Gathering for the Solistice

Lean into the energy of this solstice. It’s time to come together, light your fire, and be jovial. Below are recommended rituals for your Village to tap into this season’s powerful energy.

Set up a Summer Solstice Alter in a sunny spot or somewhere outdoors. Use fresh fruit, flowers, and crystals to decorate your alter.

Enjoy the pleasures of life with your favorite foods and drinks. We recommend Cacao Chia Pudding and Hibiscus Rose & Aloe Tonics.

Practice surrender by getting into your body. As a group, walk through a Daily Reprogramming Exercise, a few yoga poses, or dance under the light of the full moon!

Review the last two weeks of the Desperation Roadmap together. What has come up for you? Find actionable ways to support each other as we move through the final two weeks of the roadmap. Don’t forget to share in the Facebook group so we can support manifestors around the world!  

Grace Abbott