Heart • Magnetism Pillar


We covered the first pillar of magnetism in this article here. Moving onto to the second pillar – heart. Now this is a tricky one because there are so many iterations of what it should look and feel like when you’re in your heart, or termed heart-centered. We see it in yogic culture and pop new age a lot. However, in the MAGNETISM workshop and this article, I’ll focus on what heart means in the context of my Manifestation practice. When I survey my most magnetic clients, it looks and feels different for each of them. They aren’t saints, they aren’t perfect, however it’s not a coincidence that exactly what they intend materializes for them often.  

If I were to peel back a layer and focus on the through-line commonalities pertaining to heart in each, there are three common aspects that continually magnetic people (in my practice) share: humble honesty, lack of envy towards others, and they come from their true essence.

Humble honesty meaning that no matter how embarrassing something might seem, they effortlessly and gracefully tell the truth. They don’t embellish, lie, or manipulate.

Lack of envy towards others meaning that they don’t look at others success, lifestyle, or opportunities with judgement or lack, and they are genuinely happy for all.  

Coming from their true essence meaning genuine love and acceptance for their authentic-self, rather than a place of inflamed overcompensating ego.

Now, many people do not live or operate from their hearts because they’ve been through circumstances that don’t allow them too. Pain is relative from small to big, and every single person on the planet has dealt with pain. And one way of surviving any type of pain is to close and leave your heart.

In this particular workshop, we are going to begin opening our hearts and reclaiming our very authentic connection and projection from our own heart.  This specific pillar seems to take the most amount of attention and reconditioning, but boy does the whole world look differently when you’re looking at it through your heart. Looking forward to leading you guys through this workshop. Stay tuned for the next pillar.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips