Gathering for Samhain Holiday (Oct 31st)


Samhain Holiday begins in the evening of October 31st and continues to November 1st. This is a time where it is believed that the veil between the spirit world and the physical plane thins. Spirits can cross over, we can communicate and honor our ancestors and spirit guides with more clarity. Therefore, it is a time of asking for guidance, giving gratitude and honoring the divine. Continue through this newsletter for some practices to participate in this year.

If you are new to the brand and aren't already in an UNBLOCKED Village, create one! Simply join the Secret Society Facebook Group and type the name of your town or city in CAPS allowing others to know that you are looking to create one in the area. There may already be one local to you, so make sure to click the button below "Find Your Local Village" to see. Gather your friends, peers or fellow local UNBLOCKERS.

How to call on your ancestors during Samhain with your village

// Traditionally, the holiday begins with a dinner to celebrate the harvest, while offering a place in the circle to those on the spiritual plane. Gather your UNBLOCKED Village, calling for each member to bring a dish or beverage for the harvest, perhaps a favorite from their childhood.

TWO // After dinner, take a meditative stroll in nature with your village peers; whether in the woods, a park, the mountains, take the time to reflect on the circle of life and the power of the natural world around us.

THREE // Set up a Samhain alter in the middle of your Village circle to pay tribute to your ancestors on the spiritual plane. Decorate it with symbols of fall, or perhaps items that remind you of those who have passed.

FOUR // Collect and (safely) utilize certain herbs and plants in cooking or altar-making, suchas allspice berries, broom, catnip, mountain ash berries, mugwort, mullein, oak leaves, acorns, rosemary, sage, pine cones, and straw.

FIVE // Everyone bring one beeswax candle and place it in your most western-facing window to guide the spirits home.

SIX // Most important of all, call in your ancestors and spirit guides to clearly begin communicating with you during your future daily channeling process. Telling you what is a test and what is not a test. Clearly giving you pings. Guidance on how to show up even more authentically, whole and worthy for your magnetism.

SEVEN // Now everyone takes the time to go around your circle to talk about what is coming up for you during the Authentic Roadmap (Access in The Pathway Membership).

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