How to Start an Unblocked Village


Starting an Unblocked Village is a great way to connect with like-minded souls in your area! To make it easy, we have created a community page so you can find your local chapter.

If there’s no-one signed up in your area, feel free to post a message in our Secret Society Facebook Group. Simply create a thread with your city or town in caps with this title: (PLACE CITY HERE) UNBLOCKED MANIFESTATION VILLAGE.

Gather Monthly

Once you’ve connected with folks in your area, we recommend that you pick a date once a month around the full moon when you will all meet together. This can be at a home, the beach, at a cafe, a picnic in a park, or anything you choose. It's especially powerful to hold this space in a home where everyone can bring a dish to commune and share over nourishing food.

Pick a workshop that you can all go through at the same time. Discuss what you need expanding on, as well as the support you’re needing with the different tests that are presenting themselves. What frustrations are you coming up against? Connect.

Example Meeting Agenda

  • Choose someone’s house, a cafe, or park.

  • Everyone brings a dish or drink of choice.

  • Circle up.

  • Everyone shares what they are calling in.

  • Share how they are stuck, or questions that they have in their process right now, ask for expanders or expanding stories for what they are calling in. Bounce off if they need support surrounding a current test they are calling in.

  • Choose a persona to be your accountability partner. The two of you will check in on one another throughout the month to process tests, questions, blocks; etc and make sure that each other are staying on track.

  • Break for a bit and drinks.

  • Closing circle.

Grace Abbott