how to manifest a miracle

Lacy Phillips • @TOBEMAGNETIC

Founder • Manifestation Advisor

Aquarius Sun / Capricorn Moon/ Leo Rising

You guys know me by now. So stoked to be surrounded by such a cool team! 


Lila Seeley • @lilaabell

Media Manager

Capricorn Sun / Aquarius Moon / Sagittarius Rising

A Manifester Generator with a passion for writing, travel, pictures and anything doused in cinnamon.

Grace abbott • @agraceabbott

Director of Marketing

Aries Sun / Virgo Moon / Gemini Rising

A Manifestor following pings and trying not to care what anyone thinks.

Nikki Gfall • @nikki_gfall

Director of Operations

Capricorn Sun / Sagittarius Moon / Cancer Rising

Minnesotan Generator with passion for yoga, ancient energy healing, live music, and exploring the Universe.

Ellie Howard • @elliebenet

Editorial Manager  

Leo Sun / Libra Moon / Aquarius Rising

Artist, projector, & music obsessed; creating a bohemian lifestyle while maintaining too many hobbies

jessica stetten • @jstetts

The Forest Retreat House Manager

Aries Sun / Cancer Moon / Gemini Rising

Mama, Yosemite lover and local, marathon runner, backcountry hiker, home and camper remodeler.

rebecca slater • @badgalreba

Executive Assistant & Client Services Specialist

Pisces Sun / Gemini Moon / Pisces Rising

Manifesting generator living in Los Angeles. Obsessed with dance, sound baths, and Seinfeld!