Lacy Phillips


CLEANSER | Currently, I'm loving True Botanicals Hydrating Cleanser. Two nights a week I will add their exfoliant Polish Grains to it.

MOISTURIZER + TONER | I then hydrate with a few spritz of their Nutrient Mist, followed by a few drops of Ko & Humble's Murula oil mixed with Sun Potion's Shea butter and a dash of True Botanical's Vitamin C Booster

EYE & BROW | I LOVE Heart Of Gold's Saffron Ghee Eye Balm and her Restorative Brow Serum (which is truly the most magical product to man). I apply this nightly. 

MASQUE | Twice a week I'll have a little spa night that consists of a really hot epsom salt bath. On those evenings, I'll apply True Botanical's Resurfacing Mask for three minutes (to wash away all dead skin cells). Then, I'll apply Nucifera Balm to my face while I'm in the bath, which pulls out all of the old impurities. 

SPF | I discovered John Master's Organic SPF 30, and it's topped all the others. 

LIP | honestly, from La Mer to Rodin, because of its ultra moisturizing, smooth, and coating texture, EOS is my favorite lip balm (especially in this dry season). Our house looks like Easter with one in every corner.  And they are basically free.