Authentic Self

The version of ourselves that we were when we were first born, before any negative programming, pain, shame and conditioning we received while growing up. The goal of Lacy’s work is to remove the conditioning and get back to this whole version of ourselves.


The way we process and learn something in conscious state (beta) through thought, experience, and the senses.

Deep Imagings (DI)

Recorded hypnosis that allow your subconscious mind (where we manifest from) to come forward in a theta or alpha (hypnotic) state. We use these to reprogram neural pathways and to take inventory of the physical and internal aspects of self that are out of alignment.


The energetics of being disconnected from an egoic outcome or objective.

Ego Dance 

The things you do, the way you try to look, and the things you say in front of others to be accepted, loved, and liked.  


Aka “Seeing is Believing.” A person that you identify with that already has what you want (ie job, relationship, apartment, success). They have a relatable background, socioeconomic status, etc. This allows your subconscious to see that it exists, and now it can 100% happen for you too.


Living and being in an aligned state with your authentic essence. When you’ve jumped off the cliff of comfort (trust) and honor your truth, then everything starts attracting to you and success becomes a natural force of nature.

Integrated / Integrate

Until we reclaim lost aspects of self and unplug them from others, they will continue to own us. Integration allows you to investigate anyone or anything that activates you, and then see how these people/situations are simply mirrors of self that have been denied earlier in your life, due to pain, shame or you wouldn't be loved if you inhabited them.


Downloads or pings we receive as deep knowings that come to the forefront of our conscious to aid in connecting back to our truest, most authentic self.


Looking at the people and situations that surround you and determining if they are serving and supporting your magnetism or holding you back.

Limiting Beliefs

Deeply-rooted subconscious beliefs about our self-worth that keep us small and keep us settling for less than what we deserve.


The energetics behind being completely and utterly your whole, authentic self and literally have a pull like a magnet magnetizing your manifestation towards you. That’s when your energy to manifest is the strongest.  


Calling in and receiving whatever it is that you want in life. We manifest from our deep-rooted subconscious beliefs, as the universe’s entire intention is for us to grow into our most whole, worthy, authentic selves.


The brain changes and shapes throughout our lifetime debunking old notions that our brain is fixed at childhood and stays that way- our established ways of thinking, feeling, and doing can be rewired by forming new pathways by weakening old ones. Repeated and directed attention towards one’s desired change, one can rewire their brain.

Physical Conscious Reinforcement

Actionable steps that you can take on a daily basis that address taking inventory of how you show up in the world (from a conscious - beta- state).


Little hits of intuition that tell you to do a specific thing, go a specific place, etc. Your intuitive roadmap, if you will.

Physical Plane

The actual physical world that we live as physical beings that have phsyical needs. Rather than the energetic plane.


Aspects of ourselves that we’ve rejected through pain, shame, and anything that has created low self-worth on a subconscious level. We've disowned those aspects of ourself and placed them in our "shadow".


A physical or emotional change in our external environment due to our work of reprogramming low self-worth and limiting beliefs.

Subconscious Reprogramming

This is the beauty of neuroplasticity work as our subconscious is where we manifest from. In order to tap into this, we must enter a hypnotic state (through DIs) to access the limiting self-worth and show it an alternative belief in order for you to change how you show up in the world and the energetics you’re projecting to the Universe.

Staying Grounded

Simply becoming more aware of where you currently, and coming back into your body, or back on earth by using tools (such as Palo Santo, earthing, crystals, epsom salt baths) to create a safe, sacred space.

“The Work”

This is what we call all of Lacy’s workshops and process as a whole. It’s when you’re uncovering old programming and limiting beliefs you picked up throughout your lifetime, becoming clear in your intentions, finding expanders, passing tests, following inutive pings, building your trust muscle, and clearing blocks through reprogramming.


This can be anything that creates an emotional and egoic reaction from you. It does not have to be associated with what you are manifesting. You usually have hit a trigger when a person or situation makes you activated or react in a way of judgement, anger, low self-worth, sadness, pain, jealousy, etc. as a mirror of what needs to be integrated.


A state of being effortlessly open, free, and vulnerably authentic without self-limiting loops re-circuiting in your subconscious. You’ve removed the energy that doesn’t serve you (blocks).


The Wise

Our wise community with 45 turns around the sun or more.


Our community that has been bold enough to leave their country of origin to transplant to a new manifested country that they call home.

The Masculine

Our community that identifies as a man or more with the masculine.

The Feminine

Our community that identifies as a woman or more with the feminine.

Thank you for taking the time to learn the meanings of the above terms. To Be Magnetic also has a shop our favorites section where you can see the daily essentials that our team uses.