Executive Assistant & Customer Service Specialist

Job Description:

To Be Magnetic has an immediate need for a new executive assistant and client services specialist based in Los Angeles, CA. We are looking for someone who is a go-getter who can handle multiple priorities and who knows how to prioritize efficiently and effectively. You are used to wearing multiple hats and you can be very flexible in knowing that every day will be different. 

You are reliable, great at following up on tasks as needed, resourceful, and a great communicator. This position is challenging and can be demanding, so we are looking for someone who can jump right in and provide great quality support for Lacy and all of our customers. We are looking for someone who is extremely detail oriented and used to managing calendars and schedules. This person is a great problem solver and does not back down when things get challenging. THIS IS STRICTLY AN ADMIN POSITION. NOT A CREATIVE POSITION.


  • Manage our customer service chat platform Intercom and respond to all customer inquiries in a friendly TBM manner

  • Manage our main customer service email and respond to all customer and press inquiries in a friendly TBM manner

  • Assist Lacy with personal tasks, coordination, scheduling, and calendar management

  • Manage our social media including our Facebook and Instagram (This includes ensuring everything gets approved and all channels are being moderated and customers are being responded to. You will not be responsible for actual Instagram or Facebook posts)

  • Assist Lacy with all personal errands and home tasks as assigned

  • Other tasks as assigned by Lacy and our Project Manager 


  • Proficient with technology and can easily learn new platforms

    • You will be using gmail, google calendars, Intercom, SquareSpace, Trello, and MemberSpace daily

  • Proficient with Social Media, including: Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube

  • Excellent time management and can prioritize efficiently and effectively

  • A lot of experience with calendar management and scheduling 

  • Self starter and motivator who can knock out tasks working remotely

  • Excellent communicator and can quickly respond to Lacy and team when needs arise

  • Flexibility to pivot and change direction quickly when needed

  • Can work quickly while also maintaining attention to detail and provide a high quality experience 

  • Great customer service skills and familiar with helping customers troubleshoot technical issues 

  • Very resourceful and a great problem solver


  • Currently located in Los Angeles, CA

  • Must have a car

  • Is able to use and access Zoom for remote calls and recording 

  • At least 2-5 years of professional experience with a related customer service or executive assistant role 

  • Great team player and hard worker 

  • Must fill out and submit the application questions below, if you are a good fit we will also request a cover letter and updated resume

Please fill out the below application to be considered for this position

If we find you are a good fit based on the application we will reach out to you via email to request your cover letter and resume.

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