $50 and brand new or barely used. Yesterday they went on sale for $49, however after tax, that’s over $50. I ALMOST did it but told myself no and to wait for a cheaper pair. Well this morning I looked on a buy & sell app and felt a ping to click on a posting that was way above $50. It turns out it was actually a woman telling people that if you’re a size 8 , you can buy a child’s size 6 and they fit! (A few people confirmed this in the comments and then someone said this one site, they’re $45. So I went to the site and turns out they’re 25% off sale right now so I ended up buying a pair for a total of $36.91!! I know this isn’t much, but it feels awesome knowing this can happen. It makes me excited to see what bigger things I will call into my life (i.e. partner, new career) ✨

I silently walked out on a job that put me behind closed doors alone with three male supervisors to be chastised like a child. These same people ‘forgot’ to pay me on two separate occasions, who cared nothing of cramming worker’s desks so close that we could not move without our chairs bumping into someone’s back, knee, foot. Many sad toes were rolled over.

I stepped into my worth when I stepped out of that building.

One hour later I received a email from a NBCU inviting me to interview right away. The day after that Warner Bros Music offered me a job interview. Annnnd today I had a interview for a digital managing position with UCLA.

I’m okay.

No. Really.

I am so fucking okay because doing the hard work in Unblocking Shadow has taught me how to own my shit as opposed to letting it own me.

I will never stop practicing what I learned. I will continue to revisit. There will be more tests to pass and lessons to learn. This was my first. I’ll never forget it. Thank you all for reading, for being my expanders, for being inspiration and support. Yay us!

Thank you, Lacy.

I’m on a roll! I’ve been working through Opulence and Shadow and I’m manifesting with a quickness - like everything showing up within hours. Last night, I journaled that I’m calling in a purple labradorite (something I feel I need ot be wearing on a regular basis for some reason) and one popped up in my IG feed less than 24 hours later! 🙌🏼

I wanted to write you to thank you for the unblocked workshops – I am doing the Reparenting for the third time, have done shadow once, partnership once, and opulence three times. Since starting this work in December my life has drastically changed – an unhealthy relationship, job and apartment situation were cleared out of my life!

I’ve been working on Unblock Opulence and just wanted to share a great thing today. A client asked me to do a project that is my total passion working on ethical manufacturing policy and he needed it next week. Instead of my normal rate, I doubled it! Before I would have kept the same rate for an urgent project “to be nice/fair/easy” but I see that was lowering my worth. He replied the same day and accepted! No push back, no negotiations.

Lacy, I wanted to drop a line to thank you for the courses and all your work!:) Magical things keep happening since I started both opulence and reparent 😃 I am truly stoked 😃 Thank you!

I did opulence and a few days later I received a test from the Universe and passed it! I manifested an english teaching job at a school and actually didn’t get it because I asked for more money than they offered lol but funnily I was OFFERED (didn’t even have to look for it) a private teaching job AND only one day after I’d applied, I got called for a yoga teaching gig which is super awesome and more me (we’re still defining the financial thing, but I’m quite positive about it)!
At first I didn’t think it had worked Opulence on me, but after I realised the test, and noticed all those things coming in... I stepped into my worth fearlessly and confidently (like never before) and asked what I wanted for my wages (way beyond the normal market here in my city).

Hi Lacy! Just had to share an insane sign/affirmation from the universe that happened to me yesterday. After finding clarity months ago that I need to pursue a career in healing work (Breathwork) and a lifestyle more in line with my authentic self, I realized I need to make a jump away from my corporate job to step onto that path. After doing ALL the work and finding expanders and preparing financially, I decided this week that I’d put in my 2 weeks on March 30th.
And now for the magic. Of course I’d been anxious about the conversation I’d have with my boss and feeling even more like I had 2 feet out the door for a few more weeks, and then yesterday I got let go with 6 weeks severance. That is almost exactly the amount of time I would have been working and getting paid for! As much as it was a shock, I am truly in awe of the situation, because I couldn’t have even dreamed up this could happen and it is such a strong affirmation that my decision is right and now I can shift my energy away from that corporate life sooner than later. Your work had held me through this whole process, thank you, thank you!

So I finished Opulence and one of the biggest messages I got was that in order for my business to expand in the ways I want it to, I needed to be more visible, specifically in my Instagram stories. As a domestic abuse survivor, being seen in that way was a major fear for me as it brings up trauma and generally triggers some safety I took my time listening to that particular download//tried to ignore it. Also, as a pretty shy non-millennial the whole concept is still something I’m still grappling with.

It finally became really apparent to me that I was holding myself back as well as not fully serving the community, so I decided to push my fears aside for the greater good and begin offering tips and information in my stories. My in-person rates are high but I think it’s important to find a way to make my offerings accessible to everyone, regardless of financial limitations (which actually was a big motivator in me getting Opulence in the first place - how to do this yet still be in abundance energetically and financially). I am really expanded by Lacy’s ”Curer” series and by the ethical and responsible way the people who do takeovers share so I used that as my inspiration, as well as a few other women in my industry.

I have only done two stories so far, but the response I’ve receive has humbled me. Not only has what I shared inspired people, but I have also received a couple inquiries about working one-on-one via Skype, which is another area I’m trying to expand my business into. Also: I feel completely safe doing this. I realized I’m no more exposed than when I post, so it has been a very healthy and liberating and healing experience for me.

Anyway, THANK YOU LACY and this entire community for creating space for us to heal and grow in ways we didn’t think possible, or even related to what we were working on.

I can be playful and sweet and grateful with money, rather than being so resentful of the scarcity i’ve felt... I can appreciate money as the literal vehicle for so many wonderful experiences I’ve had. Anyway. I really appreciated this reframe, so I just wanted to offer it to anyone else who maybe needs some boosts to go along with Opulence <3

I passed a test! I’ve done Opulence and working through Shadow now. I’ve been asking Spirit/Universe for clarity of direction and within 2 weeks, my life has changed entirely. I currently work in outdoor recreation/tourism but the clarity came I asked for came and I’m following my calling into healing work by registering for a breathwork certification course. The very next morning after I applied for this course, I received a job offer doing the same work I’ve been doing but for more money. I immediately identified it as a test and respectfully declined. I’m so excited to see what’s in store down this new path for me!

I have been doing the Formula since January 1 and just started Opulence a few days ago.

I think I manifested something already! For those who know the Balanced Blonde, she had a retreat in Palm Desert a few weeks ago with a reiki master, and as soon as I heard about it on her podcast, I immediately put it on my list. I of course didn’t hear about it until it had already been sold out for well over a month but hey, why not still try! I ended up scratching it off my list the Wednesday before the retreat, then was contacted by the reiki master on Instagram that they could get a space for me Thursday, and went there Friday! With plenty of others still on the waitlist. Its the small things