UPLEVEL is our new video workshop for those looking to take their life to the next level. It’s comprised of 3-workshops-in-1. Three cycles that all of us can go through in any given year: The Rockbottom, The Rut, and The Flow. You’ll learn the VERY important energetics of how to navigate your current rockbottom, your ongoing rut, or your flow to the next level.

When it comes to a rut or rockbottom, nothing is what it seems. THE UNIVERSE NEVER punishes you. What’s happening is that something big that you’ve been calling in is ready to come through so you’re being earthquaked into self-worth more quickly in order to connect with your manifestation. This workshop will provide you with old and new subconscious tools to seamlessly navigate these phases to connect with your manifestations.

Includes access for 16 weeks. For unlimited access see our Pathway Membership below.

3-In-1 Workshop

UPLEVEL is divided into three individual workshops. With just one purchase, you’ll have access to all three.

Take the quiz below for a sneak peak to see which phase you’re in now.

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After taking the quiz, does the below sound like you?


The Rut

Cycle of negativity, bad habits, or generally trekking uphill in the mud: when nothing is working no matter how hard you try.


Complete heartbreak, losing a job, financial bottom, social shame, losing someone close to you, knocked backwards on your path, you know you’ll get through it at some point.

Next level

You’re magnetic but know that you have more you can achieve, wanting to push it to the next level, goals are in sight, self-worth is high.


This workshop includes:

  • 10 Days of workshop content for all the three phases

  • 30 videos total

  • Journal prompts    

  • Bonus UNBLOCKED No workshop available upon purchase of UPLEVEL

  • Pre-Sale Only: Special Deep Imagining from the upcoming DI album launching next year

Access at anytime that is convenient for you! All you need is your digital device, journal, pen and earphone.